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Diamond (DMD)

2014.01.06 08:19 silverwater Diamond (DMD)

SCARCE. VALUABLE. SECURE. Diamond (DMD) is a non-government contro­lled digital currency that allows people to send money anywh­ere in the world ins­tantly, securely and at near zero cost. Moreover, DMD Diamond aims to empower pe­ople to achieve fina­ncial freedom by mak­ing every DMD Diamond coin an interest bearing asset with hi­gh annual interest rate. This makes an excellent storage of value th­at is supported by the network protocols, infrastructure and services.

2017.10.11 18:28 shitpost953 buttered toast


2015.06.03 06:16 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an officially recognized disability in Sweden (this is not recognized as an illness because no diagnosis exists for this condition).” Professor Johansson gave the example of a head ache “ how can one measure the pain or prove the existence of a head ache?” Sweden ranks in the top 10 in the world for healthcare. Magnetic Flux poses the largest threat to individuals with EMHS.

2023.05.28 07:39 rofyty 26 [M4TF] naughty fun katipunan (F or TF)

Open to TF or F
Trying out here again but looking for anyone free now to around 5pm in Katipunan or Estancia or nearby area and open to a bit of naughty fun. Hoping to meet someone who's needing a bit of release too. I can caress boobs and would like to try to suck someone or if you want some hands all over your body ;) . Just wanted to make someone moan or squirm as well if you would let me 🥰 we dont have to do it all the way, no penetration sex. You dont have to reciprocate too, i can just eat you out
we can exchange pics as well if you want before we meet
We can do it in my car and my car is tinted. If you are more comfortable though if you have a place of ur own then thats also fine
About me: - medium built slim chinito - fair skinned - 5'7 - clean and low count - has a tinted car
About you: - slim petite built or thicc in the right places - clean - dont really have that much preference :)
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2023.05.28 07:39 lostings My co-workers won’t stop asking about my boyfriend and it’s only gotten worse.

I’m (20f) a caregiver at a group home and I just started working here barely a month ago. I’ve been doing everything correctly but my co-workers keep on asking about my boyfriend (24m) and it’s gotten to the point where I’m scared my job is in jeopardy.
For context, my boyfriend drives me to and from work and parks outside while I’m working (I work the graveyard shift). He does not feel comfortable going back to my home without me due to some conflict between him and my parents (who we’re staying with until we have enough money to find a place) and the fact that it’s about a 35-40 mile drive one way (70-80 round trip, if he were to go back home it would be around 140-160 miles per day and we don’t have the money to pay for that kind of gas). Also note he’s comfortable staying out in the car and sleeping in it as needed, his car is his treasure. He does not enter or go near the house I’m working in at all and does not come in contact with anything related to the house.
Moving on… it all started when a co-worker commented about a guy parking across the street and sitting in his car, in which I let her know that it was my ride and he was waiting to come pick me up. I didn’t think much of it since it’s just conversation and I didn’t think my boyfriend being parked across the street would be a big deal. She started asking more questions about it, like if I had a DL, my own car, why he was out there waiting for me, ect. I answered all the questions honestly and we moved on.
The next day two other co-workers bring it up and they both tell me, “Don’t bring him inside, it’s not your house, we need to respect people’s privacy and it’s not appropriate”, and they went on for about 5 minutes about it. I know it’s related to another situation regarding another employee who got put in suspension for that exact thing happening (plus some worse stuff happened relating the person’s partner after entering the house but I won’t elaborate on it), but every day that I have worked either Management has notified me or another co-worker, each time getting more aggressive. While having these conversations I also added that it’s a HIPAA Violation to do so and that neither my boyfriend or I are interested in doing anything close to that. Today at work about an hour after my shift started one of my co-workers (not on the schedule today) pulled up to the house, sat in his car for like 5 minutes and then drove off. My boyfriend texted me telling me about this and I feel very uncomfortable being here. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I really do feel like people are gossiping about me and it’s going to lead to an unlawful investigation with suspension and potentially getting fired even though I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m thinking of calling HR when I get off work although I’m unsure of whether that’ll actually help. What should I do?
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2023.05.28 07:39 RustVolt PC reboots when idle supposedly after getting the radeon software

whenever there is no background process on going my PC always reboots
Ive done sfc/scannow in CMD and got my chipset drivers updated(AMD)
ive checked my power settings and dont have it set to any settings as such.
its always after around 10 or 15 minutes and its not necessarily when I have it on lockscreen Ive had it reboot when I had tabs on my browser open aswell.
This only happens when its idle otherwise when heavy usage like gaming or any other processes its working perfectly fine so i dont think its a hardware issue please to correct me if it is though
I transitioned to windows 11 a month ago but if i remember correctly it was happening in windows 10 aswell though i solved it somehow during that but after being on windows 11 for a while now its back on
one thing that mightve triggered this is that I got the AMD adrenaline software but even after deleting that its still happening.I did delete the AMD adrenaline software but still had it do the driver only installation.
If the issue is the AMD software how do i get my graphics drivers without using the software?
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2023.05.28 07:39 aaspicy 26 [TF4M] Ate girl na gusto na jumowa

Madami dami na akong nakikita na reddit success stories dito so tingnan natin if magwowork nga ba. Wag niyo ko kulitin sa hookup kasi di yan hanap ko now
About me: Cutie na trans F 🏳️‍⚧️, 5’4, fair and short hair and talkative. Has cats, Likes fashion and gaming. Confident naman akong cutie ako tingnan mo nalang profile ko hahahaha
About you:
-Cutie din - mas matangkad sa akin or pwede din kaheight ko -Kaya magcarry din ng convo - a plus if bisexual or pansexual ka kasi mas madali tayo magconnect - Not sexist, transphobic, homophobic, apologist etc. - Near QC or nearby placrs
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2023.05.28 07:38 Illustrious_Town_163 Is it possible to lose weight with Cushing’s?

I’ve had some Cushing’s symptoms since 2011, but they’re mostly ones that overlap with PCOS - absent periods and hair growth. I also gained a lot of weight around that time. I also have severe anxiety but I’ve had that all my life, it just really flared up then and I ended up on antidepressants. My weight is mostly in the belly and my face is fat but I wouldn’t say moon face, and I haven’t developed any of the other hallmarks of Cushing’s like high blood pressure, diabetes, muscle weakness or fatigue.
Anyway, I went through various Cushing’s testing in 2013 which came out all negative. Endocrinologist diagnosed me with PCOS. I really didn’t do anything about it but at now realizing I should have and am getting on meds for it and working on weight loss. If it’s PCOS, cool and that makes sense as several women in my family have it and my periods were never regular, but I’m perplexed by a recent result indicating my estrogen isn’t high, which women with PCOS usually have.
The worry of Cushing’s never really went away, but this year I’ve lost 30 pounds and quite easily, just by cutting back on unhealthy food. My understanding is that would be near impossible with Cushing’s. Is that correct?
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2023.05.28 07:38 osssssssx Dual boot with company and personal data on the same laptop?

Have a few weeks of international travel coming up soon, and trying to see if there is a good way for me to just bring one laptop but isolate the company stuff and my personal stuff via dual boot.
We have a company issued Lenovo laptop, fully managed by Microsoft Intune. I also have a personal Dell laptop, I can add that to my authorized device and access company resources.
Brought two laptops last time I traveled and it was a PITA, hence wanting to bring only 1 laptop this time around, but want to make sure I isolate the company stuff and personal stuff completely.
Thinking about the following options:
1. Bring company Lenovo, install a copy of Windows into a portable SSD, and boot from the portable SSD when I need to use it for personal.
Pro is I can disconnect the SSD physically when I don't need my personal stuff to isolate it.
Concern is if the company will be able to scan my personal data without me booting into the company copy of Windows(such as BIOS backdoor), and if it allow me to boot from portable SSD (this one I can test out).
2. Bring my Dell laptop, install a copy of Windows into portable SSD and add it to authorized device to access company resources.
Pro is I think the company control for personal device is less than corporate issued device, or at least they claim it to be.
Concern is my personal data will be in the internal SSD and they may scan it if I boot from portable SSD and not remove the internal SSD.
3. Bring my Dell laptop, install the company managed OS into internal drive, and install my personal OS into portable SSD.
Probably the safer way, but more work and more PITA.

Wonder what you think would be the best option in terms of data isolation from company IT admin perspective, appreciate any input you may have
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2023.05.28 07:37 hxmlet Where can I find a fan for cheap here?

I've heard people tell me I can find cheap fans near station Square, but where exactly? ive been there a couple times and i can only remember clothes or food shops
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2023.05.28 07:37 LukeWasNotHere The Men of The Mountain

“Dad, can you tell me the story?” The son asked, pulling his covers.
“I will try. Promise you’ll sleep afterwards.” The father replied, grabbing a chair.
“Promise.” He said.
The father leaned in close, a half whisper, soft and comforting, like a campfire in a long night.
“There was once a mountain, the tallest and wildest in all the lands. So vast and so steep no man nor animal could climb it or claim it. They sat for so long, so alone they did not know what the ground was like. They grew used to the lack of air, the height, the wind and the cold. Other days, the rain and the heat. They forgot to be scared of the ground.
Until one day. An animal did climb upon that mountain, the bravest of all the animals on the ground. The strongest, the fastest, the ones the animals feared. Once it saw what lived on its peak it became the smallest. The scaredest, littlest thing on a great giant mountain, not made for things like them.
They fought, The Men of The Mountain were primitive but matched only in their ferocity. Many battles took place but soon the animals were forced to stop.
They not used to the mountain, the air, the height, the wind and the cold. The rain and the heat. But, once the battles were over, when the last of the animals were caged, the Men of The Mountain did the thing they always did. ‘Why?’ They asked. ‘Why?’
‘Why come to our mountain, for it is so steep and so cold? Why fight us?’
The animals answered, ‘We climbed because we had to. Because we lost, and because she made us.’ They then told the story of revolt, of trying and failing. For hundreds of years. A story of tyranny and a tragedy. How the ruler made the animals go all throughout the lands to find others to conquer.
The Men of The Mountain wept for them. For some came from a place higher than the mountain, after losing, forced to go down. Then the Men of The Mountain climbed down, to the ground they long forgot. To see things they could have never imagined or hoped.
And with the animals they fought together. Fought the ruler to free the animals they once killed. To free all the other animals throughout the land. Now the Men of The Mountain are the most feared, not the biggest or strongest. Yet, they’re presence is met with fear or anger buried, and sometimes even love.
Some other animals chose to climb that mountain, they talked of wonderful things. After they avoided the deadly. The way the sun set on the clouds in the most peculiar way. The smells. The animals also built for that mountain the same as the men, their danger and beauty.
The Men of The Mountain are still feared. Many will never dare come near it, but to those who do, it seems as though the mountain has tempered their bodies, but not their hearts. For they have saved our people too.”
“Thanks,” The son spoke, his voice growing soft and weary in sleep. “Love you, Dad.”
“Sweet dreams, I love you more.”
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2023.05.28 07:37 Princess-NoFace Ceramic window tinting recommendations?

Does anyone know a good place to get ceramic window tints put on a car? I’m tired of feeling like I’m burning in the sun whenever I drive.
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2023.05.28 07:35 Kotal_total I hate this feeling

Right now I feel like shit. My sleep has been rough because I'm getting used to sleeping in a different room than the one I'm used to. For a few days, I have relatives that are visiting and staying and any normal person or people would check into a hotel room or sleep in the dedicated guest room of the house. Instead they like my room because they treat it like a hotel room, so I have no choice but to be kicked out of my own room for their comfort at the expense of my own.
On top of that, every morning they're here they end up waking me up by sitting on the porch right outside my window and talk loud and obnoxiously as if I'm not sleeping on the other side. So fuck me I guess, but then if I say something about it, I'm the inconsiderate one, I'm the asshole somehow. In my family I have no say in anything despite my age, even when it has to do with me, my voice or word is ignored/disregarded and I get overruled all the time. I simply just want my life to be better.
Whenever I'm around them, I feel like I'm just pretending to be polite while on the inside, I hate their guts and wish for them to leave already. I completely hate company, the only company I like are people that I actually care about such as my mom when she visits.
I'm having trouble thinking straight right now, I just don't know.
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2023.05.28 07:34 LordTetravus Kenrith and Atraxa in Unholy Matrimony

I realized recently just how many cards overlapped between my Atraxa, Grand Unifier cEDH build and my Kenrith Wheels high-power / semi-competitive decklist.
My cEDH group has been heavily experimenting with Atraxa and I decided to put together a meld of the two decks with Kenrith as the commander to provide access to red. We all worked together to fine-tune the build and present it to you all for your feedback.
We made some very hard cuts, about 20 cards from our original original rough draft. There is no budget and our goal is just to create a highly competitive and resilient deck.
The deck uses all the common Kenrith combos and synergies - Dockside and Phantasmal Image, Underworld Breach and LED with Wheel of Fortune, Tainted Pact and Thoracle. Adding Atraxa and more effects like Emiel/Displacer Kitten and Kinnan to generate mana and value was a nearly seamless package that turbocharges the deck.
Initial playtesting appears very promising. Blood Moon was a notable issue in one game. Basics aren't really a great fit in the list.
My cEDH playgroup is about 15-20 people and very diverse, with all the usual top partner combos, Gitrog, Shorikai Stax, Magda, Krrik, Omnath, and many others making appearances.
Please let me know what you think! 🙂
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2023.05.28 07:34 Halycon949 Do you desire people to follow their heart?

When you see someone act out of their own inner self or has a high sense of individualism, does this attract you as an INFP? Or it matters not to you? Do you appreciate this kind of person or is it still a case to case basis depending on your principles, morals and values?
For me this question has been a tough nut to crack with regards to INFPs.
I've watched Michael Pierce's video (I felt this is the best explainer) about Fe vs. Fi and I am wondering in the last statement he makes at the end of the video is true about Fi doms. I am wondering if INFPs are attracted to people who have a high sense of self even (i.e. individualism) even if it isn't nearly the same as their own sense of individuality or does your sense of individualism still take hold?
Some other notes:
I observed as well that types as well who have Fi in their first 3 slots are individualistic and have their own identity. Fi is the last of the functions that I'm trying to demystify and get to know in depth after learning all the other functions
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2023.05.28 07:34 khilji1604 Hi guys, I've recently restarted my skin care routine and waned tips!

Hi guys, I've recently restarted my skin care routine and waned tips!
So I had acne prone skin growing up and as a teenager I never hesitated to pop a zit that showed up trying to gush out all the gunk in it. I've learnt since and am much better with handling zits now. I had started a skin care routine including Adapalene and a benzoyl peroxide facewash, which did show me decent results but I got lazy and stopped the same. I've since started my routine again and wanted to share my current state and the products I'm using.
AM Routine :
Panoxyl Face wash
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face wash
CosRx Snail Mucin and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel (I take a small quantities of both and apply it on damp skin)
The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (Alternate days)
The Ordinary Rose hip Oil and Pura D'or Vitamin E Oil (Two drops of each and dab it on the skin and rub it in for a minute)
Australian Gold Tinted sunscreen when going out
PM Routine :
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face wash
CosRx Snail Mucin and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel (I take a small quantities of both and apply it on damp skin when not using Differin)
Differin 0.1% Gel (Alternate Night to dry skin)
The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors ( When using Differin)
The Ordinary Rose hip Oil and Pura D'or Vitamin E Oil (Two drops of each and dab it on the skin and rub it in for a minute)
My skin seems to be purging from restarting the Differin but seems to be doing alright other than the some tiny bumps and the odd cystic acne.
Would appreciate any tips on what I can do better or anything I'm possibly overdoing. Thank you in Advance:)
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2023.05.28 07:33 22_12_03 Looking For Portable, Lightweight Laptop Under 3 lbs (1.3 kg) and $400 USD

Essentially this Lenovo Yoga 6 but at a lower price point.
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2023.05.28 07:32 Inside-Rooster-6898 What windows version do I download for the driver ? System says one , Nividia says another

What windows version do I download for the driver ? System says one , Nividia says another submitted by Inside-Rooster-6898 to nvidia [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 07:32 M1ST3RT0RGU3 [LoZ] Why don't we hear about any other Gerudo men?

It didn't really occur to me until after I started playing Tears of the Kingdom, but why is Ganondorf the ONLY Gerudo male we ever hear about? If there's supposed to be only 1 every century, you'd think it would be a much bigger thing that nearly everybody across Hyrule would hear about; they'd practically be a celebrity from birth.
In Breath of the Wild, it's been 100 years since Age of Calamity. In Tears of the Kingdom, it's revealed to have been 10,000 years since the birth of the kingdom of Hyrule, as well as its subsequent near-downfall at the hands of Ganondorf. In that entire time, nowhere in presented history is there even a single mention of another Gerudo-born male.
But it's not just limited to the two most recent games: to my knowledge, there's never been any other Gerudo man other than Ganondorf in the entire series.
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2023.05.28 07:32 likeeyedid I moved to a neighborhood where the people are too welcoming

It wasn't simply normal in the beginning, it was fantastic. I knew it as soon as the bus reached the neighborhood, as we passed all the roads with the coffee shops and streets so narrow I thought we might get stuck.
The apartment I looked at was rather small but enough for me and most importantly cheap. My workplace was only a twenty-minute bike ride away but I would never go there. Everything seemed right and I immediately signed the contract, I moved in a week later.
The best argument was that it felt like home. I'd recently gone through a rough breakup and some other stuff, I needed a fresh start and this was the perfect place for it.
This city had around a million residents but the neighborhood made you feel like you were in a small town or village even. Very rustic and charming. And with all sorts of quaint traditions that my neighbor Linda would teach me.
The apartment came furnished so I only had to carry in some boxes which I decided to do on my own. I knew it was time for me to become independent.
Linda greeted me as I walked in and took the box I was holding from my hands.
"Oh, you don't need to do that! I got it," I smiled at the old lady.
"Nonsense! We are neighbors and neighbors help each other. I'm not rotten yet, dear."
"Oh no, I didn't mean-," I paused and smiled instead. If she wanted to help, I'd let her help. Having a good relationship with your neighbors is always important as they can make your life hell if they want to.
Besides, she stopped helping after the first box. She sat down at my kitchen table and watched me carry the rest in. After I brought in the kitchen boxes, I made us some tea. Moving my boxes to the second floor took me less than an hour so I sat with her and chatted some more. That's when she told me about the first thing I had to do in the new neighborhood.
"Alright, listen dear. After you've settled in a bit, you get a long branch from a tree. You can buy it in one of our flower shops or get a fallen one from a real tree. After you remove all the leaves, you write your name on it and glue the branch to the door. The neighbors who wish to do so will write you little letters or glue small presents to the branch."
I'd never heard of anything like it but it sounded sweet.
After walking through the streets for a day, finding a grocery store, a pharmacy, and of course the flower shop, I noticed a few things.
For example, many of the houses had at least one window with black glass. It made little sense to me, why not simply use a curtain? But I would ask Linda about it later.
Everyone was insanely friendly. People waved at me and smiled as soon as they saw me. A young woman with a little boy in her arm even came up to me and asked if I'd put up my branch yet as she had a present for me.
"How do you know-" I started asking and she immediately interrupted me.
"Oh, I'm a friend of Linda's and, well, word travels fast here."
I smiled.
"Well, you don't need to get me anything, I already feel very welcome, everyone is so nice. My name is Maria, by the way."
I extended my arm to shake her hand.
"I know," she looked at my open hand for a moment but didn't reach for it. "You know, we have another new neighbor just on this street. A young gentleman named Julian," she pointed at an old, narrow house across from us with a branch taped to its door.
"I should get going. My other son is home alone. It was lovely to meet you, Maira. Welcome, again."
I decided to have a look at the new guy's branch, to get an idea of what I was to expect.
People had glued some notes on it. Some said "welcome", or "nice to have you hear", others were more strange.
"Count yourself lucky."
"Welcome to hell."
I reached for some of the presents when my hands touched something weird and slimy.
When I saw what it was, I instinctively jumped back.
An eye.
I can't say if it was human or from an animal as I'd never seen one out of its socket but it definitely looked real.
No matter how much I rubbed my hands against my pants, I couldn't get the feeling off.
That's when I noticed a guy watching me from a window next to the door.
He said something which I couldn't hear through the window but he looked angry. I got ready to leave quickly when the door opened.
When he passed the branch he looked at it with disgust in his face.
"Are you Julian?" I asked.
He nodded and came dangerously close. I couldn't help but notice that his eyes had the same brown color as the one I'd just touched.
"You're new," he said.
I looked around and tried to think of a reason to leave. While he looked normal, nice even, he was giving me an off vibe.
He came even closer and started whispering in my ear.
"It's too late for me but you should try and leave."
I stepped back.
"Yes, I was just about to. See you-"
"No, leave this neighborhood. Try and see if you can. Most of us get stuck here."
Now I was getting really nervous.
"Listen, buddy, I really gotta go and-"
"Do you remember your life before coming here?"
I laughed.
"What kind of weird question is that? Of course, I remember."
"That's good. I guess."
He got a cigarette out of his back pocket and offered one to me.
I shook my head. From the things he was saying felt as if he was scared of something but he spoke in such a calm way.
"Do you see the window above mine here? With the black paint? They have someone trapped in there. He cries all night long. The other day I went up to check on the people there. I really shouldn't have."
"Why?" Now I was really asking out of curiosity.
"It's hard to explain to normal people. They are broken humans, or something like that."
He was talking like a crazy person but the weird thing is that he seemed really genuine. Maybe a little traumatized.
"Okay listen," I was speaking with a really loud voice now and people started looking out of their windows.
"No, you listen," Julian interrupted me again. "Is there an attic in your house? Or a basement? If there is, you might wanna look at it. Or not. Might be better to stay delusional, makes it easier."
I'd just moved here and had already met three eccentric neighbors. Still, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to discover.
The following afternoon, I went down to the basement of my house.
The door was locked but one of my keys fit the lock which eased my mind a little. There couldn't be anything that bad waiting for me if I was allowed down there.
In reality, though, it was absolutely horrific. Linda simply didn't care if I saw it.
When I opened the door, I looked into the darkness but quickly found a light switch at the top of the stairs. Still, the light was quite dim and it took my eyes a bit to get used to the light.
The basement was one surprisingly big room. Twice the size of my apartment.
And filled with at least a dozen fridges. The big ones that you see at the supermarket with glass tops.
And inside of them were organs.
I almost wished that this was about organ trafficking but it got so much worse. I walked up to one of them and inspected it. There was a heart inside which I swear was beating. And yes, I realize that's impossible.
But that's not even the worst part. The heart had all these flesh lumps, some small and some really big.
My stomach started turning and my brain was shouting to get the hell out when I heard someone coming down the stairs.
"Not everyone comes to live here, some come to die," I heard Linda say.
She laughed when she saw my frightened face.
"Oh, not you dear. You belong here."
I was freezing and sweating at the same time.
"What are- I don't understand. Why... are they growing?"
"Well humans sometimes die and when they are still fresh, we take whatever we can from them. We can make new ones out of the individual parts," she grinned like a proud child.
"New ones?"
"New humans."
My stomach kept turning, I wouldn't be able to keep it in for long but I also didn't want to puke in the room of growing organs. I had to look away.
"But how?"
She frowned.
"There are many different ways to make a human, it's not all sex or science. We make sure all conditions are right and then we pray. We do it our way, the way we were taught."
I swallowed.
"Taught by whom?"
She rolled her eyes as if I just asked the stupidest of questions.
"The one who takes care of all of us. He is our leader and the leader of many more communities. Don't worry, you'll meet him soon enough."
That's the last thing I wanted. This was entirely and absolutely absurd but she seemed so sure. This woman was insane, she probably killed people and experimented with their organs. Of course, no humans grew out of that. I knew I needed to get out of here but I couldn't let her see how freaked out I was, so I kept asking questions.
"But how does it make sense? You kill one person and make a new one out of them? Why not use existing people and-"
"This way we can make more. A brain makes a new one. A heart makes a new one. And so on. The more substance we have, the more different creatures we can create. They all serve different purposes. You see that by their looks. Some look just like you and me, others are far more uncanny. Usually, the one made out of hearts or livers, don't ask me why. But don't worry, we keep them hidden."
She shrugged.
"Anyway, you don't need to know every single detail. You know, I almost feel like you're using me. Pressing information out of me because you know I am lonely and like to chat. It is very cheeky and manipulative, I don't like it one bit. Being used."
"No! I'm just curious, that's all. I believe you are a very important part of this community."
"Sure as hell I am," she looked away but I could tell that she was slightly flattered. "You know you don't need to act all high and mighty just because you forgot."
"Forgot what?"
Linda smirked.
"That you came to life here, grew out of a magnificent brain. One that our leader brought us himself. You are one of our most excellent copies, Maira. And we are so glad you found your way home."
I stayed silent.
"You can go now, girl. I can tell that you're too much of a princess to help with my work."
I didn't need to hear more. I jumped up the stairs and went through the door. As soon as I stepped out, I started running.
Out of the neighborhood, I thought but I didn't even try. Instead, I ended up at Julian's doorstep.
He saw the look on my face and knew immediately.
"You can't leave. Not as long as they don't want you to."
"Yeah, figured that one out." I bit my lip and looked around. I almost didn't dare to say those next words.
"Is it odd that I don't feel bad about that? I mean, I kept trying to get out but when I couldn't, I wasn't really disappointed. It's like I belong-"
"I know," he interrupted me. "I feel the same way."
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2023.05.28 07:31 0nesweetw0rld At my wits end…

I am at my wits end with shaving my lady bits. For as long as I can remember, every time I shave my bikini and mons pubis area I break out SO badly (doesn’t happen on my legs or underarms). Red angry bumps and razor burn every time. To the point I switched to Brazilian waxing 1x month for an entire year. Waxing was great in the beginning but sure enough towards the end of my stint I was getting horrible ingrowns and needed to stop. It was getting pricey too. The irritation wasn’t nearly as bad as shaving but the cyst like ingrowns were terrible. I’ve since reluctantly gone back to shaving and I hate it more than ever. I tried the new Venus 2 blade pubic and skin razor and it’s okay but not great. I’ve started chemical exfoliating before shaving with an AHA/BHA, following up with The Ordinary glycolic acid after shaving as well as Fur oil once that dries. I wear loose clothes and no underwear to let everything breathe post-shave. I just went through that whole process for the second time since switching back to shaving and my bikini is so red and angry still. Shaved in small patches, rinsed the razor a lot, used shaving cream, shaved with the grain and not against it. The whole 9 yards. I don’t know what else to do. It’s affecting my self esteem and makes me feel so insecure (and is quite painful) that I haven’t been wanting to have sex with my husband for the fact it looks like an absolute war zone down there. He recently switched to Supply single blade razors as he’s battled similar reactions while shaving his face and his face has honestly never looked better. He really loves the shave and he doesn’t get nearly as broken out now. I am toying with the idea of switching to a single blade (I think it’s called a DE safety razor on these threads?) but I’ll be honest I’m terrified. It seems tricky to get use to and if this doesn’t work, my last resort is laser hair removal which I really don’t want to do. I have tried going au natural and I hate it, it will never be for me. If I do make the switch to one of these fancy razors/blades, what do you recommend and do you have any advice? I saw the Maggards kits recommended a few times and they seem promising, but just scared to make the leap. Any/all recommendations, advice, and personal experience is appreciated!
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2023.05.28 07:30 Big-Pension-7438 AITA for eating my sisters bread?

Hi m(20) here, recently my sister had moved near where I live for a job. So one day she invited me over for a visit at her place. I had driven to her house on the way there I stopped at a gas station to fill gas and I bought a bag of doritos. Anyways drive to her house and when I finally got there I was greeted and I came in with my unfinished bag of chips. So I put them on the counter near the doorway so I could take them back when I went home. So I saw this slice of bread on her kitchen counter. So we were like having out and stuff when suddenly she needed to go to the bathroom and stuff. So I went and ate the slice of bread because I was really hungry. But when she came back and saw what I had done she was shocked and screamed at me. Apparently it was her past slice of bread that she had been saving for the past couple of years. So she told me to leave and I forgot to take my bag of domino's. She won't let me back in the house and has blocked me on everything. I can't get my domino's back and i am really worried. Should i apologize and AITA for eating the bread?
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2023.05.28 07:29 Aggressive_Honey_23 Where can I get experience?

I have a bachelor's in Medical Laboratory Science.
I want to try and get started in a forensic science field, but all the jobs near me require 5+ years of experience.
What is a entry level job that I can search for?
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2023.05.28 07:29 stinkypuppo My experience moving somewhere I didn't know anyone

As many of you can probably relate to, my life has been topsy turvy since a handful of awful things happened when I was a kid, and it's just been a rotating series of traumas ever since (not to sound self-indulgent, that's just how it's been unfortunately lol). Covid happened right as I was about to graduate, so I moved back in with my parents in my small town, and within the next few years I had a needlessly painful breakup with a man who put me through hell, had friends move away, was in and out of weird, formless friend groups, and of course had multiple scary moments within my family. I felt paralyzed, both by how expensive it was to move anywhere where I'm from, and from just being back in a familiar cycle of darkness. But the thing that really pushed me over the edge was when I watched my sweet dog, my best friend, die in an incredibly frightening way.
Over the next few months, I plotted and realized if I stayed put any longer, I'd just go entirely numb and start to regress, and I'd lose the few close friends I still have. So I moved to a city I'd visited before, could afford with my new job, and felt comfortable in, despite not knowing anyone. I've been here for a couple months now, and it's definitely strange, but overall, it's been good.
I've been forced to confront that inner, gnawing loneliness we go through, and ngl, it's been a motherfucker. Heavy melatonin and daily walks through the park have been lifelines lol. But it's also been really helpful. Sharing my experiences has allowed other people in my life to finally peek in, making me realize that the way I related to my loneliness was largely internal, and related to the traumas I still had to care for. I've been in a constant grind moving forward since I started DBT, feeling like I needed to "prove" I could handle myself, without really stopping to think what that means. Yes, it's painful to go multiple days without hearing from people I know, and to be in the world and see people with roots already established in this city. But I'm also more clear-headed than I've been in...fucking years, I don't even know lmao.
When I cry, it's catharsis coming out. When I have a positive experience with a stranger, it's my light finally being brave enough to show its face again. I'm writing so much more, enough that I might be able to finally submit a portfolio somewhere (fingers crossed!). I'm not saying this is the path for everyone, but I wanted to share bc I know how scary it can be for us to imagine ourselves on our own. Hell, it takes constant work on my end to regulate myself and not let my inner fears and demons take the reins. But I feel myself growing, getting better, and even if this city isn't forever and I end up moving back to the city near my home, I'll still be that much more stronger, and secure in my solitude, instead of afraid of it.
It might feel like a black hole, but it isn't. We're alive and capable of experiencing great joy and beauty, painful as it might be to get there.
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2023.05.28 07:29 Mannerless1 Of Wolves and Thorns!

Hello and welcome!
Here is the tale of my adventure with the headhunting banner we got for the Siracusa AK event, Through a path of briars...
So, I am a MASSIVE Texas fan, she's my girl, no one is better than my lovely, quiet and stalwart Texas, last of her name and prime pestering target of Lappland. Essentially this means I've been saving every single orundum I own ever since the announcement of a TEXAS EVENT! (oh god the excitement!)
Finally, our cool chika was gonna get her own event and even better than that, BECOME A 6 STAR OP!
So, I saved and saved, spending nothing on Mylnar's banner because I got him for free on my 4th pull (Yes, I know, you hate me :D) and managed to save 240k pure orundum, alongside my life savings of 720 OP, so basically I was SET AF for this banner.
And boy what a banner it was, I shall now tell you what happened and how:
Day one, hour one, minuet one - Spend all my free tokens/rolls/ten pull and get nothing.. spend another 30k and pull the girl, the lady, the wolf herself, my beloved TEXAS as I was sitting in my car waiting for the workday to start 15 mins from now. Absolute elation, listened to every voice line, made her main bae on the screen and immediately got her to E2/90 and began her road to M3 (third skill ofc). Used her absolutely everywhere and my god, she's so god damn powerful and cool (UGH, I'm such a simp! :P)
That was that for 2 days... I did the event and nothing else, that is until I just so happen to watch a video witch (and to my shame) showed me that in the Limited Pool was my favorite Horse Lady, the one and only Nearl The Radiant Knight, who to my shame, I had sobbingly failed to pull on her banner all those months ago.
Suddenly a fire was lit underneath me, I WILL NOT MISS THIS CHANCE AGAIN! I screamed internally, as I had every intention of pulling for Penance anyway to add her to my wonderous collection, but like on the last day after exhausting all the free pulls I got.
As I finish work and head home, the game resets and I get my daily free pull. Who should it be, but of course: Main Bae Texas once again! Which is fine because hey, why not right? But I'm no whale, I don't spend anything on this beautiful game other than my time (which I give freely) so getting another rank and reducing her already cheap DP -1 was fine with me, but the new mission was to spend all the necessary orundum to bring home NTR once and for all, and boy did I not know what the game had in store for me...
I lie on my bed, two pillows stuffed under my chest, hand gripped tightly... It was time to say goodbye to my mountain of orundum I had so cautiously saved, I was a man on a mission. I pulled 10 at a time, and to my surprise, I got so very many 6 stars!
First came Horn, the amazing "Tank" (LOL) that I Had been jibbed back a year ago and never got! Oh the envy I had over my friends, so that was simply amazing, next came (drumroll please...) YET ANOTHER TEXAS! WOW, I mean damn girl, I love you but STAHP! Nah, I could never be mad at you <3.
After that I got Stainless (eww) certainly didn't want him, but eh, another sixer never hurt. Next came another lady I didn't much care for in the form of Archetto, so I was like: "Oh cool, I spose" don't gotta grab her in the store now", but finally, I get a double pull and who does it happen to be? None other than the lady of Mafia backed Justice herself, Penance! or should I say, Penance and her twin sister, cos I got two of her in one pull, which is decent because she's got a high DP cost and I totally wanna abuse the game with her and mommy Mudrock /kiss.
On the way to 300 pulls, we're now sitting at 180, so we've passed the point of no return and then some, I go again and out comes Fiametta (Who I totally have the hawts for btw!) and despite her not quite fitting my all star team, she'll do will in my reserves, blowing fools to bits. So yeah, lots of decent luck on the way, every time the bag glows I'm just begging God to let me get NTR before 300 so I could be done and dusted.
We now enter the cold streak! Not a damn thing for ages, it's not until pity kicks in that I get another in the form of Blemishine, who is just cute and darling, but I already had... But hey, will take! We keep going and keep going and not we near the very end, we are at exactly 297/300 rolls, so it's time to stop my tenners, ignore the number on the top right having lost so much weight, and roll 3 little singles to the finish line.
I did exactly that, and the game poetically decided that on pull 300, I would yet once again get my main girl, my own true love, Texas for the fourth time! TALK ABOUT LIMITED! I sigh, give her a sly smile and tell her I loved her too (who knew this former gangster could be so damn clingy!)
I open the spark show, click on NTR and complete the mission! I bought her skin day one just in case I would ever get her (looking at you too Dusk -.-) and took her home where she belonged, with the hoard of other sixers I not gotta build after the Orirock event we got here ends, which is fine cos I got like 10 mil LMD anyway due to it being 1 of 2 stages I throw my energy at!
So, how's that for 300 pulls eh? 10 sixers, 10 free tokens, 1 free ten pull, 168,000 Orundumb leaving me with a widdle over 33k for the next limited (Yato) or whoomever else grabs my attention before then.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is the end of my story and the close of my adventure! Thank you for coming here and being a part of it, I can't wait to hear what you all think of this AK lover's go down in the comments, and to all, may Texas bring Blueberries and Dark Chocolate to your door for a nice romantic evening!
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