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2023.05.28 08:20 Traditional_Line_723 Solar TaxCredit Questions

My husband and I just signed up for solar, but we’re confused about the solar tax credit and we have 3 days to back out if we choose not to move forward. Our concern is, the way the salesman delivered it sounded like we would get cut a check for the credit and be able to apply back into the loan or somewhere else if we really wanted to. I’m tripped up because currently the average of our monthly payments is less than the solar payments by only $30, which overtime makes sense, however, if we do not get the full 30% credit back into the loan after 18 months, the payment goes up $100 and for me that just doesn’t justify it at this point in our lives. I get that electric could increase every year and we may be eventually paying that but my concern is that I’m stuck with this larger payment every month than just the winter (we’re all electric).
Can someone please explain to me like I am a child what the current solar tax credit is, what does it mean to be non refundable, how you pay this back into your loan, what your tax liability is (husband and I make roughly $132k combined and filed jointly for the first time this past year and owed $650), and if this set up is actually beneficial and why, not from a sales, but financially. I would really appreciate it!
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2023.05.28 08:20 6L00C-8A8Y im ready for all the hate or whatever consequence i may face

man i love this team, i made this post because i genuinely want us to win this series, and win the next series. but i cant stand the current jimmy. im not a hater, i just want us to be better.
first thing first:
how tf can you still wear a smile on your face after three consecutive losses, with two being at home? i mean, honestly, look at the Js. during the 0-3 start for boston, had any of yall seen brown and tatum smiling? all you could see is real pressure, stress and tension, they truly wanted to turn this around.maybe he is real tough, so he doesnt feel any worried at all; maybe he thinks he can play better when he is more carefree; or maybe he feels the tension, but just doesnt wanna show it publicly.
only 10 shot attempts last game? 5 for 21 in today's game? i mean if you give your all into the game, and the shots didnt fall in, im good with that. but for jimmy, its more like a effort related thing. he just seems so afraid to take shots, and he prefered to the pass the ball when we needed him the most. i mean boston was playing great defense today, but we all know nothing can stop jimmy when he is determined, when he is real desperate for winning.
defensively, there were multiple plays that jayson tatum's first step just blew him out. we know jimmy is a good defender, but he was just not playing good defense tonight.
man, is he really the one who dropped 98 in two games against a top defensive team? is he really the the one who made a top perimeter defender feel desperate in the playoffs?, is he really the one who carried the play in team to upset two opponents for two straight rounds?
jimmy we need you to step up, and we know you are capable of doing it. look at how well duncan and caleb play, look at how bam gave his all protecting every defensive rebounds and hustling for all the extra posessions although he had an off shooting night.
heat in 7
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2023.05.28 08:20 Ok_Frog8123 Is it wrong to blame being overweight/body issues on my NMom?

Part of me wants to be able to blame her for my issues with food and my issues with my body but is that completely wrong? I know I have to take some of the responsibility because it is my body.
My NMom had terrible body issues which she was extremely vocal about. She was a size small for most of my life and would always talk about how “fat” she was and would pinch her belly in the mirror and talk about how gross it is. I remember her looking always for whoever was in the room so they could make her feel better. My mom also would constantly comment on other peoples body’s (never to their faces but would love to tell us kids about it): “she does not have the body for that dress”, “her spanx is not working”, “she’s obviously anorexic”, and her favorite was to call people “muffin top”. It was awful and a terrible thing to grow up around, but it was especially bad because I started gaining a little weight in elementary school.
Throughout my life, my mom overfed me. She would give me a large dinner plate filled with food (and we ate a lot of carbs). She would also usually just have a small portion of the food (under half of what she was giving me). My father also had a habit to berate me when I “wasted food” so I wasn’t allowed to not eat the full plate. (He grew up very poor so he had the mindset that I was just wasting money) I didn’t do any sports or anything really active so I started gaining weight.
I started getting bullied in school for my weight when I was in 4th or 5th grade and I was probably about 10 pounds more than my friends. I could go on for a while about the bullying at school but it was all the more convincing to me when I would come home and see my mom talking about how “fat” she was. Eventually, my mom and I fit in the same size clothes and she would buy the same clothes as me and my siblings. She didn’t stop talking about how fat she was when we fit in the same clothes, or when I gained more weight and started going up more sizes.
In high school I was a size XL and my mom was still talking about how “fat” she was and how gross it made her. She would comment on how I needed to lose weight and how I need to start exercising. My father would see me eating and would very awkwardly say “you should think about becoming healthier” (mind you I ate fairly healthy, I just ate a lot of food because I think I basically trained to).
I feel like I was basically guided towards body issues, disordered eating, and being overweight by my mom and dad. Am I wrong to feel that way? I have to take some of the blame I mean it is my body and I was lazy and liked to eat. Is it wrong to put any blame on hethem at all? I understand what she was feeling and going through with her body because I have the same issues so am I wrong to blame her for having those issues? Sometimes I feel justified in blaming her for it, but sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I just feel like, how can I blame her for how I treat and feel about my body now as an adult?
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2023.05.28 08:20 pinkhairedkunoichi Stuck with an abusive dad

I've come to realize in the past year how abusive my father really is. There are some days where he treats me kindly and others where he pushes me beyond my limits and makes me feel so worthless.
After a fun outing my mother and I go grocery shopping while my dad stays home and drinks. He never helps shop, or clean, or cook. He is an alcoholic, so on the weekends he spends all day drinking from sun up until sun down. He helps pay bills and that's where his responsibilities end. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful for his support since I currently don't have a job, but if he could just help out a little more it would make things a lot easier.
We shop, I come home and put all the stuff away and I sit down for the first time in hours after being gone all day. I spend a few hours on the phone relaxing. No one is cleaning and frankly the house is not messy. There are some dishes in the sink but that's about it. Everyone in my house is taking it easy. It's Saturday night and I figure since my dad is drinking and playing games on his phone he wouldn't mind if I check my own. He comes out and immediately belittles me. He tells me to get off my fat ass and clean the kitchen and make dinner. And yes, I'm overweight and he hates it. He hates fat people, and gay people, and he's racist. So there's that. He hated fat people so much he married a fat woman (my mother) and then proceeded to bully and abuse her so badly she developed an ED. He verbally and physically abused her and my sister for years but she will never leave him and I know that that is somewhat common for victims of abuse. She sees it as normal. She and my sister and I all live in fear of his outbursts and walk on eggshells when he starts drinking. And when he orders us around we get up and obey because he can be violent.
But today I really didn't think the house was in that bad of a state to warrant his sudden attack. So I tell him that it's the weekend and we were about to watch a movie and that I will clean the kitchen when we are done eating. My sister's boyfriend is making dinner at this point as I cooked all week and he offered to help. This isn't good enough for him. If I am not moving, if I am not cleaning, if I am not catering to his every need I am worthless. I am lazy. To him I am a machine, his maid, a robot who doesn't get a break or a day off. I am belittled for something as simple as sitting down, and told I am a loser with no life. I am told I do nothing all day when this is so far from the truth it's laughable. I do everything since my mom has an array of health problems and my sister and father work. I don't mind doing so because I'm not working, but when my father treats me less than human it's hard not to feel hurt.
I am in therapy and have talked to my therapist about this. In our most recent session I said that my father and my family (my mother and sister also have their own serious issues) were not going to change. Her suggestion was basically for me to "divorce" my family and move out, which I know people are forced to do when their abusive toxic family situation can't improve. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that this may be my only option.
Any advice or insight is welcome, and sorry for the long rant.
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2023.05.28 08:20 CoreyHartless Nolan Fan Twitter Account: Oppenheimer Tix on Sale 01Jun

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2023.05.28 08:20 mact12408 Martin Connection

In s2, Episode 2, Martin mentions he’s from Millbrook to Boyd. According to Google, Millbrook is the home of the Hitchcock Estate, associated with the psychedelic movement and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I have zero clue what any of this is, as I am googling it for the first time. Thoughts?
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2023.05.28 08:20 itsallalittleblurry One More Year

Today was the anniversary of Bud’s passing again. Momma and I went out to replace the flowers with fresh ones. Plastic - they look nicer longer. But really pretty ones, you know? Still like to take fresh ones sometimes, too, even if they don’t last long.
Cool story about those. Went out in the later or very early part of the day once, and a doe was eating the fresh flowers we’d placed there for him just a few days previously. Didn’t disturb her. Just watched. A beautiful place, it is. Out in the country, surrounded by brush country.
New owners have really done it up nice. The old original wood frame buildings replaced by new, very attractive ones. The mausoleum building with its perpetual faint smell of death when you’re inside it refurbished. On-site chapel now that’s very nice. One-stop shopping, you might say. Handle the entire process right there. Preach and plant, with no need for a caravan from one site to the final one.
Should have picked a spot for him still further out, though. He had plenty of breathing room when we first put him there. Pretty much all by himself.
Nice spot under a young shade tree that’s grown considerably now. We wanted him to have some nice shade. Sun gets fucking Hot here in the summertime. Shade is an important thing.
Got a nice bench under it so we can sit and visit when we want to. Black Italian marble, with a nice carved-in inscription done in white. Words from a poem. Set on a thick concrete base, so it won’t settle.
Got a lot of neighbors now, he does, though. Place is getting fucking crowded. Two new holes in the ground with awnings over ‘em, waiting for soon upcoming occupancy. Not anyone I know this time, so……..
But the bench? Tree has grown. You can sit back at your ease, use the trunk for a back rest. Stay as long as you like. Visiting hours, of course. Restricted after dusk. But fuck that, too. I like to go at night sometimes. Place is pretty and peaceful at that time, too. And who’s gonna make me leave?
That bench was one of the first ones there. Folks would ask where we’d gotten it. There are a lot of them now. Guess we started a trend.
Lights everywhere, too. Fairie lights sprinkled all through the darkness. Stars fallen from the sky. Those photosensitive ones that soak up sun during the day and shine at night. Saw a nice, big carriage light there when we went today. Gonna get one of those for Bud.
So we cleaned the bench and monument up nice, put some fresh flowers for him and our daughter-in-law. Glad now that we bought that adjacent, connected group of plots, as fast as that section is filling up. They better not screw up and use one of ours for someone else, either. Make ‘em dig their dead ass up and plant ‘em somewhere else. Ours are fucking Reserved.
Going back tomorrow to set some flags out, what with another Memorial Day upon us. Stars and Stripes and Navy ensign for Bud. Stars and bars and USMC for his friend Sal.
Sal was killed in Iraq just before he was to rotate home. One last patrol that he shouldn’t have gone on. One shot from a sniper, and he was gone.
Bud was home on leave at the time. He and a bunch of other of their friends were planning a welcome home party to celebrate his imminent safe return. He came home as scheduled, but not the way he was supposed to. So they helped bury him instead.
Our State Senator attended that one. Well-respected man who’s been re-elected repeatedly. Mostly because he remembers what some others have forgotten, and actually fights for the rights of the people who’ve elected him.
He gave a good eulogy, you know? Respectful, and maybe a little bitter. About how the working class people of this region had lost more of their sons and daughters in every war we’ve fought than can ever be seen as their rightly share. But that a thing of lasting pride to us all, as well, in a place and among a People who still remember what it is to Have pride in who they/we are.
Bud and Sal - they’re close to each other still. Stand over one, you don’t have to look but a little way to see the other.
Bud? Sometimes when we go see him, someone else has left fresh flowers. And to this day we still don’t know who.
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2023.05.28 08:19 peachy_exe how does one know?

im not sure where to post or what to say without sounding like im having an identity crisis.
for the longest time, ive considered myself to be straight. i dated and only slept with men, cis-men i suppose to be specific (is that okay/important?) and it was a running joke in my old friend group that i was the “token straight friend” as all my friends identified as queer. my old coworkers joked that i was a “fruit fly”. i just went along with it because i never had experiences with women and since my old friends were so insistent i couldn’t be attracted to women, i never bothered addressing it. i stayed as the “token straight friend” and took their jokes about me being straight, supported their coming out stories, one of them began performing in drag and i supported them as much as i could. i rallied next to them at protests and made more conscious decisions to shop from businesses owned/operated by the LGBTQ2IA+ community.
one year, i really wanted to go with them to pride, i had never been to pride in a bigger city and they were so excited to go (i had recently moved to a smaller, more conservative town and had not been able to fully hang out with my old friends for quite some time) and i was excited to be able to see my friends and be able to hang out with them and celebrate them they way they wanted to during pride month. but a week before they told me that i wasnt able to go, and said there wasnt enough room in the car going down (this was found out to be a lie) and that pride was THEIR thing, for them as queer people to be themselves and not for straight people to invade.
i didn’t want to overstep; i know only a fraction of struggles the LGBTQ2IA+ community has faced over the decades, and i didnt want to cause a fight or any tension. so i said okay and stay at home and just liked their instagram pics and complimented their pride outfits in the group chat. ngl my heart hurt back then but i figured i didnt really have a reason to be upset because it ultimately wasnt about me.
but ive always had this feeling. i dont know how to explain it, maybe im just weird or a creep but ive always found myself interested in women’s bodies, and their curves. i feel like i would always stare a little bit longer than probably appropriate, i was always interested in porn that focused more on the woman’s experience. i hope this isnt cheesy or cringey, but there was that tingle when i thought about girls or women that looked really pretty to me, or that i thought had a really nice body. i just brushed it off as me wanting to support other women and if they felt confident, it must have been rubbing off on me. sometimes i’d see a really hot girl and wonder what she was like in bed, what would turn her on, or if she would turn me on.
lately more and more ive found that i’ve daydreamed about being intimate with women, or at the very least feeling like id be more open. i wont lie and say i havent been consuming more spicy content that only starred women, or focused only on the woman. ive found myself feeling the same sort of turned on feeling thinking about a woman that i would get when i would think about my boyfriend or be intimate with him. i love my boyfriend dearly, i have no intention on leaving him, or exploring these feelings without addressing everything i feel and ensuring theres consent from him (if it ever comes to it). i still feel a strong attraction to men, it just feels like over the past year and a half, ive felt a similar attraction to women.
im wasnt sure if it was a product of my environment, the whole “you live in england long enough you start to get a british accent” kind of deal. since so many of my old friends were queer, and some of my current friends are queer, i just kinda figured i thought i was because i was always hanging out with them. but i havent spoken to my old friend group in 3 years, and only talking off and on to one of them every few months or so. and when i sat down and started reflecting and addressing these feelings, i realized i had them since before i knew my old friends.
the last thing i want to do is come across as that straight girl who thinks shes bi to be part of the crowd, i feel like i probably overcompensate to really avoid coming across that way. i know bi erasure is a very real thing so thats why i tell myself if i feel like this may be a possibility, i should address is and allow myself to accept whatever i feel. but i also know that i have come from a privileged environment, and never had to go through the coming out struggles like so many have. i have been trying to discuss this with my therapist but we only just began exploring this a few sessions ago.
am i just delusional? i dont mean to trauma dump or come across as patronizing but im not sure how to address these sort of feelings. i know that if these are genuine and i am truly attracted to women as well as men, my boyfriend and friends would be supportive and accepting. i know my family would be as well and that nothing would change these.
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2023.05.28 08:19 Novel_Sorbet6207 Have these for sale.

Have these for sale.
Feel free to make offers. I’m picky about the first 2 pics
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2023.05.28 08:19 BG_ONZ_23 Looking for insight.

My partner and I have been together for over 20 years and married for 14 of them. We have been each others first real love for everything and have two beautiful children and a loving supportive home. About a month ago she brought up the idea of polyamory while we were at a music festival ( this I get, lots of beautiful people walking around LOL, shoot I couldn’t blame her for thinking about it). Anyway, She said she learned about it from a therapist she follows on Instagram who herself is poly. My partner also stated that she has been growing and knowing herself more and learning about social norms. She told me she thinks she identifies as queer and could be bisexual, but had never been able to realize it until recently. She also said that polyamory made sense to her logically, but told me not to worry, that she was very happy in our current relationship, which I am too, and had no current desire to look anywhere else. We still connect, have dates, go out together, laugh, enjoy each others company, talk, and do family stuff. Our sex has gotten better and better over our years together and we are in a great place right now when it comes to the bedroom. Well, I was honestly happy and felt like a great partner when I was there for her to open up about all of this. I told her to never feel ashamed, scared, like I will judge her because I love her so very much I want to be that person she opens up to. At the moment we are very happy and I don’t see anything coming between us right now. However, if she does come to me and expresses that she really wants to open the relationship I don’t know if I will be okay with it. I don’t really fancy anyone but her, not to say I don’t look at other attractive women or fantasize, but those moments are oh so fleeting and she still turns me on emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Anyways because I love her dearly I don’t know if I should try polyamory with her, if and when the time comes, or face facts and let her know I’m not poly and know that my time has come to an end. I love her very much and I don’t want to be selfish or possessive if poly was something she really wanted. Honestly when I think about poly I try to be open, but it really fucking hurts me deep when I think about her with anyone else. I think my own insecurities come into play (jealousy, she’s bored of me, lacking) which would be my own work. Well I was just looking for what others thought. Thank you all for your support and insight.
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2023.05.28 08:19 PinkJellyGirly The man that followed me home twice got what he deserved

So this happened back in 2020, during the summer. I was 18 at that time, working a summer job at a local beach bar. I had just gotten my driver's licence and my first car. That day I was working the night shift, I got to work at 6pm and got off around 2am. For reference, I live in a suburb that has a max of 10000 permanent residents. There are more people during the summer, as many people rent vacation properties because the beach is literally 5-10 minutes away on foot.
I got off work and on the drive back home, I felt kind of nauseous (I had eaten a chicken sandwich at work, maybe the chicken had gone bad), so I thought a soda would make me feel better. In my country, we have these small 'shops' (you can find them in every corner). It's more like a kiosk where you can buy refreshments, chips, ice cream etc. So because my city is a small suburb, there is only one of these kiosks that is oppen 24/7. I drive there and park my car directly in front of the kiosk with my hazard lights on, as I was only parking there for just one minute.
As I exit my car, I notice that right across the street there is a man sitting on the hood of his car, looking right at me. As soon as I saw the way he was looking at me, I knew he was looking for pray. He was around 45-47yrs old, short and chubby, with a bald spot on the top of his head. I ignore him, I grab a soda from the kiosk's fridge, I pay and I get back in my car. The moment he saw that I was heading back to my car, he got in the driver's seat in a rush and drove off. I knew something was fishy so I didn't take my eyes off that car. He thought he was being all smart and shit, because he drove a few meters ahead and he parked his car on the side of the road, in a spot that you wouldn't be able to see him unless you had witnessed him park, and he turned off his lights and engine.
I start my car and drive past him, acting as if I hadn't seen him. Just then, he starts up the car and follows me. He wasn't riding on my bumper, thinking that I wouldn't suspect anything if he kept a safe distance. Just because I was sure he was following me, I had already made a plan. I call 911 (not the number we use in my country, I live in Europe) and I tell the operator that I think a guy is following me and I need them on the line as I am about to make a few turns to confirm that he is following me. So I choose to go around the block, and get back to the same point, as that would mean that he was for sure following me, I mean why would someone go around the block just to get to the same spot they were before, if they know where they are going they wouldn't need to do that.
So as you can imagine, he turned every single time I turned and we now both are right where he started following me. That's when I look at my rearview mirron and spell the licence plate to the 911 operator. She wasn't even saying anything, so I tell her: '' Please stay on the line just in case anything happens, I'm gonna lead him right to the police station ''. The police station was straight ahead from where we were, so I shift gears and drive faster. He does too. The police station is not visible if you're driving and looking straight, you would have to turn your head to the left in order to spot it. So I slam the brakes right outside the police station, and I pull to the side. He pulls up from the left, his car is now right next to mine, I roll down my window and he rolls the window on the passenger's side. Before he was able to say anything, I point with my finger and I show him the police station. He turns his head and he sees it. There was a cop guarding the outside door. I tell him: 'See where I brought you? You wanna follow me you pervert, let's go to the cops right now.' I hadn't even finished my sentence and the guy sped off so fast he didn't even roll up his window.
I hang up the phone to the police and I watch his car turn left and dissapear. I stay there for a few minutes, just to make sure he's gone gone, and I drive to my house, which is also straight ahead, just two streets above the police station. I get in my house, but I first check my surroundings, because I was paranoid, thinking he was hiding in a bush or smth. I wake my mom up and tell her all about it. She asked me for the number of his licence plate was but I had already forgotten it.
A month goes by, and I was again coming back home from the night shift. This time I hadn't eaten anything at work and I was very hungry, so I stop at that kiosk again to buy some chips. FYI, there isn't any other place to buy food at that time, no restaurant in my city is open 24/7. I look around and check if the man was there, since I suffered from ptsd because of my last experience in this kiosk. I buy the chips and as I am paying I hear a car pulling up across the street. Sure enough, there he was, coming out of the car and sitting on the hood, as if he was reenacting our first encounter.
He starts staring at me again. It felt as if he didn't remembed what had happened the last time. So I was like, no, this time, I'm calling the cops on you. I get in my car, and of course he rushes to get in his. I call 911 an I explain that the situation. I tell the operator that this is the SAME man that did this to me a month ago. She told me to wait there and that she would send a few officers over, but that it might take some time until they get here. So I thought, since this guy is now making me lose sleep, I might as well have some fun. Also, note that he seemed a little bit retarded. As if he had some kind of mental issue.
So for the next 40 minutes, he would copy my every move. I got out of the car, he got out of the car. I got back in, he got back in. I started the engine, he started the engine. I turned on the lights, he turned on the lights. This little game was going on for the whole 40 minutes. A few times, I tricked him into thinking that I would actually drive off, so he drove a few meters, checked if I was coming, and then did a U turn and came back. After these long 40 minutes, 4 officers on bikes arrrive at the scene. I immediately point at him and say: 'That's the guy'. He was sitting at the hood of his car so he couldn't just drive off this time.
The two policemen start asking him questions, and the other two ask me for my ID and my version of events. After I explained everything to them, they do a quick search of his car and they find some rope in his trunk. That didn't proove anything though. At some point, this guy started walking up to me, yelling at me, saying: ' I don' t know you miss, when did I ever cause you any trouble, I've never seen you before, I didn't do anything to you! '. The policemen stopped him right away. I was infuriated so I replied and said: ' Yeah right act as if you don't know me you piece of shit, you followed me home a month ago, don't you remember? '. He insisted, telling the police officers that he hadn't done anthing and that he had no idea who I was or what I was talking about.
After the police officers collected all of the information they needed, they pulled me aside (one of them was watching him) and they informed me about my options. Me, being naive and not knowing many things about the law, I listened to the police officers, who basically told me that there was no point in pressing charges. He hadn't taken any action. He hadn't physically hurt me. So taking him to court is basically pointless. That's what they said.
They told him to get in his car and leave. They asked me if I needed anything and I hesitated but I eventually asked them if they could escort me to my home because I wasn't feeling safe after that.
A year goes by. It's 2021. It is around that same time that guy had followed me home the year before. I am sitting in the living room with my mom, watching the news. And this title appears on screen: 48 yr old man tried to abduct a 13 yr old girl riding the bike to her home in _____(the name of my city). They show a blurred picture of him on the news. I immediately knew it was him. There were no public pictures of the guy yet. I tell my mom: 'It's the guy that followed me home, I'm sure it's him'. I sit and watch the whole coverage on the case. It happened in broad day light. They found sleeping pills in his car. He was calling her beautiful and he was following her with his car as she was riding her bike back home. He asked her if she needed a ride and when she declined the offer, he started shouting at her and demanding that she gets in his car now. The girl escaped and went straight to her parents and they called the police.
I immediately got dressed and went to the police station to give my statement. I sat there three hours, recalling every moment from those two times he tried to follow me. There were phone call records where I was saying the licence plate. There were police records from the time I called the police on him. At the end, they showed me a picture of him and I confirmed that I recognised him.
After the trial, he was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 6 months house arrest. Do I think that's enough? Absolutely not. But at least I know that I did everything in my power so that he would get locked up. I know I could have pressed charges but honestly the officers made me think there was no point in doing that. Also, I had just finished school, it's not that I am all wise now but life has taught me a few lessons since then.
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2023.05.28 08:18 AlexSciChannel My personal rewrite of the Infinity Castle arc - Part 1

For the record. It is an amazing arc and croc-sensei did spectacularly on it. I just think it didn't reach its peak potential. Structurally I think some of the battles should be reorganized. In my rewrite most of the arc will stay the same, though there will be new sequences and new characters.
Hashira training arc preemptive rewrites:
In order for my Infinity castle rewrite to work I'll have to add a character that's introduced in this training arc. Though the rewrites here aren't that extensive so it's just a small section.
First off, I didn't like how the Demon Slayer corps didn't even attempt to fill in the empty spots for Hashira left behind by Kyojuro and Tengen. So here I am introducing a new character that is going to be Rengoku's former Tsuguko and now the current Flame Hashira as she has replaced Rengoku after his death. I don't wanna put too much thought into names or this will come off as fanfiction so I'll just call her Yurei for convenience sake.
The basic character profile is that she was student under Kyojuro after he saved her from a Demon that killed her family yada yada. She always lived in the shadow of her fellow senior disciple-mate Mitsuri Kanroji who was also a student of Kyojuro's and originally the first pick to be his Tsuguko. That was until Mitsuri decided she wanted to be a Hashira herself and entered the ranks without replacing anyone. So the Tsuguko position fell to Yurei being the second choice for Rengoku's succession. So there's a bit of jealousy between this new character has Mitsuri.
She is teaches one of the rounds of the Hashira training that takes place before Mitsuri. It focuses on [insert cool anime martial art aspect here]. The point here is that Tanjiro isn't liked by the new Hashira and is purposefully and unfairly withholding him from progressing to the next round. Stemming from jealousy that Tanjiro was there in Rengoku's last moments and she felt like he valued him more as an apprentice despite never officially being his master. The goal here for Tanjiro would be to resolve this inferiority complex and show that Tanjiro is just a nice dude that doesn't want to steal other people's mentors.
She stops hating on Tanjiro but tells him to make sure he completes Mitsuri's training round faster than he did her's to prove her regimen is more difficult that Mitsuri's. That's it for Hashira training.
Muzan's conversation with Kagaya Ubuyashiki Rewrite:
This entire scene in the Infinity Castle arc I thought was perfection and really no need for changes. This is simply my alternative version that includes some cool ideas. So if you don't want to hear it and just want to see my rewrites for things I thought could be improved, you can skip this section.
So my alternative for this scene keeps basically all the dialogue in the exact same way it was depicted in the manga but has a new scene after it. Instead of Kagaya kamikazing his own home, he unsheathes a family heirloom sword with a pitch-white blade. Now I know what you're thinking. Kagaya isn't a fighter, and that's part of his charm that you don't need to be physically strong to be a good leader. But hear this out.
I am going by logic that since the Ubuyashiki family were the first victims of the Demon scourge and leaders of Demon Slayers, it would be hard to believe they didn't have any in family defenses. In my rewrite I have them be the progenitors of a new type of breathing, Light breathing.
This breathing style has 15 forms total, second most behind Moon breathing, and not a single one of these forms are used for attack. Yep, heard that right. In this rewrite, Light breathing is an evolved version of basic recovery breathing utilized to its maximum potential. In the lore it would've been used for seemingly inhuman feats of healing and regeneration from physical trauma and disease. It would also make sense that this style would be created by the Ubuyashiki family during efforts to find ways to mitigate their curse. And although it has no effect of canceling out curses or magics, Kagaya uses it to temporarily heal the physical effects of his curse.
Thinking Kagaya wants to fight, Muzan instantly unleashes a fury of attacks. And this scene we get to see full destructive utilization of all Muzan's blood demon arts, not limited by any poisons or miracle medicines procured by Tamayo yet. Kagaya doesn't attack, but instead, in his new temporary healthy state, uses Light breathing to deflect attacks, continuously mend wounds, and temporarily blind/stun Muzan. Kagaya won't throw a single attack the entire fight, thus preserving his Buddha like nature.
In reality, the confrontation is to stall for time until the demon slayers arrive. Using his mystical foresight, Kagaya skillfully calculates how to evade each of Muzan's destructive attacks. Muzan realizes this and thus procures situations where even if Kagaya can forsee different ways of how he evades in the future, all options will involve him being fataly injured. But even after he is gravely mutilated by Muzan's attacks, the Light breathing forms he uses in response heals all wounds and poisons completely.
Another fact about Light breathing is that, the breathing method itself is derived from Wisteria plants' respiration and transpiration of chemicals. So in a sense it mimics the qualities of Wisteria. Thus including another added affect. Any demon in close proximity of someone using Light breathing has their Blood Demon Arts temporarily weakened at an exponential level and so is their regeneration slowed down massively. This comes into play when Kagaya thinks he's stalled enough and then detonates his house, killing him and his family. Muzan doesn't die but since he regenerates almost instantly, it was essential to be in proximity to the Light breathing so Tamayo could have time to insert the medicine and give the Hashira an advantage.
The sequence of events immediately before and during entering the Infinity Castle stays the same.
First Round Infinity Castle Battles - Shinobu vs Douma Zenitsu vs Kaigaku:
Nothing changes from the manga. Perfection. Just think, it should be more apparent that they take place semi-simaltaneously.
Second Round Infinity Castle Battles - Tanjiro & Giyu vs Akaza Urokodaki, Tengen Uzui, Shinjuro, & Nezuko vs Jigoku Uzui (New Upper Moon 5):
The events of the Akaza fight are not changed and neither are the events surrounding it.
Simply adding another battle that takes place at the same time. This battle is with the former Hashira and certified Nezuko protection gang, fighting against Tengen Uzui's brother and current demon shinobi, Jigoku Uzui. I chose the name because Tengen means heaven and Jigoku means hell.
(Flashback) After the dispatch of Gyokko in the swordsmith village, Akaza was tasked with finding a good candidate to replace him. He stumbled upon the ruthless shinobi culture cultivated by the Uzui family. Seeing how they're a group of efficient warriors that don't hold any ethical qualms, Akaza challenged both Tengen's father and Jigoku to combat at which they fought him at the same time. If Akaza won they'd agree to become demons, and they'll keep they're clan but as long as they're loyal to Lord Muzan. But if father Uzui and Jigoku won, Akaza would leave them alone. The fight devolves and eventually involves Jigoku's children joining in. Akaza defeats Jigoku and kills his father as well as a few of his children. Recognizing the ones that have survived as strong and Jigoku as a worthy adversary, he gives him and his surviving children Muzan's blood to be turned to demons. The Uzui clan is now loyal to Muzan and Jigoku Uzui has been nominated as Upper Moon rank 5.
(Current) I think it will be an interesting dynamic with Tengen encountering his brother again and this time as a Demon. It will make for lots of drama as well as an interesting fight between two shinobi and two swordsmen. Nezuko would stay asleep most of the fight with Urokodaki directly protecting her. Speaking of, in this rewrite Jigoku was sent by Muzan to directly collect Nezuko and bring her to him.
Now about Jigoku's Blood Demon Art. I decided he should have the full arsenal of basic shinobi weaponry like Tengen and his wives, however his main weapon and instrument of the Blood Demon art is that of a double sided kusarigama. Basically a staff with dual sickles on each end and a chain holding a miniature mace extending from the staff's center. The blood demon art entails rapid spinning of the dual sided kusarigame of which blood tendrils extend from the ends causing extreme destruction while boosting speed.
At first, Jigoku is overwhelmed by the pure skill of these three master former Hashira. Even though they're rusty techniquewise, their coordination is perfected through endless battle experience. Jigoku's head is severed but wait, it's not over. Three more demons sprout from his neck and seperate. Jigoku's sons/Tengens nephews turned demons. Jigoku regrows his head and the real battle begins.
The fight plays out as a team battle with constantly switching opponents and locations around the Ubuyashiki estate. When it comes to the oldy swordsmen, Shinjuro is almost a mirror image of his son Kyojuro when Tengen sees him in battle, warming his heart. The only difference is that the sincerety that once inhabited the former flame Hashira is gone and has been replaced with a new layer of ferocity when fighting. Shinjuro isn't only fighting to protect or for honor, but to utterly crush his opponent in raging fire. Urokodaki still has that veil of sympathy and sincerity but his fighting style is different from Giyu's. The former fights in the style of a raging river controlled yet violent, while Giyu's is more calm and feeling, using current like movement to use the energy of the attacker back at them.
The 3 Uzui demon brothers all have Upper Moon 5 on their eyes despite not being the main threat. From strongest to weakest, there's the eldest brother, the youngest brother and the middle brother.
In the second half of the battle Nezuko wakes up and realizes she has limited time as a Demon left as she is slowly reverting to being a human. So she participates in the battle aiding the former Hashira. I thought this would be a good parallel to take place at the same time as the Akaza fight as it would be brother and sister fighting different Upper Moons simultaneously.
At the climax of the battle Tengen manages to get a Demon Slayer Mark over his right eye with a series of parallel curved lines, increasing in size the further up the forehead they go. This is supposed to mimic soundwaves. Eventually all heads are severed with Jigoku's specifically being cut off by a marked Tengen. But one of the Demon brother's head was instead ripped off by Nezuko and not by a nichirin blade. So they don't disintegrate, which gives headless Jigoku enough time to surprise attack Shinjuro, stabbing him through the heart with one of the broken off kusarigama blades, killing him. Tengen avoids the attack of the headless Jigoku because he's also a Shinobi and Nezuko protects Urokodaki. Nezuko uses one last push of power to use her exploding blood to completely disintegrate the body of one of the headless demon brothers before any of them can reattach their heads. Now all demons left are headless by nichirin blades, they disintegrate.
Last Note: probs gonna continue into multiple parts. Don't really care if anyone reads the whole thing. Only for my personal peace of mind so I don't forget. Sorry if this is too long. If you do end up enjoying, thanks.
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2023.05.28 08:18 Awexiaway 27F [Chat] Hi. Happy Sunday. Weekend coming to an end! I bet my effort in writing this will be all for nothing! Trying again after failing last time.

The first step is to see if anyone would read this whole thing! Hello. I was born in Alabama. I have a degree in Biochemistry and I’m closing in on my PhD. Covid is my excuse but honestly just been very lazy to achieve it. I’m a streamer. I do twitch full time streaming video games. Mostly current titles but on weekend is the games that I want to play that has been in the back log. I’ve made it full time since 2018 when I gained traction and consistency. I make a pretty decent living.
My parents would like me to play less video games though lol. But it’s for work! I lived in Texas and New Jersey before. Currently living in Florida. I enjoy cooking. I’m a vegan. Not many options when going out. I like to make my own jam spread for bread. Learning to also make my own bread. Sometimes I do cooking streams.
I’m a tomboy, I don’t find myself dressing up or wearing any make up. It always feels heavy, if that make sense. I also feel like my body is weird because I can never find the right fit. Just right on the stomach but to tight on the chest. Right on the chest but loose on the stomach. It’s a struggle so I prefer the oversized t-shirt or hoodie option.
I’m on here for a mission! A very important mission! But along the way I guess if anyone wants to converse, I’m here for it. Just be sure to actually write! No idea why people think short one word messages makes for a good chat lol. Let’s see what I’ll get!
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2023.05.28 08:18 Revycallie Service Dog Advice

I am wondering if I could get some advice. My fiancés service dog is three years old. He did not come from a service dog breeder or institution who trains service dogs. Instead, he was self trained, after receiving a letter from physician then passed a professional training assessment from a credited trainer. I am from Canada, and have read provincial laws but they all seem to vary from province to province. So, really, I am just confused. Is my dog a “real” service dog if he did not come from a service breeder and training institution?
He is used for his mental health condition and interrupts specific behaviours. He usually provides relief for in-home incidents. My fiancé has anxiety, so oftentimes, brining his service dog out in the community ends up drawing more attention.
Long story short, I am travelling with my fiancé for two months to visit our family. I would like to bring the dog since he is necessary for my fiancé. I called the airline and all they wanted was an ID card and a training certificate which I have both. But, I am worried for some reason because the dog is not accredited from PADs, ADI or IGDF. When I expressed my concern to the trainer that while he can perform as task, I am worried in terms of the law he’s “fraudulent” and she kind of just laughed it off. So what should I do? How to I determine what is “real” or “credited” anymore?
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2023.05.28 08:18 mintymintchoc Can a night person really become a morning person?

I'm trying so hard to be a morning person. To wake up a little earlier on weekdays so I can have breakfast at home instead of the office and have some time for myself before going to work. I'm trying so hard to wake up earlier during the weekend to get things done and have the day to myself. I can never seem to do that. The thought of starting a new day, with all the things I have to do, is exhausting. It's never motivating to get out of bed in the morning. Yet here I am, 3am and I'm wide awake. Every time I try to get up early it works for a couple of days and then I'm back to wanting to be up late at night.
Am I able to save myself from this cycle? Can night owls really become early birds? Or am I wasting my time trying?
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2023.05.28 08:18 ko-wink-a-deenk Computers are bit out of my knowledge, what can I upgrade?

So most of the time I’m playing a few games here and there on my downtime like COD, Spider-Man, Arkham Knight, GTA and while I have upgraded my graphics card recently, I’m experiencing short screen blackouts.
My best way to describe it is when in game, the screen just blacks out for a second or two and the game I’m playing will come on back on screen. Sometimes it repeats this (annoyingly) and makes gaming unenjoyable….
I’ve tried optimizing settings, updating drivers, etc but this issue is still persistent, should I consider something else to upgrade to make these issues go away or am I missing something else entirely?
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2023.05.28 08:18 Internal-Bunch-215 Calling all money-hungry folks! Win big with our wheel of fortune! Spin to earn coins to win $200 cash reward.

Calling all money-hungry folks! Win big with our wheel of fortune! Spin to earn coins to win $200 cash reward.
Step1: Download TEMU app
Step2: Search code 157326802
Step3: Get your cashreward
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2023.05.28 08:18 10throwawayantsy Does he want sex?

My friend is 26M, Im 23f.
I've been friends with him for 5+ years now. We initially met and were initially romantically interested and exchanges nudes, but I kind of called it off and wanted to keep him around as a friend.
We had a good friendship with each other and were always there for each other. I got drunk one time and he held my hand. I kind of went to him for advice and my love life was in shambles, which was probably annoying 4 him. He told me he would be in love with me "if I wasn't a train wreck" but at that time I was a horrific train wreck.
He then got a gf. His gf was extremely paranoid about me, which was weird, bc I wasn't even in the same geographical area as them. He complained about her, they then broke up. Then he complained about how much he missed her for a few years, would send her gifts for no reason, idk.
In this span of time, he has: Moved into the house next door to me, Tried to transfer to my college , Moved to my city, and then after I moved he moved 10 blocks away from me (It's a compact city, it's not as weird as it seems).
I have a bf but he tried to take a solo vacation with me. He tells me about his sexual adventures with other people and talks to me constantly. I never have to reach out to him first, bc he is always reaching out. He says I'm the most interesting person he's ever met, which ig isnt that weird because we've been friends for a rly long time now. He is very quick to introduce me to his friends and bring me on trips with his friends (For a lot of our friendship we weren't in the same area)
He's not really doing anything wrong, I feel comfortable with him. He pays for my snacks and makes sure I get home ok when we hang out. My house had mice so he said I could sleep in his extra bed and that we could have a "sleepover."
Recently he asked me why I'm not getting married to my boyfriend. I explained it was for financial reasons, and then said he really wants to find a wife and that his Arabic family would happily fund it.
I love my boyfriend but feel neglected very easily. I overall require a lot of attention and am difficult to maintain, so sometimes I do feel a little bit of something for my friend, but it usually goes away once I talk to my boyfriend more. Idk what to do.
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2023.05.28 08:18 Mira_Arts_V Barnaby and Diana

Barnaby and Diana
Hellooooo, made some art of my Welcome Home bab Diana! This isn’t my first post of them here but I wanna share some info on them.
Diana is based off a luna moth, they use they/them pronouns and are nonbinary! They’re very timid and shy so they tend to keep to themselves. But they still love spending time with the other neighbors! Though they’d rather spend time with some rather than…others, others like Barnaby. Diana doesn’t hate Barnaby, but they find themself growing anxious whenever they’re around him.
Barnaby loves to tell jokes, and unfortunately for Diana…most of those are about their tired looking appearance, something that Diana is very self conscious about. So they tend not to hang out whenever the big blue dog is out and about.
Art and Diana belong to me Barnaby from Welcome Home
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