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2023.05.28 07:33 LoveMangaBuddy Read Brilliantly Beautiful White Lotus Teaching Online - Chapter 202 - MangaPuma

He is the top-tier White Lotus loved by the transmigration system. He relies on a pure and innocent appearance to play with other people's hearts as he transmigrates through various worlds. Watch as he stages a fantastic drama presenting the reunion of a couple after separation, the seduction of the Film Emperor and overbearing Emperors becoming infatuated with him in succession. But after that, h ... Read Brilliantly Beautiful White Lotus Teaching Online - Chapter 202 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.28 07:31 Familiar-Recording-4 Is it me, or has Rocket visibly aged by Vol. 3 compared to Vol. 1 or Vol. 2?

When watching Vol. 3 I was pretty impressed to see how they seemed to have aged Rocket a bit. He looks like he has a lot more grey/pale fur in the muzzle and cheek area, and the dark patch between his brow looks to have completely filled in with grey/pale fur. I'm certain his lifespan was extended by H.E's augmentations so I doubt he's only got a few years left in him, but it would be interesting to see a future scenario in the MCU where his augmentations start to break down like they did in the comics.
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2023.05.28 07:28 Eurasian_Guy97 Trying to hope in a meaningful future

I'm the sort of guy who doesn't cope well under the stress of university study. I haven't studied at uni but I can already tell that I didn't cope well in high school with loads of study.
I find that tertiary study (an adult school-setting) works better for me.
Yet I can't find a job I enjoy because my resumé keeps getting rejected regardless. I'm worried about not having a meaningful future, even in ministry.
I wouldn't want the responsibility of being a pastor. Even as a lay person in the church, I don't know how meaningful I'd feel if I wasn't a pastor.
Not complaining but just expressing my thoughts here.
Now I have heard from people and even have read in the book of Jeremiah that God has plans, not for disaster for me but for a future and a hope. But I find it hard to believe at the moment. Feeling somewhat depressed about it.
Bless you all for reading.
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2023.05.28 07:28 youngbeauty MLT vs MLS questions

I’m currently 2/3 of the way through an MLT program and this summer I will be starting the process of getting my bachelors degree in biology from my local 4 year university as well. I don’t really understand the difference between MLT and MLS and since there are no MLS programs near me I just went for the MLT degree without giving it too much thought.
What is the difference between them and what is the process like to go from MLT to MLS? How long does it take? Is it faster if I already have a bachelors? Can I use the MLS degree if I decide to change fields in the future? Or would a biology degree be better?
I want a bachelors since it’s a personal goal of mine and I thought it would help me with jobs and pay in the future but I’m starting to wonder if it’s smarter and cheaper to just get the MLT associates first and work on the bachelors later. I know the MLS degree is a bachelors but I’m not sure if it’s right for me. That’s why I thought about getting a biology degree first. I don’t think I have enough information to make an informed decision so I’m hoping someone here can help me out.
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2023.05.28 07:27 eatandreddit A Good education is a privilege in India.


Living in Mumbai, having been born and raised here, the only privilege I have (which is a huge one, to be honest) is that we have a home in Mumbai. My ancestors moved to Mumbai in the 1940s and began living in slums, which benefited my entire family lineage and future generations. Because of the Slum Rehabilation Project, which began in the 1990s, and my family received FREE flats in Mumbai, my father also received one, and my privilege ends here.

My Story and The State of public schools

Aside from that, we were urban poor; as a result, I had to study in a typical government BMC school, which was the worst childhood nightmare one could have, and I had to live through it for ten years of my life. The school had no subject periods, no bells, and the teachers came whenever they wanted and taught on a topic about which they had no knowledge. A garbage can was cleaner than my classrooms, which had broken down benches, a black board with stains on it, an always smelly passage, and students who had no practical knowledge of anything, kids smoking marijuana everywhere, doing drugs, and no strict monitoring in and around school. I never defecated at my school because they never had a proper toilet and washroom to begin with; it was so bad that I would vomit whenever I went there, so I avoided it; there were no computer classes, and kids engaged in gang wars with knives and sticks. Teachers horrifyingly beating children, several children suffering trauma as a result of this, and teachers arriving in their expensive scootys and cars while poor parents waited outside the gate in the scorching hot sun. Farheen is the only teacher I remember, and she made every effort to teach us all. I hope she is happy and healthy wherever she is now.
Basic necessities were out of reach for us; my family couldn't afford much for me; I don't blame them; it's not their fault; they did what they could. Surprisingly, there was this ultra-rich and expensive school right next to ours. Were, all the super rich kids used to arrive at school in their expensive cars, and during break time, we shared a common public canteen, where they used to buy good expensive things to eat while playing games on their phones and PSPs, while I just sat in the corner with my 5rs fruity, hoping that someday.....

Bottom Line

Due to financial constraints, I was only able to continue my education until the 12th grade after completing my SSC. I dropped out of college and began working to support my family. I worked my a$$ off for two years and am now 22 years old and working as a Business Process Executive in Container Logistics. have a healthy bank balance Living a happy and healthy life. Because I didn't give up, I decided that day, while holding my 5rs fruity, that I would work hard, or at least hard enough, so that if I decide to have children in the future, they wouldn't have to go through the same trauma.


I'm not saying you should feel bad about your good fortune. This is just to give you an idea of how bad education in India is from someone who has been through it.
Thank you.
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2023.05.28 07:26 Sea_Salt_3227 Found in Attic! Toho Godzilla 1977 Shadow Warrior

Found in Attic! Toho Godzilla 1977 Shadow Warrior

1977 Toho Shadow Warrior
Cleaning out my parents house, already found some gems amongst the boxes and junk, when I came across this fearsome beast, Gojira!
Loved watching Godzilla tapes as a kid, pretty sure we got this at a garage sale in late 80's.
Foot says Toho 1977, quick google search reveals its name, Shadow Warrior.
Its in remarkably good condition, no cracks, no chips, everything works and moves. Tongue goes in and out. Still looking for the fireable right fist (replaceable hands are sold online).
Shoot me a message if your interested!
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2023.05.28 07:25 SanguineVintners I have a gaming addiction, so pledging to buy a Legendary if I can quit gaming for 2 weeks, then every 2 weeks after that. If not, I delete my account.

I'm sad. But I'm not a chatty type, so here's the short version.
10+ year long gaming addiction (18-29 y/o), missed out on my grandparents' final stretch of life, failed a relationship, almost-failed a sponsored medical degree, turned a 2-year long master's degree into a 3-year (going on fourth) one, estranged from many friends from my childhood and local community, had the potential to be a role model and mentor for the local youth but was pretty much absent.
I know most people can game healthily, but I'm not one of them. Just like alcohol isn't bad, but to a very specific type of person. Every time I quit, not long after I switch to a different game, from Old School Runescape, to Warframe, to Wizard 101, to Tera Online, to Wakfu, to Eve Online, to Guild Wars 2, haven't even started with Steam games.
The price of a Legendary is high, but peanuts compared to monetary loss from my addiction. I'm desperate, thus I'm resorting to dangling this shiny carrot in front of myself, so I can move forward. No gaming, no gaming related news or forums, no Youtube browsing, no watching comics online, no checking Discord for pings, no social media scrolling. Just, focus on finishing my master's thesis while working, and being there for my family.
The end.
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2023.05.28 07:24 Coconibz Beneath the Earth is about an underground bomb shelter

A number of people have suggested that the mall found in "Beneath the Earth" could be part of some sort of alternate dimension, similar to the backrooms. I think it is based in reality.
The mall is part of a massive underground shelter that was built in secrecy at the height of the cold war, intended to support a small society in the event of a nuclear holocaust. What would something like that be designed to look like in 1980's America? Shopping malls, which came into popularity at the same time as the cold war, would have been a very obvious inspiration.
This explains why the mall is so far down, and it explains why the entrance from "Beneath the Earth" was sealed: this was a location that dwellers were intended to emerge from years into the future, hence the title of the first video, "Renewal," which shows a man that appears to have recently emerged from the shelter (and also seemingly tainted from colloidal silver?).
Making long entrances that turn 90 degrees partway through, as the staircase does, is a real strategy that is included in bomb shelter designs, because it reduces the likelihood of wind-driven fallout reaching the shelter. The portion of the staircase where the lights stop may be a section of extremely dense shielding that couldn't have electronics wired through it (I'm wondering why it smelled like cut grass here - phosgene?). Water doesn't seep into it because it was designed to be protected from radioactive water seepage. The tree roots not going into it are just a feature of how much money was spent on it.
My theory is that a group of people have been living in the shelter, either entering through the broken entrance found in Beneath the Earth or from somewhere else. Possibly they have stayed there under the mistaken belief that there has been a nuclear holocaust, and possibly there is some other motivation. The mask was an example of a piece of art created by a dweller. It almost seemed symbolic to watch the glue being applied to the outer edge of cardboard - sealing it, as they would have been sealed in.
I think it's a brilliant sort of subversion of 80's consumerist culture. The mall environment, intended to be a pleasant ecosystem, just becomes this hauntingly cheery, emotionally distant and taunting. Watching the mask being put together in Renewal and imagining someone trapped underground in that environment for their entire life, it evokes so much trauma, especially with the music. It makes you wonder what sort of possible life in society the creator could have had, if they had been exposed to all of the art and artists of the real world.
The way the dweller is dressed also strikes me as matching the vision an eccentric funder would have of a tenacious humanity emerging from below ground to rebuild society.
I may very well be wrong with this take, and there is a lot left unanswered, but I wanted to share these thoughts. I hope some of you find them interesting!
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2023.05.28 07:24 NecessaryAway7064 AITA for having shared our argument as roommates

I know I am in the wrong too a degree but AITA
Me and this roommate have known each other for years, before living together and a year and a half before the incident.
We had a falling out and I understand It was my mess up we both were sitting in the living room doing our thing at the time but were passing back and forth a glass piece for recreational activities.
I was playing a game at the time and also drinking in the moment, during which he placed the glass piece beside me on the floor.
As I was playing a game I went to put a bottle on the floor that I was done drinking and didnt realize their was something their, as I was trying to get the bottle of the way I broke the glass piece on the floor smashing it down.
I frlt bad and apologized profusely in the moment because I knew the piece has a-lot of history and value.
He refused to speak to me and went to his room, he continued to ignore me for the rest of the week.
I already bought him a new piece a few days later but since he wouldnt even look at me I didnt tell him and kept it hidden to surprise him when he finally decided to talk to me again…(I know petty).
One day while playing on my computer (which was in the living room) I played with a online friend, he asked “how are things”, so I told him the problem with me and my roommate and that I had already got him a new piece.
He thought it was funny and we kept playing, later that day my roommate came home and quietly started watching something on TV.
In the moment the friend I was playing game with had a someone come over, and as I dont have a headset everyone in the room can hear the conversation, the guest of my friend asked how Jake (me) was doing, to which my friend replied “he is doing good him and his roommate are being petty as F&@$” and then my roommate turned off the TV and went to his room
I felt bad but before I could explain my roommate decided to throw out the TV and some other furniture that he owned and told me he was moving out… since then he refuses to talk to me and says all I do is talk crap behind his back, Ive tried to explain and this point ive given up and thought it isnt worth is but I have to know…
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2023.05.28 07:22 yisiwac371 Close To Vermeer 2023 Full Movie [Watch-Free] Close To Vermeer 2023 Full Movie

Watch Now>>>Close To Vermeer 2023 Full Movie HD Online
Download::Close To Vermeer 2023 Full Movie Online Free
In the year before he retires, Gregor Weber, a globally renowned Vermeer expert and flamboyant curator at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, works on his big dream: the largest Vermeer exhibition ever. Together with Weber, a number of enthusiasts and experts go in search of what truly makes a Vermeer a Vermeer.

Genre: Documentary
Director: Suzanne Raes
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2023.05.28 07:21 theMalnar Recently got my first library card in 15 years. At the nearest branch, this was the only SK book they had available that I hadn’t read yet. Has flown under my radar for years. About to start. Thoughts (without spoilers)?

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2023.05.28 07:21 SlipsonSurfaces Long rant/need advice on gaining independence

I (19) was pulled out of school 10-11 years ago. I have practically been socially isolated (partially involuntarily) since that time. I was homeschooed. I don't have any local friends, save for one that I used to know when I was little. We met again in late 2021. I have online friends and actually got to meet up with one twice last year. I cannot drive because I don't know how and don't have a license or ID. I don't have a job and cannot get one for reasons I'll explain later. I've never gone on dates or gone anywhere by myself.
I have two siblings and share a bedroom with one. Our room is connected to our brother's room and the stairs, so he has to walk through to get to his room and back. There is no lock on the door, and even if there were, it would be useless. I have no privacy in the entire house except for the only bathroom, which also has no lock. The only time I get alone is when I'm sleeping, in the shower, or the little time I get to spend in the kitchen, eating and brainstorming for my stories. I have many creative hobbies and a small workspace in my room. I like to work in peace and quiet, watching something or listening to music. My brother likes to come in and talk to me, which is fine some of the time, but he is incessant sometimes and very nosy.
I want to get a job for several reasons, and most come down to money. My family is poor so if I could have any job that would help pay bills. I would also like to buy my own things. It would also help me be more confident and independent. As you can probably guess, my social skills with strangers are very poor. But I can't get a job because: 1, no transportation 2, no previous job experience at all 3, my mom says I'm not ready for a job because I'm not adjusted for social situations 4, no independence, I would probably have an anxiety or panic attack if I were somewhere without somebody I know.
So jobs are out for the time being. I can't visit my friend and I don't talk to her a lot because she's busy with her own job. She's a little younger than me and from what I can tell, way better adjusted and 'normal' compared to me. I yearn to see her again so I can get out and see somebody else and have fun, but also because I'm very fond of her and I want to be good friends. But another problem, I ask my mom if I can meet her but she said something like 'its too bad I'm not social'. I don't understand why she doesn't just drop me off at my friend's house or wherever we'd be meeting and then pick me up later. It's not like she has to be with me the whole time.
Which brings me to another thing. It seems everybody thinks I can't take care of myself or do things on my own. I'm followed to the bathroom, which could be only 15 feet away and in plain sight. I was at the mall earlier this week and paying for something with birthday money from my aunt, but my sister took my wallet and started counting it out for me like I couldn't do it.
I haven't had a proper haircut in five years or so, not one I actually liked. It needs trimmed but I hate going to the salon because I feel so awkward and self conscious. While I'm in the chair, my mom will stand nearby and watch. I can't be out of somebody's sight for more than five minutes. I can't cut my own hair or my mom gets irritated. It's just hair, it'll grow back. It's not like I cut her hair. If it looks bad it looks bad and I can live with that cause I barely go out anyway. Nobody will see it.
It all makes me feel like I'm a child or I'm very stupid and unable to make my own decisions. Maybe I'm just super ungrateful, or maybe I really am stupid and I don't know it. But it's driving me crazy. I would like to be taken seriously and allowed some freedom. I feel like my twenties are going to be when I actually act like a rebellious teenager.
TL;DR: Everyone treats me like a kid and I have no space of my own and no time alone. No independence, poor social skills and life, no job, and I'm 19. I think my mom is a narc (and probably my dad too) but I'm not sure.
I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm not used to the nuances of reddit. But I need advice. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.28 07:18 jezzyjaz FD signifier speaks

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2023.05.28 07:16 linkelek1 Ukrajnai háború, vasárnap reggel

-ukrán ellentámadás népszerüsítő videó , másik no mercy -ukrán páncélos támadás -ukrán támadás Sakko i Vantsetti mellett -az FSZB-sek halálra kínoztak egy kherszoni nagymamát, aki a deportált unokáját kereste oroszországban , a gyereknek az iskolaigazgató igért októberben 2 hetes ingyenes tengerparti nyaralást, azóta oroszországban tartják elemzése alapján az orosz kzvélemény kesereg az orosz veszteségeken , más közvéleménykutatás szerint komoly ellenállása lenne egy újabb mobilizálásnak -Zaluzhnyi: az ukrán ellentámadás közel van , 400 ukrán katona Abrams kiképzése elindult Németországban -Bakhmut távolról -az ukrán szárazföldi erők 27-34 új támadó dandárt alakítottak ki a télen 84,000-140000 katona -ukrán napi videós összefoglaló

orosz sorozás/mobilizálás

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-orosz veszteségek , 480 troop losses, 7-day troop average: 539, Equipment losses: $70M, 49 landbased losses, 7-day average: 52 -Severodonetsk 10 hónap megszállás után -2 ukrán rakéta támadás érte Mariupolt a múlt héten az orosz csatornák 450 halott orosz katonáról beszélnek


RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT, MAY 27, 2023 Wagner Group mercenaries appear to be withdrawing from Bakhmut city to reconstitute and regroup in the rear as Russian offensive operations decrease in and around the city. The Russian military command may be transferring Donetsk People’s Republic’s (DNR) forces to relieve Wagner Group forces in Bakhmut city. The Russian transfer of DNR elements to Bakhmut may decrease the tempo of Russian offensive operations on the Avdiivka-Donetsk City line. The Russian military command appears to be reinforcing Bakhmut’s flanks with regular formations, however. Former Russian officer and ardent nationalist Igor Girkin accused Wagner Group financier Yevgeny Prigozhin of planning a coup against the current Russian leadership. Ukrainian officials denied Western reporting that suggested that a Chinese diplomat expressed interest in a negotiated ceasefire in Ukraine amidst the likely renewal of Russia’s information campaign surrounding negotiations. Russian forces continued limited offensive operations northeast of Kupyansk and south of Kreminna. Russian forces continued to launch unsuccessful offensive operations on the Avdiivka-Donetsk City line. Ukrainian forces continued to strike rear logistics nodes in southern Zaporizhia oblast. The Ukrainian Main Military Intelligence Directorate (GUR) warned on May 26 that Russian forces are preparing to conduct large scale provocations to create radiological danger at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). The Russian Ministry of Justice registered the civil society group “Council of Mothers of Wives” as a foreign agent on May 26, likely to curb resistance to ongoing and future Russian force generation efforts. Russian authorities are escalating efforts to portray Russia as a safe guardian of Ukrainian children.


szombat reggel
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2023.05.28 07:16 Psy__ 30 [F4R] MST/Online: New connections (Friendship)

Hey, r4r. It’s just past 11pm here and I’m looking to relax with some friendly, platonic chat. I’m currently just listening to music and wouldn’t mind a stranger-chat-friend to keep me company!
For a bit about me: some of my hobbies include playing single player video games (PC/Switch), watching seasonal anime, and reading a lot of scifi/fantasy/nonfic books. Interests-wise, I dig technology, yoga, meditation, tons of anime OST and other music
If you’re interested in specifics, I'm currently:
Otherwise, I’m currently not working, taking some night classes, and planning to get a web-dev cert in the near future at my local college.
I guess that’s all, I won’t ramble. send a PM or (preferably)chat if you’re interested! Please be 25+. Feel free to send me a song from youtube (i don’t have spotify) in your intro message!
disclaimer: I’m not single and not looking for anything romantic.
P.s - I’m in a little pain tonight and think i’ll go take a hot shower before checking my messages here! Talk to you soon!
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2023.05.28 07:16 anteaterx0 weird self hatred episodes where i enjoy ppl being disgusted by me

Anyone else have like,,, "episodes", for lack of a better term, of of intense like self hatred but like you arent particularly sad but you just think you fuck everything up but you lowkey really enjoy people being disgusted by you or scared of you?? like during these i get convinced that everyone i know hates me and i hate myself for it yet i also enjoy it cause i like them being disgusted at me but only when im in that state of mind,,, the state of mind usually starts off as something i can ignore but within a couple hours it hits really hard and honestly its hard to remember exactly what or how i was thinking/feeling during the peak but but i know that i would go into the vent channel in a server (that i am very active in and good friends with nearly everyone in) and vent about everything i hate about myself and how everyone hates me and finds me annoying and wants me gone and some of them would respond telling me that im wrong and they enjoy talking to me but i would accuse them of just saying that cause theyre nice and that they dont actually mean it. i also tend to self harm during these. i specifically remember ranting about how i want people to be disgusted by me and afraid of me during the tail end of one of these vents and a friend said "you actually need mental help." completely seriously and i smiled soo hard at that and was so happy. that vent ended up closing the vent channels in march for 'srping cleaning' and theyre still not back yet. during that vent i also talked about how i stopped going to therapy cause i hated and was disgusted by how nice my therapist was and how i could tell she just wanted to help by her eyes. none of these things are true normally, only when im in this state of mind. another time in this mental state i was convinced i was the reincarnation of steven universe from a different universe where he was a real person and still had a few memories from said past life (dont ask me how) but that was the only time i was like really delusional id say (tho sometimes during the more extreme times i start to think that i was right and everyone else was gaslighting me into thinking that it was crazy (idk why i thought that considering i didnt actually tell anyone this except for a random server i joined during the episode with people who thought the same/similar of themselves and other characters).

this is a copy and pasted message i sent to a mod afterwards (sometimes it takes me a couple days to calm down and go back to my normal state of mind):
"also sorry for questions but is me talking about how i desire people to view me also problematic? thats the first time ive told someone that bluntly therefore i dont have the "data" per say to gauge whether or not the probable response is extreme or not,, im not smart enough to figure out if i can say these things or not without testing it irl,,, but [person in server] didnt seem to like it but it also followed up the sh and therapy talk so,,, idk i just need to know if thats too far /srs /gen aaaa im rambling sorry,,,,"

and another quote from a few days later when i was apologizing but still using a bit unusual language (for myself):
"er btw about my breakdown in the vent chat before they were privated, pls disregard that, it may have been true in the moment and the couple days where i was coming down from the breakdown, i dont actually think like that,, it was kinda true at the time but i mostly said it out for people to hear to get,, a reaction?? attention?? idk what breakdown me does it for anyways tbh hes fuckin crazy,,, but the point is that i shouldnt have gone that far and shouldn't have let breakdown me spew that in the server and im sorry you had to deal with that so im sorry,, im bad at cleaning up after breakdown me but i feel like me and he both really owe ya an apology,, so yeaa im really sorry and ill try to get more of a grasp on myself during big breakdowns and the days following,,"
idk this is probs just another normal symptom of anxiety that im being overdramatic about or a normal breakdown but i wanna know how other ppl manage this lol
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2023.05.28 07:15 yisiwac371 You Hurt My Feelings 2023 Full Movie [Watch-Free] You Hurt My Feelings 2023 Full Movie

Watch Now>>>You Hurt My Feelings 2023 Full Movie Online HD
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A novelist's longstanding marriage is suddenly upended when she overhears her husband giving his honest reaction to her latest book.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Stars: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tobias Menzies, Michaela Watkins, Arian Moayed, Owen Teague
Director: Anthony Bregman, Jeanne McCarthy, Alisa Lepselter, Michael Andrews, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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2023.05.28 07:15 Walt719 Hey my friends, I have a question, what glove is this, and how can I get ?

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2023.05.28 07:14 Jumpman78 A few days left and I really can’t pick a program, please help.

Only a few days left and honestly still very confused. My top 3 options are
Geomatics at university of waterloo (local with co-op)
Economics with management option at Laurier (local, no co-op)
Bach of commerce at university of Toronto Mississauga (non-local, 50 min away from me, may have to pay for housing. Don’t know if co-op was even an option)
University of Guelph marketing management (kind of local, co-op)
I’m really having mood swings between programs. What I truly want is something not overly difficult, a bit chill, but also something that gives me great opportunity to make decent income in the future. I really enjoy trading crypto and assets and the topic of business overall. If I didn’t get rejected from BBA it would be a no brainer. Also in general would want a field that could use the development of AI to its advantage rather than going obsolete due to it. Really any help to even slightly ease my decision would help so much.
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2023.05.28 07:14 the_untermensch was i a fun experiment for you?

i wish you'd come right out and tell me. i have so many unanswered questions. was it fun using me? was it fun for you to bully me for my appearance? was it fun for you to force me to dress how i didn't like, for nothing but your own pleasure? was it fun to play around with your sexuality – "i'm straight, you're just too much like a girl" – all while making fun of mine? was it fun for you to reinforce my deepest, darkest fears and insecurities? was it fun to use me as your experiment, to confirm your heterosexuality, then dump me and immediately go for a woman? was it fun treating me like a test run? was it fun to abandon me at my worst?
i know you'd never answer any of these. you don't even think of me, and frankly, why would you? you have a bright future ahead of you – a beautiful, wealthy girl as your fiance, a successful career. i know i was nothing but a stepping stone for you to realize things about yourself.
i hope you are happy, because i'm not, and haven't been. i'm going to keep watching from afar, to not disturb you and to keep a reminder for myself of what i no longer have.
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2023.05.28 07:13 Select_Radio6483 34 [M4F] Chennai/India - Seeking a Genuine Connection with a passionate, intelligent liberal woman

Hello there! My name is Venkat, and I'm excited to put myself out there and see what kind of connection I can make with someone special. I'm a 34-year-old -indian guy, never been married and single, cat on the wall regarding having children in the future.
I work as a Cybersecurity specialist, and I speak six languages, including English. I work remotely from my home in India but ready to travel anywhere in the world.
I'm someone who values open-mindedness, kindness, and intellectual curiosity. As a liberal, I'm passionate about social justice and making the world a better place.
I'm body positive, which means I believe in embracing all body types and sizes, and I'm an egalitarian who believes in equal rights and opportunities for all.
I'm also an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and I'm proud to be a staunch atheist who bases my beliefs on science and reason.
In my free time, I like to explore my creative side by doing watercolor art and writing spontaneous poems. I'm also a lover of good conversation and interesting ideas. I find discussions about a wide range of topics fascinating and always enjoy learning from others.
My water color art:
One of my greatest passions is traveling, and I've been fortunate enough to explore many parts of South India. I'm always eager to see new places, try new foods, and experience new cultures.
But I'm also someone who values meaningful connections, whether they're romantic or platonic. So while I'm definitely looking for a genuine connection that could potentially lead to something more, I'm also happy to keep things platonic if it seems right. I like constant communicators as opposed to snail messages or texters. Effort and enthusiasm to connect is what I seek.
As an animal lover, I've come to appreciate the unique qualities that all animals possess. Their independence, resilience, and unyielding spirit are traits that I admire, and I'm always drawn to their stories. I firmly believe that every animal deserves love and care. Being an animal lover has taught me the value of compassion, empathy, and the power of kindness.
Speaking of romance, I should mention that I'm attracted to bigger women. Not in any adverse way rather genuine preference borne from positive experiences.
I am a bigger stocky guy at 5'10, bald and light brown skin:
And while I enjoy watching movies and TV shows from all genres, I have a particular soft spot for historical dramas, sci-fi, horror, and thrillers. My taste in music is eclectic, but I particularly enjoy heavy metal, rock, Phonk, EDM, and trance.
If any of this resonates with you and you'd like to get to know me better, I'd love to hear from you. Let's start a conversation and see where it takes us
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2023.05.28 07:12 HLongYT Notion, ClickUp and Google Calendar productivity system

Okay, lemme introduce my context first, I'm a 17-yrs old STUDENT, currently studying in a SEA country. I have use Notion, ClickUp and Google Calendar to mange my life. For nearly one year, I have made and continuously improve my productivy system but I think it still has some downsides. So I decided to share it here hope for a comment from you guy to continue improve it (And use it if you want.)

Note that: It just a support tool, most of the outcomes are by yourself discipline and perseverance.

Okay, Let's head into Google Calendar first, I have 2 separate Gmail to plan and evaluate my life each day. I'll call it GG Calendar 0 and GG Calendar 1.
Both of them has same calendar ammout and type:
Other: For things that can't fit in above calendar: Moving from place to place, doing other stuff,... or you can't use it when you can't decide time fit which calendar.
Well, let's head to ClickUp, I think this is the best task-management system I've use, becuz I can't find better app. Free plan gives you 3 space, too enough, here is my spaces and how I use it. In general, after plan in Notion, I convert it into tasks in ClickUp then create a time block for that tasks in Google Calendar
  1. Life: Manage thing in daily
  1. Learn: Only for learning
  1. Work: This folder also depend on you, for me, I have:
This is where I put my task in and prepare information (Prioritize, classify and set due date) so I can do it most effectively.
Time to go for Notion I guess, I think my Notion is not too complex nor simple. It's a place where I put information, write diary, put my ideas, write down my future plan and break it down, manage differrent aspects in my life:
  1. Home Page: First apge into Notion, use to navigate to other pages. I put my diary database here.
  2. Daily Bucket: When I have ideas, I'll catch it and write it here by Notion's note widget in mobile devices.
  3. Plan & House: this page sub page
    1. Time Management : Some rule that I use to manage my time: Game only 1 hr a day, how much time for ... activities is enough, social media limit...
    2. Finance: Things I want to buy, monthly subscription i need to pay...
    3. Goal: Write down the goal and stick with it.
    4. Habbit Tracker: Write down the habbit and stick with it too. I've created some time period and write the report about it weekly in this page.
  4. Reading Library : Just a database of Books, Manga, Novels,....
  5. Entertainment: 3 sub-page include Game, Watch and Exercises. I use this page and sub-page to plan what i'll do next in each activity. E.g: What I'll do in GTA Online, Which film i'll watch next ... and exercises schedule
  6. School & University & Course: It's a database where I store information about each subject in school. Note, unit document,...
  7. Self-Learning: Database where I story what I'm current self-learning: Coding (Python, C++, Java ), Designing (Photoshop, Canva), Drawing,...
  8. Self - Working: Database for each things I'm currently working on E.g: Future post for Blog, Content for Youtube video
  9. Note: This Page has some special Sub-page: Plan Guide, General Rule, Saved Web Resources. Plan Guide help me create an effective plan for tomorrow. General Rule I've to read everyday to use this system to it full potential on organized way, Saved Web Resource is where I store saved web thorugh Notion extension. \
These page isn't just separate. All of them were linked to my Daily Diary by some attribute. My Diary has some attributes like: Priority (Where I write priority task), Tags of day (Usual things happen in that day), Day Feelings, Self-learning (Linked with Self-Learning page), Daily Habbit (Linked with Daily Habbit page), Game, Read (linked with Game, Reading Library), What I ate today,... Make I sumarize and enjoy my day to the full-est.
Let's jump into how do I use this system
You can think each tool has there own specialization.
So I create a workflow with diagram, it's easy to understand and follow: (IDK how to insert image without a link to outside, any suggestion?)
There's a lot more thing about my system that I want to share but it's too long now. Guess I'll share it later. Hope to receive a comments from you guy so I can improve it.
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