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2023.05.28 09:36 GiorgioBroughton How do you stay friends with someone who broke your heart?

Met the guy of my dreams and started dating for just under a week, when he cut it short.
You know that great connection you feel with someone from the very start? It was that intense for me.
He went plain cold on me and it’s been a few days and still processing the heartbreak. We had talked about staying in each other’s lives from the beginning, but now I’m just feeling numb.
He’s the only guy I’ve met in months whom I thought we had potential to take it all the way, and now it’s all gone.
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2023.05.28 09:36 claggamuff Do you think Depop randomly selects sellers to push / promote

So we’ve all seen the threads complaining that sales are way down and Depop is dead etc. I only joined in June last year, but after a month of not much activity I had 4 - 5 months in a row where my Depop was booming. I was earning the equivalent of a decent full time wage. Since Jan my Depop has fallen off a cliff and while I still have the odd decent week here and there, sales are down to probably less than 50 percent of what they were in my ‘boom time’.
Anyway, I noticed this one girl kept popping up on my recommended page recently. There would be multiple items of hers recommended to me even though some of the stuff was so not my style or what I’d ever buy.
I’ve been watching her profile closely as she’s as a new seller. About 4 weeks ago she had 70 sold items and maybe like 20 positive reviews. Today she has over 190 sales!!!
Considering she’s selling thrifted vintage clothing which is largely very random and average (no designer, no specific aesthetic but I guess leaning towards a Y2k vibe in general) I find this super impressive. While I’m making like 6 sales a week, she seems to be making 4 per day and in all honesty our stock is comparable, if anything I’d say mine is of a higher quality.
Her prices are also insane, like $85 for a “vintage Y2k textured brown top” which is literally just a plain brown long sleeve that has a bit of a interesting texture with a V neck. Heaps of her stuff is over $100 and absolutely not worth that cost.
I’m just curious if anyone else has noticed very new sellers really taking off recently. I’m pretty jealous tbh but good for her.
The only thing I can differentiate between her and other sellers that sell similar items is that she’s very skinny and has a great bod and has quite an interesting look (she has a big fro but looks to be of Japanese parents).
Every day there’s more of her items in my recommended page, despite me now following her or liking any items.
I guess I just wish my Depop was still popping like hers seems to be. Do you think Depop prioritises new sellers?
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2023.05.28 09:35 ThrowRAspamalot My (34f) bf (33m) is obsessed with his career

My long-term bf works for an organization that has offices all over the world. We have been long-distance for the last 3 years because of of his job, because he is taking any posting he can get to try to break into the organization and move up the ranks (it’s very competitive). We have lived together for brief periods here and there throughout that time largely due to my efforts. He just took another posting on the other side of the world, in a country that is too dangerous for me to visit, for an indeterminate amount of time. I can work remotely, but he keeps accepting postings (this one and the last one) where I cannot join him. I am wondering how long I should let this go on - I want to actually live with my partner, and I am scared I am getting too old to restart with someone new/let this continue. I love him and if I wasn’t so old I’d be less concerned, but I feel like I need to be realistic with biology, a concern I feel like he doesn’t have to deal with as a man. I want to support him, but also want to be with someone who also prioritizes being with me. What should my next steps be?
TLDR; bf keeps taking postings in countries where I cannot be with him; I want to live with my partner, and am worried I am too old to keep this up and hope one day we can physically be together.
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2023.05.28 09:35 RocketBaller28 dumb schools and dumber students

(I'm Elijah from OK) Some 7th graders in my class don't know that you count by fives on a clock or what 13 how to multiply the other day a student Jaxon asked "how do you do subtraction" i was blown away he is in 7th grade cuz he is in 7th grade, i have to sit by these people everyday! sometimes i wonder what i actually learn in school... for example i didn't learn the bill of rights from school but instead from on the internet, this is something that should be taught to 4th graders. I swear the government controls schools, so that minors don't know anything, and are taught to be sheep. i went up to a my 6th grade teacher and asked "Can we learn our rights today?" he responded "No silly, you can only learn that when your 18!" i said "okaaayy then" in my mind i was like WTF. i did not say that though.
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2023.05.28 09:35 No_Jicama_8053 28 Days

I'm 28 days in never thought I'd see it to be honest, my journey on rleaves is coming to an end very soon and I want to thank everyone on here for the support and guidance I have received over the last month it's been a rollercoster to say the least but I'm feeling better for it, when I thought I was on my own I found some great people in the same situation. To everyone going through it stick with it keep going it will all get easier.
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2023.05.28 09:35 INeedSuppHeheXD 22M- Looking for my passenger Princess[Relationship]

Hey there! I am a 22 year old guy, and im looking for my special someone.
I am 190cm(6'3) tall, I have short black hair, hazel eyes. In my freetime, I go to the gym, I enjoy playing video games such as league of legends, csgo, r6 siege, tf2, minecraft, and etc.) Also, I love working on my cars, going on a long car rides while listening to music. I also have 2 dogs who I enjoy petting and playing with. I go to university to be an IT Engineer 3 days a week, and to work 2 days a week.
I am a very cuddly person, very loyal, honest, and I like giving all of my attention to the person who's important for me. If we'd get closer, I'd love to spend all my freetime with you and chat/voice call a lot, listen to music together, watch videos and movies together, and hopefully develop a long lasting relationship.
Im naturally a dominant person, but we can talk about this in private.
If you'd be interested in chatting and getting to know each other, send me a message here or on discord! :) My discord is Armzii#3764
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2023.05.28 09:35 playboymoneycat666 Tattoo in memory of my Grammie - Keep Climbing

Tattoo in memory of my Grammie - Keep Climbing
My Grammie passed away on Thanksgiving day 2017. I recently found an old Polaroid picture of her standing on a mountain she had climbed in New Hampshire. On the back she wrote “Me, climbing the mountain! I did it!” I was her “Little Miss Sunshine” she raised me from the time I was born, without her I don’t even want to think of what life would have been like with just my useless abusive/negligent parents.
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2023.05.28 09:35 handheldpoodle i'm not looking back anymore

people identify with their past way too much. just because every morning for the past 4 years i've woken up and repeated the same toxic cycle as the day before, doesn't mean being drunkorexic is a part of my identity that is inseparable from me. i'm on day 6 of being sober (and eating better) today, and this just dawned on me. i have to leave this sub and subs like it, because it's not something i want to identify with anymore. i don't mean this in a harsh way to any of y'all, you are so incredibly strong. but i hope through your trials and tribulations of trying to get better, slowly but surely you collect a complete toolbox and can have a final, successful attempt eventually. (i saw this quote once that said "if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail" which really relates to me)
i would love if someone would not drink with me today, and cook a nice meal as a distraction from the sober boredom. 🥺 (which by the way, i could already feel my dopamine levels resetting around day 3/4, turns out i don't have complete anhedonia when i take care of myself)
i have to make room for other things in my life and mind now, but i do want to say thank you guys for being here for me when i was at my saddest and loneliest. you're all warriors 💕
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2023.05.28 09:35 INeedSuppHeheXD 22/M- Looking for my passenger Princess

Hey there! I am a 22 year old guy, and im looking for my special someone.
I am 190cm(6'3) tall, I have short black hair, hazel eyes. In my freetime, I go to the gym, I enjoy playing video games such as league of legends, csgo, r6 siege, tf2, minecraft, and etc.) Also, I love working on my cars, going on a long car rides while listening to music. I also have 2 dogs who I enjoy petting and playing with. I go to university to be an IT Engineer 3 days a week, and to work 2 days a week.
I am a very cuddly person, very loyal, honest, and I like giving all of my attention to the person who's important for me. If we'd get closer, I'd love to spend all my freetime with you and chat/voice call a lot, listen to music together, watch videos and movies together, and hopefully develop a long lasting relationship.
Im naturally a dominant person, but we can talk about this in private.
If you'd be interested in chatting and getting to know each other, send me a message here :)
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2023.05.28 09:35 yuyu_01 "Once there was a friend." Being together holds beautiful memories, being apart is the past.

The bond between her and me, it was I who broke it. The day I chose to be silent was the day she was hurt. The day I chose to contact, this day was too late. The time I remained silent, she had already given up on this relationship long ago.
Later, I also became lazy in seeking new friends, partly due to life and partly because I was afraid of hurting someone again...
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2023.05.28 09:34 Yourcallis Spiritual form

instead of light bake it
instead of drinking mine bake it
instead of drinking coffe bake put it in the oven
( not honey though make a cleansingface mask)
Lighting spritualy discount - most vingar is to strong for consumpution so bake it - it causes most of the reproof to go out of it , coffe snese the other two the same ( and people think it would ruin it but really is better for your health then coffe should be the same )
honey clensnig face mask have your skin looing right too much milk and honey is not good for a man as well as the amount of honey proivded you would have to keep it for longer than three days as well as if your trying to go cold turky even of natrual mana then make a clenser instead of throwing it away
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2023.05.28 09:34 Capable-Proposal1022 Disfellowshipping is unscriptural, at least how the JWs interpret it.

The strongest argument for DFing that JWs make is that it is scriptural.
I say that their scriptural reasoning is flawed. And I think you can prove logically that their teaching on it, although 'based on scripture,' has a heavy dose of human interpretation.
Here are just a few points.
Point 1) The Greek word that Paul used for 'don't associate with' when discussing shunning in 1 Cor 5:11 is the same Greek word used by Paul 2 Thes 3:14. Yet in 2 Thes, Paul was discussing the JW teaching of 'Marking,' where you can (according to JWs) still talk to the person at the hall and encourage them, but can't do anything with them outside the congregation.
So when JWs say you should never 'associate' with a DF'd person, they only think of 1 Cor 5, and do not consider 2 Thes 3, even though it's the same word.
Point 2) They focus on the fact that Paul said in 1 Cor 5:11 to stop associating with 'anyone called a brother.' Because Paul said this, they reason, it also includes family members.
This is from page 208 of 'Keep Yourselves in God's Love', concerning a family member who still lives at home: "Since his being disfellowshipped does not sever the family ties, normal day-to-day family activities and dealings may continue. Yet, by his course, the individual has chosen to break the spiritual bond between him and his believing family. So loyal family members can no longer have spiritual fellowship with him."
This quote says family ties are not severed, and that normal family activities will continue. Well, that means there is association. That is unless they're not living at home, according to JW policy, but that is nowhere found in scripture.
It also says there can be no spiritual fellowship, but that is also not found anywhere in the Bible, especially in the passages used to defend disfellowshipping.
I think they took an unreasonable, unscriptural hard stance on family association, and had to make up unscriptural rules in order to make it work better.
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2023.05.28 09:34 AnnoyedHam Day 3 - Nighttime side effects

Hey all, I’ve just started on my Zoloft journey and the first two days I was feeling quite fine with very little side effects. Day 3 came about and during the day, same thing feeling fine, however as night approached I started feeling more and more anxious and it built up into a nocturnal panic attack - I woke up at 1:00AM with my heart absolutely racing (the fastest I’ve ever felt it beat I swear), chills and sweats, also needed to use the bathroom ASAP (stomach upset). After about 3-4 mins, my heart rate went back to normal but I was overwhelmed by nausea and an overall feeling of anxiety… I managed to get back to sleep but my sleep was very spotty and woke up in the morning feeling quite nauseous and a bit of anxiety.
Has this happened to anyone else early on? I haven’t had a panic attack in 3 weeks and this was quite scary that it was happening again (but my heart rate was even higher than usual)😭
Btw, I take my dose in the morning and am on 25mgs. I’ve been through an extensive cardio screen (EKG, blood panels, X-rays etc) before due to panic attacks and all were clear.
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2023.05.28 09:34 Matsuri3-0 500 Days of Sober!

And it's got me feeling a lot like this!
500 days and every aspect of my life is better, my relationships are better, I'm a more reliable and consistent husband, a much more attentive, patient and supportive father, I'm fitter and healthier, I look younger, I sleep better, I've had two promotions at work (compared to two in the previous 5 years!), I have financial stability, I no longer gamble, my emotional wellbeing is far more manageable (stable even), and probably best of all, I like myself way more than I ever have before.
IWNDWYT, I owe a lot of this achievement to you guys right here, and as a thanks I will not drink with you for the next 500 days either. Next stop comma club (though first, tomorrow!).
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2023.05.28 09:33 Nooz_1996 Letting go of attachments

I went through a breakup about 3 months ago (a 2 year relationship) and since then I’ve realised how terrible the entire thing really was. Yes I had some of the best moments of my life with this person, he was my best friend but he also used to lie, went behind my back talking to other women multiple times, used to avoid and give very little attention, saying hurtful things in anger and holding resentment from previous arguments. My problem is I miss him so terribly every single day. Ever since the breakup, I’ve added multiple hobbies back in my life. Journaling, painting, sketching, book reading, walks, workouts, healthy eating, consuming healthy content online. However nothing is helping me let go of attachment. I have realised how bad the relationship was but I cant seem to find it in myself to completely let go and not care for him. He has moved on and is doing fine (I know because I called him last month in hopes of reconciliation) Its so hurtful knowing the relationship meant so little to him that he’s moved on already. Please share tips/ your personal stories about how I can heal and stop missing someone who wasn’t good for me?
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2023.05.28 09:33 Greyghost_7219 What should I do? Open for advice and suggestions in comments,

Me and my gf are together from last 2.5 yrs. She lied to me a bunch of time, but I gave her chances that she’ll get better with time… Now after 2.5 yrs I found out that, when we are together she was texting other guys, flirting at some point, making plans for for accompanying them for running and stuff behind my back! She told me that her “ex boyfriend” was her “good old friend”, and kept her chit chat, later she told me that they were fighting about my relations with her. I told her to stop, at that time she said yes, but later I found out she was made streaks on Snapchat! And there are a lot of situations where I caught her lying. In another incident, She was talking to her bff’s brother who had bad intentions for her, I told her about that and advised her to stop communicating, she said yes, and the I found out she was talking to that swine secretly. When I confronted her she said “ I didn’t told you because you’ll get mad and you don’t liked him…!” Now, I found out that she did all these things when I committed to her, she said that “you shouldn’t see what I did in the past, all that matters is what I’m doing now” (Tbh this is the most ridiculous thing to say.) when I told her that I’m breaking up, she told me that, I’m the one who told her that she could talk and flirt with anyone! After all this scenario, I told her that we need a break. It’s been 4-5 days. And I don’t know what exactly I should do. NEED ASSISTANCE ASAP!
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2023.05.28 09:33 Open_Mechanic Any recourse on car repairs?

Hello everyone, I appreciate any help you can give me. I was involved in a minor car accident a month ago and am going through insurance to get my car fixed. Everything’s is completed except for a small radiator shifter part that is out of stock by ford in the US (I called ford customer service and 5 of my local dealers to confirm). my insurance has reached the max of days covering my rental car but the repairs on my car are over a week what I was quoted due to this part not being available. The body shop just told me today that they found the part but it’s not made by ford so it might not work, but it won’t even get here for another week. I can’t afford to keep paying $50 a day for my rental but I need a car for work. Do I have any options with filing a complaint against ford? My car is a 2017 so I believe due to lemon laws they are required to still be producing parts? I am located in California.
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2023.05.28 09:33 spot_removal Very exited about rucking and want to do it as often as possible. What are some beginner mistakes?

I love doing 30 minutes at the end of the day with a 16KG kettlebell in a small backpack at 10 minute/mile pace. It unlocked my motivation like nothing else.
What are some rookie mistakes I’m going to do? What’s a common mistake in the beginning?
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2023.05.28 09:33 crossbreed55 Why does Jessie get so upset in this scene? Does he not realize that Andrea is dead and the best thing to do is just move on?

Why does Jessie get so upset in this scene? Does he not realize that Andrea is dead and the best thing to do is just move on? submitted by crossbreed55 to okbuddychicanery [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 09:33 Yitomaru Why is the 215B (183) the only rear mounted TD in the British Line?

This has honestly bothered me for a very long time and still does to this day but the intial British TDs like the AT2 to Tortoise (Except AT 7) all had the same fighting compartment and structure all of them mid mounted and actually compliment each other through their progression but whenever I see the 215B 183 you're basically taught to completely disregard the playstyle from the past tiers and use a TD with a rear mounted Turret
I can honestly see why in PC WoT it got replaced for not only being OP but making no sense playstyle wise
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2023.05.28 09:32 phoenixlegend7 Is there a way to disable services with BOOT_COMPLETED (without phone root) to fully prevent OTA Updates on Android 11 Motorolas?

I got the following phone:
Moto G Pure 2021 2-Day battery Unlocked Made for US by Motorola 3/32GB 13MP Camera Deep Indigo
The phone charger port is usb c. It has an Android 11 installed.
I followed the guide on reddit titled “Found a way to disable OTA Updates on Android 11 Motorolas.”
The last step mentions that:
“Now, reboot the device.
Here's the caveat of this approach - We can disable run in background permissions, but cannot control the BOOT_COMPLETED intent. This means the two apps still auto-start on each boot after receiving the boot complete signal.
Workaround you need to do on every reboot of the device:
Go to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer Options -> Running Services
Select Software Update. You'll see two processes: OTA Service, and FOTA Controller. Hit stop on both of them, one by one. The Android system will then kill both processes. Due to the RUN_IN_BACKGROUND deny restriction, the Software Update app will stay down until the next reboot as Android will not allow it to restart.
Your Running Services screen should now look like this:
This requires me after every phone reboot to go to settings -> running services, wait until the Motorola Software Update service shows up (could take few seconds), then press stop on both processes inside it in order for the Motorola Software Update service to fully disappear from the running services and it doesn’t bug me about any updates or forces me to install/reboot the phone because of the update (Windows updates style lol). This is a hassle and not convenient, is there a way to somehow disable it or automate it so I don’t need to do it manually each time?
Thank you.
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