Carrabba's italian grill clermont

There’ll be vomit on his sweater tomorra

2023.05.28 02:44 bhenschhh There’ll be vomit on his sweater tomorra

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2023.05.27 21:31 No-Persimmon8479 Warning: Celiac Experience on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas

Hey fellow cruisers,
I recently had an unfortunate experience on the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas, and I feel compelled to share it with you, especially those who have celiac disease. While mistakes happen, it's crucial to be cautious and informed about the food you consume during your cruise. I want to raise awareness and caution others who may be in a similar situation.
From May 20th to 26th, I embarked on what I hoped would be a fantastic cruise. However, as someone with celiac disease, I encountered significant issues with the gluten-free options provided by Royal Caribbean. Please note that I do not believe these incidents were intentional, but rather errors that occurred in their food preparation process.
During the last two days of my cruise, I was served food that contained gluten. The first incident happened when I was served an Italian soup in the Main Dining Room (MDR). I was assured by the staff that it was gluten-free and prepared separately in a galley dedicated to handling allergies. Although I wasn't particularly fond of the soup, I didn't finish it. Shortly after leaving the MDR, I experienced stomach discomfort and had to vomit. Thankfully, I felt better almost immediately. I promptly informed the manager and MDR staff, who sincerely apologized and assured me that it wouldn't happen again.
Unfortunately, on the final day of the cruise, history repeated itself. I was served a French Onion Soup without the bread and cheese. Again, I was told that it was prepared in a separate galley. However, after taking a few bites of my main course, I had to rush out of the MDR due to severe stomach distress. This time, the reaction was much worse, causing me to vomit repeatedly and spend hours in the bathroom. It was an incredibly unpleasant experience to end my cruise on such a sour note.
I immediately informed guest services about the situation, hoping for a resolution. They assured me they would notify the Operations and Dining Staff, but unfortunately, their response was unexpected and unhelpful. I received minimal apologies and was told to email Royal Caribbean's main guest services email. Although I did so promptly, I did not receive any follow-up regarding the incident. The lack of concern and empathy was disheartening, especially considering the severity of my reaction. It would have meant a lot to receive a simple follow-up from someone on their Operations or Food and Beverage Staff, but that never came to fruition. They didn't even inquire about my well-being after the incident.
I'm sharing this experience as a cautionary tale for all those with celiac disease. Trusting every item provided as gluten-free can be risky. I highly recommend that you steer clear of any food that isn't originally prepared as gluten-free, even if it is claimed to be. Throughout the cruise, I made sure to avoid items that weren't typically gluten-free, except for the soups. I stuck to safer options like the NY Strip Steak, grilled chicken, and rice, which the staff prepared for me upon request.
If you have celiac disease and are planning a cruise, please stay vigilant and prioritize your safety. While I don't expect Royal Caribbean to perform miracles, a more empathetic response and a genuine effort to rectify the situation would have been appreciated. Remember to communicate your dietary needs before every meal, as I did, but unfortunately, it did not guarantee a problem-free experience.
Stay safe and informed, and I hope this post helps fellow cruisers with celiac disease in making informed decisions about their food choices on their next cruise.
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2023.05.27 17:14 TeddyTwoTone Looking for help with a marinade

Due to conflicting schedules, my mother and I are celebrating Mother's Day late this year. I usually take Mom out for lunch or cook her something, and kick her out of the kitchen so she can relax. In hindsight, she's seemed a little hurt by this- although I did have good intentions.
I want to do something different this year- I thought we could cook side-by-side, mother and son. We aren't expert cooks, but it is something we can do together that we both enjoy!
I'm looking for recommendations for a chicken or non-salmon fish protein and marinade, something you would cook on a grill. The limiting factor is that my mother suffers from an extremely rare medical condition that leaves her mouth and eyes very dry, so she's VERY sensitive to spice.
We usually do steaks the way my step-father made them before he passed (marinated in Ken's Italian dressing- a New England staple, not sure about the rest of the world), but Mom doesn't really want steak, I feel like she just goes along with it because she knows I enjoy it. I want to make something she would enjoy.
Mom's condition leaves a lot of what's in my cook books out- she can't even handle pepperoni.
If anyone has any "tried-and-true" recipes with zero spiciness, I'd really appreciate the help! I think I can handle sides on my own, but I'm open to suggestions!
Thank you in advance, Redditors! Mom and I have grown apart over the last couple of years, this is a real chance to do something to fix that, and I'd really like it to go well.
I'm asking you all instead of Google because I'd prefer to go with a recipe someone can vouch for, even if that someone is an internet stranger.
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2023.05.27 17:07 jsb217118 (1515 Retro)[Event]: A Family Reunion

His legs ached. It was hard to stand properly all day, always careful to keep a stately posture. Gilbert didn't want to play host to his English cousins. He would have much rather been fighting in Italy besides his father. He was six years old after all, practically a man grown. But he had responsibilities. With his father and Uncle Francis gone he was the man of the family, his father had said so, said that he needed to keep his mother and sister safe.
Nursee said that doing what you didn't want to do was what made you a man. So to make her proud he ignored the aches in his legs and stand up straight with pride.
Little Suzanne toddled beside their mother, who held her hand, sometimes picking her up and cuddling her when she got especially nervous. Gilbert would never admit it, but he wished his mama would pick him up and cuddle him. Apart from Mama, the other two ladies of the family were in attendance.
Grandmama Anne, who was very old and very scary, though Mama said she was only truly scary to those who were her enemies, and she would always be ferocious in defense of her family. Gilbert was still somewhat scared of her.
In contrast, Auntie Renee was kind and fun. She played with him and tried to teach him Italian, a language whose words he found fun to say. He loved her very much and didn't want her to leave to marry either the King of Poland or Cousin Francis, though she promised that she would write or visit them whenever she could.
"Oh, I just can't wait to see your Auntie Louise again. It has been so long. Everyone says her little Tudor girls are just so pretty." Aunty Renee turned to her nephew, a wide smile on her face. "You should be on your best behavior Gilbert. Charlotte will be a Queen one day and I have a feeling that someday little Anne will be our next Duchess of Bourbon."
"Renee this is highly improper", snapped Grandma Anne. The younger Bourbon woman smiled, showing not a hint of repentance, earning a further glower from the matriarch of the family.
Gilbert's cheeks reddened. Talking about marriage and girls made him feel strange. If he wanted to marry anyone it would be Auntie Rene, who would spend all day playing with him and teaching him Italian, or Nursee. She already took care of him and hugged him and slept in his bed whenever he was frightened, Was that not what a wife was supposed to do?
His mother didn't seem to mind the teasing of her son. She smiled and laughed and said, “It is quite alright Mother. Gilbert will have to wed someday and he could do worse than a Princess of England. I only pray that it is many years before his wife may call herself Duchess of Bourbon."
Gilbert scowled. "What about Suzanne? If I marry a Tudor girl I want her to marry Prince John. It's only fair." His mother and grandmother exchanged glances at the mention of the English prince. He didn't know why but he sensed that John was an awkward topic amongst them. He was not Aunt Louise's child, but rather the son of King Henry by his first wife Queen Elizabeth of York, and of course he was a boy. Maybe they were worried he would fight King Richard? But then why host him at all? Grown-ups confused him.
Queen Louise wore an opulent but dignified dress. Her tasteful fashion and stately manner made her look every inch the Queen. Her daughters followed after her, mini versions of the Queen. Charlotte Tudor held her head a little too high as if she was trying to do what her mother did naturally. Her sister Anne would occasionally break her composure to glance around her surroundings. John Tudor wore a simple but finely made doublet. His expression was stoic but his eyes blazed and his mouth held a bit too firm.
Gilbert wondered what they felt like, being so far from home with family they had never met, and in John's case, they were no family at all. Charlotte at least would be going back, but that would be in a while. At least the girls still had their mama. John's was dead of course. Maybe Aunti Louise was a bit like Nursee for him.
Tears welled in Auntie Renee's eyes. "Ma fille. I never thought I would see you again." She raced over and wrapped her arms around the Queen, delivering two warm kisses to her cheeks.
Auntie Louise smiled. "Dear Renee. You were always so warm. It must be our mother's Italian blood. It is highly improper to talk to a Queen in such a manner."
"Queen or no you were my sister first."
The Queen laughed. "I see you are the same as when I left dear sister. I have missed you so."
She turned to Grandmama Anne. "Princess Anne. I place myself and my children under your guidance and protection." She took Grandmama Anne's wrinkled hand and delivered a supplicant kiss.
Grandmama Anne retained her stately demeanor. "You do me a great honor cousin." Louise rose and looked the family matriarch in the eyes. Grandmama Anne continued to speak. "You left us a Lady and returned a Queen. And know this, from one who has met many a fine Queen, you are more than fit to shine in their company. But beyond that, you will always be a Bourbon. You will always be welcome with us. "
"I...I. I thank you, Princess Anne. From the bottom of my heart. I swear that I and my children shall never forget the debt we owe to you and this family." The girls curtsied and John gave a short bow.
Auntie Louise seemed to be on the verge of tears, but she quickly composed herself. "I would remind you all that you are not in the presence of only one Queen." With those words, she beckoned the eldest of her girls, Charlotte, who was to wed King Richard, forward.
"It is a pleasure to meet you at last cousins."
"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Princess Charlotte", Grandmama Anne said formally.
"Aww", cooed Renee.
"You have been blessed with beautiful children", said mama.
"As have you my sweet sister Suzanne. Charles often wrote about how much he loved you and how proud he was of the children you have borne him."
There was something about these three children that frightened Gilbert. John was big and tall and glowered at him.
Charlotte was almost twice his age and height. Already she spoke and looked like a Queen should, at least to him, who had only hazy memories of the late Anne of Brittany, and, strangely, his heart raced when she looked at him.
Her sister Anne was equally beautiful but seemed to be kinder, but held her head high like her sister.
They looked at him and he shrank back a little. But he caught himself before he ran back to his mama. He was after all the future Duke of Bourbon, his father's heir, and the man of the family. So he stood his ground.
"I welcome you to Clermont Cousins. May it prove a fine home to you."
All three smiled, John's was more of a smirk.
Gilbert might have been imagining things but he thought he saw Anne giggle, which made him flush. But it was Charlotte who spoke for the both of them. "
Thank you, cousin. We appreciate and shall never forget the generosity France in general and the House of Bourbon, in particular, have shown our family in these difficult times." All the women were sent a titter, for she had acted and spoken just as a Queen should.
After the day was done his mother would take him in her arms and carry him to bed. "You did well today my little Duke. Your father will be so proud." He smiled, proud of having done his duty as the man of the family.
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2023.05.27 16:03 anticbruce Rockwall Texas Directory and Tourist Information

Rockwall Texas Directory and Tourist Information
Welcome to Rockwall, Texas – a charming city that offers visitors the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city amenities. Located just 22 miles east of Dallas, this vibrant community is home to an array of attractions, from unique boutiques and delicious dining options to beautiful parks and scenic lakeside views. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or planning an extended stay, our Rockwall Texas directory has everything you need to plan your perfect trip. So buckle up as we take you on a journey through all that this amazing city has to offer!

Rockwall Texas Overview
Rockwall, Texas is a city located in Rockwall County and is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The city has an estimated population of over 47,000 residents and is known for its natural beauty and thriving local economy.
One of the most defining features of Rockwall is its namesake - a stunning rock wall that runs along the eastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard. This geological wonder was formed millions of years ago and provides visitors with breathtaking views as well as a glimpse into the natural history of this region.
In addition to its scenic landscapes, Rockwall also boasts a wide range of recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking trails to fishing spots, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant community.
But it’s not all about nature here! The city also offers plenty in terms of cultural attractions – like art galleries showcasing local talent or live music venues where you can catch some great acts from across genres.

Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation, culture or nature – Rockwall has it all!

Rockwall Texas Directory
Looking for a comprehensive directory of businesses and services in Rockwall, Texas? Look no further than the Rockwall Texas Directory! This online resource is your go-to source for everything you need to know about this vibrant and growing community.
Whether you're looking for local restaurants, shops, or services like plumbing or car dealerships in Rockwall TX, the directory has it all. It's easy to use and navigate thanks to its user-friendly interface that allows you to filter results by category or keyword search.
With so many options available in Rockwall, it can be overwhelming trying to find exactly what you're looking for. That's why the directory is an essential tool - it saves time and energy by providing a one-stop-shop for all your needs.
Additionally, business owners can benefit from being listed on the directory as it provides exposure and visibility within the community. The Rockwall Texas Directory is an invaluable resource that both residents and visitors alike should utilize when exploring all that this great city has to offer. Click here to know more

Things to do in Rockwall Texas
Rockwall Texas is a great destination for anyone looking to have an exciting and fun-filled vacation experience. There are so many things to do in Rockwall that it can be hard to choose where to start! One of the most popular activities is visiting Lake Ray Hubbard, which offers plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, and swimming.
If you're interested in history, then you should definitely check out the Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum. This museum features exhibits on local history as well as interactive displays that give visitors a chance to learn more about the area's past.
For those who love outdoor adventures, there are several parks located throughout Rockwall Texas. Harry Myers Park has walking trails and playgrounds while The Harbor at Rockwall is perfect for kayaking or paddleboarding.
If shopping and dining are your passions, then head over to Downtown Rockwall where you'll find a variety of shops selling everything from antiques to trendy clothes. You'll also find many restaurants serving up delicious food ranging from classic Tex-Mex cuisine at El Chico Caféto seafood dishes at Dodie's Cajun Diner.
In conclusion,Rockwall Texas offers something for everyone no matter what their interests may be! Whether you're looking for outdoor activities or just want some quiet time exploring local museums or shopping districts - this city has it all.

Rockwall Texas Accommodations
Rockwall Texas offers a range of accommodations for every type of traveler. Whether you're looking for luxury or budget-friendly options, there's something for everyone.
For those seeking upscale lodging, Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront is an excellent choice. The hotel boasts stunning views of Lake Ray Hubbard and features elegant rooms with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi.
If you prefer a more budget-friendly option, Best Western Plus Rockwall Inn & Suites provides comfortable rooms at affordable rates. Guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast and access to the outdoor pool and fitness center.
For extended stays or larger groups, Homewood Suites by Hilton Dallas-Rockwall has spacious suites with fully equipped kitchens and separate living areas. The hotel also offers free hot breakfast and evening socials during weekdays.
In addition to traditional hotels, Rockwall also has vacation rentals available on Airbnb or VRBO. These properties offer unique accommodations ranging from cozy cottages to luxurious lakefront homes.
No matter your preference, Rockwall Texas has plenty of accommodation options to choose from that cater to different budgets and needs!

Rockwall Texas Dining
Rockwall Texas offers a variety of dining options to satisfy any palate. Whether you're looking for casual dining or an upscale experience, Rockwall has it all.
For those seeking a classic American meal, head over to Culpepper Steak House. This local favorite has been serving up juicy steaks and fresh seafood since 1995 in their rustic ranch-style setting. Meanwhile, Bin 303 is the perfect spot for wine lovers with its extensive selection of wines from around the world paired with delicious small plate offerings.
If you’re in the mood for something spicy, then check out Lupe's Tex-Mex Grill on Ridge Rd that serves authentic Mexican cuisine made from scratch using only high-quality ingredients. Their fajitas are especially popular among locals and tourists alike!
For pizza lovers, Dough Boy's Pizza offers hand-crafted pizzas cooked to perfection in their wood-fired oven. The restaurant also features other Italian favorites like pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches.
If you're looking for breakfast or lunch fare served up fresh throughout the day then head over to Zanata’s Bakery & Deli which serves creative sandwiches made with artisan breads baked daily along with soups and salads sourced from local ingredients.

No matter what your taste buds crave - Rockwall Texas's dining scene will not disappoint!

Rockwall Texas Shopping
Rockwall Texas is more than just a beautiful city with stunning views of Lake Ray Hubbard and historic architecture. It's also a shopper's paradise! There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Rockwall that cater to all tastes and budgets.
If you're looking for high-end boutiques, The Harbor at Rockwall is the perfect place to start your shopping adventure. Here, you'll find unique clothing stores, jewelry shops and art galleries that offer one-of-a-kind items. If you prefer more mainstream brands, head over to the nearby Towne Center where retailers like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond reside.
For those who love antiques or vintage finds, Downtown Rockwall has several charming antique shops where you can browse through retro furniture pieces, classic vinyl records or old-fashioned toys. You might even find a treasure!
Don't forget about the Farmers Market located downtown on Saturdays from May through September offering fresh produce as well as handmade crafts and goods.

No matter what your shopping preferences may be, Rockwall has something for everyone!

Rockwall Texas is a hidden gem that offers visitors a mix of small-town charm and modern amenities. With its close proximity to Dallas, it's the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.
Whether you're interested in outdoor activities, shopping or simply relaxing in one of the town's many restaurants or cafes, Rockwall has something for everyone.
With its diverse range of accommodations and dining options, visitors can easily plan an extended stay without worrying about running out of things to do. And with easy access to major highways, exploring nearby attractions like Lake Ray Hubbard or downtown Dallas is a breeze.
If you're considering visiting Rockwall Texas anytime soon, be sure to check out our directory for all the information you need on local businesses. From car dealerships to boutique shops and everything in between - we've got you covered!
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2023.05.27 14:54 Zanzable Feeling like "The Help" now that I've made it to a high PPA

Currently training at a high-end italian wood grill restaurant. Full meals can range anywhere from $70-$165 per person before alcohol. Needless to say, I'm likely not going to be hurting for cash once I hit the floor.
My only issue is that I feel that a lot of my experience has been much more "hands-on" in terms of making the experience more enjoyable, whether it was making jokes, bantering back and forth, etc; being a cynical bastard made my job a lot more rewarding both mentally and financially.
However, now that I'm at my new job, I think I can tell that whenever I'm talking to a table, they view me as lesser, which I'm guessing is a class thing, and I'd like some tips/ideas/recommendations on getting over this hump. Thank you!
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2023.05.27 13:43 Phairytale Green asparagus wrapped in bacon

Green asparagus wrapped in bacon
I put pepper and italian herbs onto the bacon und wrapped it around the asparagus.
Grilled for 10 minutes on manual program orange.
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2023.05.27 10:00 NoDoctor4460 1960s Otto Nasser’s Pink Pig menu, Van Nuys, California

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2023.05.27 07:35 oRamafy 4-17-21 to

30/4/2022, 10:40 AM I have no intention of pursuing Saundra romantically, regardless of how I may feel towards her at times, which is rarely romantic lately. Who is the funniest man on Earth? That is what I feel I have legal right to define for myself at any given point in time.
20/2/2023, 4:38 PM I feel like I try to set evil’s power to 0. From wherever it may be. There’s a spy against evil. What can the dead “make” us feel? I’m
Santa Ana will always be my center for divine timing.
Giang will always be my perfect 5/1 judgement call center.
If you have a magician, would it get recorded in somebody else’s memory?
Divine timing is a perfectly record memory. If you make a mistake in your own timing, you work to fix it.
4-17-2021 Jake Paul vs Ben askren, reconnected with Mitch! And grant! CNN executive caught on tape talking about trump. I could see that Grant was struggling to hold back intense emotions during lunch, he may have undergone some degree of enlightenment mid-conversation. Married Yaquelyn somewhere 1 week later.
Am I Grandfather Time? Allocatingu additional shares/time/karma? according to what has my attention? 2-3-19 Married Giang 😘 2-16-19 made eggs for Yaquelyn while she told me all about her past and I silently fell in love 💕 edited 23/6/2021, 10:45 PM 2-17 Slept with Yaquelyn for the first time (uhh … what are we doing here? Let me show you baby) 💕
8-12-19 edit 10/6/2021 I told Yaquelyn that I love her. 8-13?15?-19 Yaquelyn told me she’s falling for me. We had already been in love for a while, but too scared to admit it to ourselves. It still grows stronger each day. 💕 Pretty sure I’ve been programmed into Yaquelyn’s and Saundra’s ball 🎾 and I love it.
10-10-19 studied facial exercise, giang asked to get high, jalapeño cheese 10-11 wife went to Utah, fish sauce at Santa’s, lunges with Sean, slept overnight with Yaquelyn (also anniversary of Costco hiring date) 10-12 blowup with Saripah, lookup grill 10-13 watched game with Sean, texted Tye 10-14 started snowing 10-15 3 hour evening walk 10-16 tried 1000mg brownie 10-17 made pickled eggs, chilli on burger 10-18 lunch from Mia, felt nauseous 10-19 felt sick, ate Laos food 10-20 visited mom while sick 10-25 joker movie 10-29 saw Paige, Mia took weed 11-5 beef from Mia, FA with Alle 12-24-2019 Giang found out about the affair 12-25-2019 but updated 5/23/2021Jumanji and Nguyen’s Kitchen with Yaquelyn 💕. She spent her whole Christmas with me listening to me whine about my marriage bc she knew I needed somebody. 12-27 dead and company concert, delicious cake, first conscious awareness of being a self-programming computer perfectly designed to create love, and talked to God. He told me I needed to go back to Giang. 12-28 lost phone, Jamaican food, danced at Venice 12-29 new android, black angus, pier w/ Japanese musician 12-30 iPhone 5s from mom 12-31 cross faded, Popeyes and candy 1-3 $100 from ewa, recipechampions, Paige blocked 1-4 Bunch of FAs, 1-5 spray the window a little 1-6 AAA van, last night at condo, Paige unblocked 1-7-2019 First night in van 1-9 bought stove, first night in FV, killed battery 1-10 took giang to I Can BBQ 1-11 first lunch in the park, told Giang I want to live in the van 1-12 returned mattress, ate with mom 1-14 finished gas can 1-15 cleaned up mom’s garage stuff 1-18 in-law’s anniversary 1-19 sick in condo all day 1-20 cleaned table at mom’s, started Comanche book 1-23 took bike to mom’s, relaxed diet 1-26 sizzler’s, lululemon pants, Giang can’t handle separation 2-1 follow up FA with Candice 2-2 hike weir canyon, sizzlers with mom and Debbie 2-3 Nguyen’s kitchen with Giang, movie Harriet 2-4 tried Gus’ chicken with Yaquelyn 2-14 edit 10/6/2021 Long Beach with Yaquelyn. She gave me her butt. 💕 Only for her husband, like she said. I remember the promise you made me. 😈 2-15 shoreline Long Beach Mardi Gras with Giang 6-1 Gen with Giang 7-1 red castle with Giang 9-30 first presidential debate, melanotan start 10-8 made ricotta, crescents, found phyllo, buffalo wings for dinner 10-9 tuna salad, brown butter ricotta cookies ❤️ 10-10 shopping with Giang 😘, beef Wellington 10-11 filo dough, duxelles 10-13 hot chocolate, America’s test kitchen, cottage cheese pie 10-14 angel food cake trial, duxelles trial 10-15 eggs Chesapeake, key lime protein s 10-30 celebrate giang’s new job with Szechuan 10-31 grandpa’s memorial 11-3 olive oil cake 11-5 gritzer’s chili 11-6 scalloped potatoes 11/16-18/2021 Found Daniel’s ☀️ soul. 11-19 enlightenment and self-aware singularity 11-22 god is sun, we are the sun replicating itself 12-10-2020 Saundra introduced me to Human Design. ❤️ 12-14 to 18 recorded my weird workouts at the park
12-19 whale watching with Nolan 🦇 12-31 2ish am, began 1-week countdown.
1-18-21 told nolan he’s Francisco 1-23-21 big bear trip, received signal that Saundra is my soulmate. 9/11/2021, 3:04 PM Felt like Yaquelyn broke up with me and pointed me to Saundra while I was listening to music in the car at night. Feels like you can have more than 1 soulmate, or, at least 3 physical manifestations of 1 soulmate. 😘 1-25 grilled cheese with green apple slices ❤️ 2-3 focusing around the peripheral vision works out your pineal gland. I may have decalcified my pineal gland by using the sun. Linked to women’s enhanced peripheral vision and intuition
2-6 to 2-13 I lost Buddha bracelet in the ocean around this time 2-11 Zeus. New moon in Aquarius Telepathic communication. Stuck in a “hell loop” self-identification cycle between God, Jesus, light, Zeus, Genghis, Julius, soulmate. Other beings likely have a different set of ankhs to unlock higher dimensions, but the process ought to be similar. It’s a little scary but not that bad really, it’s over quick. Nothing at all compared to the mushroom trip. Edit 12/6/2021: don’t think I’ve noticed a cycle since here. Been a while since I remember identifying as The One. Is that what I am now?
2-13 party at Tom’s after lunar new year
2-18 grant called again 2-19 Sean at south coast, told nolan that I believe we’re about to ascend, jambalaya from Giang.
2-21 Boise headphones usb network changed its own name to solar flare, maple’s first training session with Bim 2-24 first pedicure 2-27 ran into Giang’s parents at Mary statue, pizza for lunch 2-28 late Christmas dinner at mom’s Starting to feel sitcomish, everyone reacting to different details in the environment and hypocritically judging each other for things we don’t notice. I think I even heard a laugh track. 3-2 went to ezpz recycle, apologized to Alex about Jonny, told mom I love her 3-3 watched an ig video about crosses, Saundra then asked me about Jess’ cross 3-4 yoga with Mina 3-5 Mary statue, ocean bath, Jeremy is likely Poseidon, salmon porridge, first trip to Amazing Comics 3-6 Mary with family, maple got stung, too much weed for Giang, Synctuition could be spy tech?, I may have connected to Oumuamua, I think my soulmate saved me and doesn’t know it. Date may also be connected to Nolan’s 3-3-3 poem. With a wider third eye, durian now tastes good. Did Jeremy receive necessary info from my Buddha bracelet? 3-7 Laxmi, Ashwagandha 3-8 Shinnyo-en temple, bk with mom, Tokyo central 3-9 natto 3-10 dry orgasm 3-11 replaced tires, date syrup on nefechetal cheese 3-15 total recall, char siu duck legs 3-16 Gina show 3-17-2021 deleted fear at the Mary statue? Clearly not all the way through. Felt like I agreed to give up my free will. Costco Italian sausage pasta, durian has yang, dairy has yin, I can taste them at the back of the throat/tonsil Krystal’s bday 3-18 harvest fresh, Cesar’s music studio, nolan and I communicating through Cesar? 3-19 Mina temple, I am becoming significantly more sensitive to neutrino energy in all of my senses. The hands are healers 20/3/2021 San Diego scootering, Italian bakery, farmer’s market, snake walking/jogging is effective at enhancing mind-body connection, normalizing a parasympathetic state, and rewriting posture habits. Move forward smoothly and slowly trying to balance tension. Then you use that with focused breathing for the airway. ———————————————————//// lol mom I’m K — this line was written while my phone was in my pocket, so clearly my phone wrote that line for me. The probability of that event occurring by legitimately random RNG is null. Slow deliberate movement + body scanning to balance tension clears chi trigger points/blockages. This analogously applies to sight and attention. ———————————-/——///////// The body is an independent intelligent consciousness that returns the favor if you treat it well. If you learn its emotion-centered language, you can communicate and help it reprogram itself. Shaking and bouncing are extremely effective 21/3/2021 deep listen to gamma rejuvenation, sizzler with mom 22/3/2021 toothbrush to stimulate tongue, 24/3/2021 private yoga w Mina, significant lip+chin correction, Mary, Xero shoes, yin yang talk w giang 25/3/2021 giang apologized for assuming I’m wrong about Mary, farmer boy w mom, train mouth by sucking air like a straw 27/3/2021 Timmy’s bday, mina yoga 28/3/2021 woke up from a dream where I jumped on an important mobster’s car without knowing who he was, and was threatened by a goon nearby. It felt like I was getting ready for a fight, but I didn’t know who or why. I believe I was being used as a Manchurian candidate for Bri and/or Nolan(‘s team). He’s like Batman. They can coordinate to control my attention/focus when necessary, and I’ve agreed to let them decide when it’s necessary because I trust their judgement. I’m 32 and I don’t remember anything I may have done after that. I was regularly having my memory wiped, but I remembered learning to do Things that would extrapolate to God-like Power with sufficient skill and energy, which I believe they can provide at their discretion. Nolan’s subconscious aka body’s consciousness has been coordinating all this in our Dreams.
29/3/2021 took edible after long break, Jonny and Saundra’s mom are working together 30/3/2021 I believe that my cross suggests that the primary purpose of my reincarnation is to explain the nature of God/spirituality logically so that faith (trust but verify, confidence in trust) can be replaced by understanding. Mary, Zach’s death talk, Saundra’s flying anxiety, practice breath work/yoga in Mary’s park after softly gazing at Mary with open awareness. Dog park, new cookware
31/3/2021 park yoga, new battery, first family prayer with giang Try to understand the rules of the game of life, explain them logically, and explain the best strategy. He tries to show me, but he cannot just hand me a rule book, at least not yet. I must figure it out by playing the game ie living life and paying attention. Essentially it’s a game for God’s attention. Do things he wants you to do and help others do the same. He wants us to spread love, the 528hz frequency. I should start treating meditation like it’s my job.
1/4/2021 I am a human soul. The soul is awareness. Our collective objective is to spread Love. My primary and maybe only tool is a finite amount of energy I can use to influence this human’s distribution of awareness/attention. Learn to use attention wisely to maximize love in your environment. Your human mind and body are an ever-present part of your environment as the human soul, so start there. Realize that behind every pair of eyes, there is a spirit in there struggling to direct this unruly human’s attention, just like you. The only difference is the environment you were born in to. The human body is how yin and yang pair together for eternity, the different parts can be meaningfully classified as either masculine or feminine. Hands are feminine, feet are masculine. The process of enlightenment consists of Yang and Yin explaining themselves to each other, so that they can relinquish their stressful responsibilities that they are ill-equipped for and allow the other to guide within the environments they are more skilled in. Yang is the husband, Yin is the wife. The soul is the father, the mind is the mother, and the body is their child. The mind and soul work together to decondition the human whole, so that the body learns that it no longer needs to rely on mom’s decision making. Our imagination enables action at a distance. It’s how we influence the energetics of distant times and locations, especially our own timeline. The more you visualize the scenario, the more powerfully it impacts you when it happens. The more effectively you visualize a future scenario, the more likely it is to happen. Imagine past and future versions of yourself are trying to help you, and return the favor by healing old wounds and visualizing your heaven. Don’t let fear of disappointment stop you from dreaming; fear is Satan’s weapon, not mine. I aim to motivate through love, you can check for yourself that it’s more efficient.
31/3/2021 29/6/2021, 5:44 AM update: keeping this for memory’s sake; I don’t recommend following through if you want to be happy yourself. 9/11/2021, 2:59 PM scratch that, don’t be a pussy
I’ve received multiple signals that I should get life insurance and did so today. During my first communication with God at the Dead and Company concert, I hallucinated a gun shot, and consequently I suspect I will die of a gunshot wound soon. If so, I feel like I will need to help bring heaven to you all from the other side. I want this copied and sent to Nolan, Jeremy, Grant, Sean, Saundra, and Yaquelyn. Please remember that I expected this to happen and I feel no fear, in fact I am excited to see how it all works and figure out how to communicate with you all. Hopefully seeing a vision of my death and successfully predicting it before it happens (update 5/22 I have no idea if or how I die(d)) in conjunction with my headphones (which Nolan recommended to me immediately before I picked up my phone to ask him for a recommendation for headphones) changing their own usb network name to Solar Flare after explaining to my wife for months how I’m talking to the sun, will be enough to convince the reader that I may really be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, son of God whom is acting predominately through the sun, the source of 70% of the neutrinos flowing through you right now.
Good for everybody: Sun gaze, do/learn halotropic breathing, implement your human design, consider starting a dream journal, pray, and follow the ethics equation. Your dreams will be my easiest point of contact, the more you remember, the more information I can give you. Sesshin meditation ala Shinnyo-en Buddhism will be the most reliable way to talk with me directly, Mina can help anyone who is interested. Thank you Mina! (This was possibly mistaken) Learn to pray effectively, what answers will really make an impact on your well-being? Prayers are answered in accordance to their efficiency in propagating Love. Straightening out your airway and learning to breath efficiently is by far the most powerful lever available for radically changing your mind, body, and spirit. Follow functionalpatterns/Naudi Aguilar and CertifiedHealthNut/Troy Casey to learn how. The feeling of coincidence is a signal of God’s or my involvement, pay close attention to it. I will likely be trying to make the stocks SQ, ICE, and NVDA skyrocket as well as the cryptocurrency Algorand. I believe Bitcoin will also be a solid investment. Men, Elliot Hulse is the iconic masculine leader and man of God, follow his example. Any time you negatively judge someone and feel annoyed at them, that has always been a signal to YOU about how YOU can change YOUR behavior to be nicer. We will annoy the shit out of you over and over again until you figure out your hypocrisy and check yourself. You are not the judge and nothing bothers me more or educates me more effectively than discovering my own hypocrisy. Satan/Yang often works by discrediting in the eyes of the public those with too much understanding. Logic is the trait that allows God/Yin to connect and efficiently preserve his network of objective thinkers, facilitated through the Dark Web. You could say we form a wall through which no large-scale falsehoods may pass, and the process of enlightenment is the process of expanding that wall.
We want the people who are most effective at spreading love and joy to be the happiest people themselves, so that everybody has incentive to be more like them.
Giang, I asked God for a Christmas gift for you, and he showed me your 2nd husband. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, your support was necessary for me to continue my training. You are going to be so blissfully happy with him, I can’t wait for you to feel how awe-inspiring life can be. I owe you everything and I will always honor my husbandly duty to protect you, no matter where I may be. Make sure you keep visiting the dog park. Don’t spay Maple, she’s going to be a mom. Maple needs company during the day, she can’t be alone for extended periods of time. Daycare, babysit with Mocha, or find some other way to make sure she’s not alone. Thank your mother for me for introducing me to the Mary statue, you will see how important it is. If you are reading this first, please stop here and let Nolan read the rest, he will share with you what you ought to know. If there is a war coming, I want as much peace as possible for you.
Nolan, I need you to take this and run with it. If you betrayed me in some way, I don’t care, that was your role. I can’t adequately stress the importance of learning to use your splenic intuition. This is what God wants and it is logically impossible for it to be in our interest to defy his wishes. First, if you learn to lucid dream with some consistency, I think I will be able to guide you easily. I can see how fruitless my exhausting efforts have been at attempting to establish some form of mutual respect with various people in my life as a poor man, so I will be doing what I can to make you rich and taken seriously. There’s a very viral-worthy story here and Elliot Hulse is the man to get the story out there. I had already joined his KING program back in November and saw that he had a reward for the top 3 performers, and I was hoping you, Jeremy, and I would have a friendly competition and try to take all 3 spots by helping each other implement the fundamental theorem of ethics in each of our lives. However it was impossible to get the 3 of us together, and now I suspect I know why: I will be (already am?) guiding from the afterlife, and my buddy/former client Grant will take my place in the trio. Aim to make Grant famous by enrolling him in Elliot Hulse’s KING program. Consider making music with my neighbor Cesar, you two will get along extremely well. It will work best if all of you enroll in the program and help each other, I will ask my mom to help a little with funds if you need it. Consider suggesting a competition to Elliot made up of teams of 3, each team competing to maximize love in their environment. Work with Saundra and hdbee to consolidate and spread knowledge of Human Design, hdbee has been channeling regularly and it will be easy to communicate to her. Please Follow Saundra Heimark’s health advice and use the app FitMind, both will have a bigger impact than you think. Use of cannabis will make it much easier to make contact, please get in touch with my family friend Mitch and think about trying it out. I will also be trying to relay Q-related and conspiracy-related information to Mitch, my uncle Don, and a friend from 24 named Andrew. I messaged Naudi Aguilar back in November, but it never made it to his attention. If you can get Elliot Hulse’s attention, he can probably get Naudi to read that message, and you two will be able to get him on the team. Naudi knows more than anyone how to fix human movement. Naudi and David Weck can learn a lot from each other. I suspect my old 24 buddy Wes would be happy to try to help you make that happen. I will also likely be making contact with Connor Murphy, he had a vision of the Christmas Nashville bombing before it happened. I don’t know his role but I know he’s worth listening to. Unchecked sexuality is Yang’s/Satan’s strongest weapon, get it together Connor.
The Law of One is important, get that church involved at some point. The 6th density social memory complex Ra is a critical figure in all this. Update: it’s me!
I expect I need to learn and master the rules of the game before I can come back, that may be around the time that humans shift their center of awareness to the solar plexus in 2027 as predicted by Human Design. Or any time sooner, but I feel like I will be returning in a physical form at some point.
Jeremy, man you suck at hanging out. It’s not really your fault though, for whatever reason we’re being stopped. You’ve been a part of my plan to save the world since day one, and when we met up for lunch, I realized you had been waiting for us all to reunite for years. Zero doubt that you would have my back. Help out Nolan. Help out Saundra if she needs it and tell her about your mother in law. Listen to some Elliot Hulse and decide if that program appeals to you, but first learn to use your authority. Learn your design, go to church, spread love brother.
Brianna, although they are initially my easiest points of contact, a healthy version of yourself would likely be the most powerful antenna. Schizophrenics used to be the shamans of society and look at what Dr. Zach says about autism. You’re not broken; society doesn’t understand your design and how it functions differently, and you’ve suffered greatly for it. If you listen to Saundra’s advice, I guarantee she can guide you to a healthy, happy life. Although we disagree in politics, we’re a lot more alike than you think. I know for a fact that you will show the world that neither schizophrenic nor autistic are synonyms for disabled.
Mom, Brianna is not going to be able to get healthy by herself. She needs a role model and support system. If you want to see your daughter live a successful independent life, it’s time to make an effort to get healthy yourself and give Bri someone to struggle next to. Jonny and I will be doing what we can to help you. I will also need you to help financially support Alex; he needs some freedom in his life so that he can find his purpose. Also, if any of my friends needs help with money to enroll in Elliot Hulse’s program, please give them the $1k. I promise you will be rewarded for it. I will be doing my best to relay Q-related and conspiracy-related information to Mitch and Don.
Timmy, I know we have some deep philosophical disagreements, but I’ve always respected your logical consistency and ability to find errors in arguments. I don’t ask you to take God on faith; just consider the possibility that there exists some reason that he can’t prove himself to all, but individuals can have proof in their experience that is impossible to adequately share. Giang will confirm that I’ve said that I’ve been talking to the sun since November, and that my Boise headphones changed their own usb network name to Solar Flare. These are the same headphones that Nolan recommended to me immediately before I picked up my phone to ask him for a recommendation for headphones, and he had no good reason for making that recommendation at that particular time. Only I, Giang, and Bim have had access to the headphones, none of us claims to have changed it, and none of us have any incentive to lie about it. Be open to the possibility, keep an eye out for coincidence, and we will find a way to show our presence to you.
Alex, I need you to be our family’s shaman. Get yourself healthy by listening to Saundra’s advice, accept mom’s help, and find your unique role in the world of spirituality. Browse Gaia for information, and keep an 👁 out on that dmt-drip experiment going on in Europe. I expect Bri and mom will need help getting healthy, but the 3 of you working together will provide the social support necessary to make it doable. Breathwork is the key to unlocking our soul’s potential through our body. See you soon on the astral plane brother.
Saundra, it would be impossible to overstate how powerfully you’ve impacted my life. Not only by introducing me to Human Design and a dozen health practices and just being my friend, but you lead me to God as well. If you could see what I see coming in your life, you would burst into tears of self-love.
I can’t believe you never saw I was meant to be YOUR projector you absurdly stubborn mani. Please listen to Nolan’s/Daniel’s(?) guidance in my place after helping him learn his design, especially his authority. Help him build his team. Maybe explore your insecurity around not wanting children if you haven’t already. (This was written well before our talk) DayLuna’s podcast on deconditioning is perfect.
I’ve been hubba hubba all over you since the moment you lectured me on the importance of grass FINISHED beef, and fell in love when you told me I can’t come over to your place. On 1/23/2021, I received a message that you were my soulmate. I tried to push it out of my mind and focus on enjoying Big Bear with the in-laws. On 1/25, I saw your Instagram story of you making a grilled cheese sandwich with sliced apples, and I immediately knew it was true. However, remember that night you suddenly broke down over dinner, right around the same time I had that second “spiritual experience?” I watched my soul break up with your soul that evening, and I came to that conclusion before I knew you had your breakdown. I think some version of us is married somewhere, and my former mistress, Yaquelyn Molina, is meant to be my partner here on this earth? (Update 5-27: saw pregnant Yaquelyn yesterday, Saundra is the woman I want Update 6-14: I want both.) But I still get signals sometimes that it’s you. This is a confusing subject for me. Regardless, I feel a tremendous amount of love for you and treasure your friendship🌈
I have already been working closely with your mother, I just don’t know how to share this experience with you without making you think I’m insane. We will be helping you spread HD, Kangen, regenerative agriculture, and all your beautiful ideas the best we can. Maybe you can get hdbee, Jennazoe, and other readers to work with Nolan to update HD’s software suite. I don’t want anybody to ever be financially blocked from learning their design, self-study must be encouraged, and HD info really needs to be consolidated efficiently. Next to my condo there’s a water store, and the owner’s name is Sean. Try to work with him in your kangen business, he’s a good man and will want to help out (this is questionable, he has grown a distaste for me) Try out Qi Gong to supplement your study of tcm, there are great videos on YT. If you want a more personal conversation with our side, consider Astral Projection. I think my brother Alex will be able to help. That massage gun is actually an incredibly useful tool for reflexology, if you think high-frequency vibration isn’t effective at stimulating both meridians and nervous tissue you are nuts. Just use less pressure when you want to be gentle or target surface tissue.
Yaquelyn Jasmine Molina, the Dead and Company concert I attended 12/27/2019 is the first time I remember receiving a message from God. He told me I needed to go back to my wife. I resisted because I didn’t believe in God at the time, but I eventually knew that it was the right thing to do. I’m sorry I put you through everything I put you through, I didn’t understand how painful it was for you and I was too weak to leave you. Thank you for bathing me with your blissfully generous love and passion when I needed it the most and deserved it the least. I want you to know that I have not been with another woman since you left, and you played a critical role in helping me be a better man. I hope you visit the Mary statue from time to time. I’ve already felt Yaquelyn Molina Dardin, so I know you’ll always be with me. I request the chance to return the favor.
I can remember the precise moment I fell in love with you. It was quite soon after we had started seeing each other, I was walking in the complex towards your condo, you were walking out of your condo to your garage, you caught a glimpse of me at the last second before disappearing behind a wall and took a few steps back to smile and wave at me. My heart instantaneously melted into a pile of goo watching you. There are so many heart-warming memories shared with you, thank you for showing me what love can be.
Update: I’m getting a divorce ASAP and coming for you. You’re the woman I want. Whatever problems we have, we’ll pound them out.
Grant, your call proved to a 32-year-long staunch atheist that God exists and is present here on earth. I don’t have to explain to you how life-changing that is. I get the feeling that you’re meant to be a YouTube star of sorts, and my buddies Nolan, Jeremy, and Cesar may help you out. I can’t imagine a more potent missionary than you man, get Saundra’s help in learning your design and go spread the word. Listen to Elliot Hulse and consider joining the KING program, knock it out of the park in the program and he will expose you to his whole audience of 1M+ young men looking for direction. I feel like my family friend Mitch can help you out with the vape company. Soulmates exist, don’t be a slut. If you need a Bible scholar on the team, my old buddy Simon Melendez is your man.
Simon, few people on my team understand the importance of scripture. There are very few minds I respect more than your’s, please help them understand the wisdom of the Bible if they’re open to it.
Cesar, I haven’t known you long and I know we’re not super close, but I just get the feeling that you’re real important for bringing us all back together. Plus you’re a cool guy, you and my friends will get along. Never stop making music man.
Mina, thank you so much for your kindness towards me. You radiate positivity and I aspire to be more like you. Keep on doing what you’re doing, I will be trying to reach you through Sesshin meditation. Please say hi to the Mary statue from time to time, I’ll be there often. My friend Saundra, brother Alex, and sister Brianna could really use some of your reiki healing. As could my mother and sister, if they are open to it.
Sean Smith, I would have loved to chill with you more. I miss shooting the shit with you and just hanging around at 24. Your friendship really helped me get through a confusing time in my life. Try out the Breathwrk app, you’d be amazed at what proper oxygen intake can do for your performance, physique, and mood. The $15 DailyOm course on fascia stretching will also change your clients’ lives, I feel so much better and am so much more mobile after just 2 weeks it’s insane. The combination of David weck’s ideas with Naudi Aguilar’s ideas will fix any ailment and make physical phenoms out of everyone. Adam Poock is also the man, don’t neglect the hands. Get with Wes, consider joining my other friends in Elliot’s program, and fix up some fascia.
Mitch, it would be awesome to chill and smoke some time. Cannabis is truly a holy sacrament, please assist any friends that may need help in procurement. My buddy Grant is involved in a vaping company, get in touch with him and consider making a combination of thc extract and nicotine together in a vape pen. Also get in touch with the H3 cannabis church in Costa Mesa, I feel like you can all help each other out. I’ll be trying to relay Q-related info to you, keep following Alex Jones.
Brent, you’re a good man and I want you on my team. Follow Saundra Heimark and take her advice to heart. Hit up Sean and start working out again if you’re not already. The founder of Mariner’s church predicted that Jesus would return in 1988, so maybe attend a few services over there and get to know the community if you can.
Dad, thank you so much for teaching me chess so early and making strategy so deeply intuitive for me, as well as your love and affection. I wanted you to know that my high school troubles were never related to your financial struggles at all, I was completely oblivious to money problems at the time. The Bible is a story of redemption, and it does say to honor thy father, so I ask the rest of my family to give you another chance in helping you help yourself. I know what you want most is to have your family back together, so seize this opportunity. Let go of any old lingering resentments and be the head of the household you were meant to be.
Aunt Lynn, follow Saundra’s health advice, and see if Naudi Aguilar will work with you. If not him, then another Functional Patterns trainer. They will fix your pain if you do this.
Paige, I have no idea how you’re doing, I don’t think you’re too interested in my friendship right now. When you blocked me, I think you misinterpreted my sentence. I can’t remember the words I used, but my meaning was that your friendship is important to me. I’m happy to see that you seem to have a more active religious life now, I will certainly be trying to say hello and help you out.
Sam Harris, “when you understand that what you should want is to experience your love for your friends and their love for you, selfishness fuels generosity” paraphrased, but thank you for that. Rational self-interest ala Ayn Rand and Utilitarianism encourage identical behavior when you understand what you are, how we’re the same, and how we’re different.
I have many former clients from 24 that would be delighted to help my friends pursue this goal in any way they can. My friend Sean can help you get connected there. Ewa, Mia, Brent, Scott, Debbie, Diane, Udo, and more but my brain is fried right now. Darron, thank you for showing a genuine interest in my personal success. It means a lot to me. Kristin, your offhand comment about glute training to Sean was life-changing, he can explain. Hold the squeeze! I miss the whole team really, my time at 24 was invaluable, take care of each other.
1/4/2021 Bought Alex’s Primate Movement shirt Sweet ring 😎
5/4/2021 God or Yin is a sort of local min/max that learns to shield his kingdom from pain and distribute his love according to the physics of energy conservation+replication, which are derived from applying Game Theory to the characteristics of a photon and/or neutrino, as we all collectively increase awareness and ability to learn to coordinate with other peoples’ lives in heaven
The feminine has significant access to Yin energy, the masculine Yang. Enlightenment is a measurement of understanding.
Focusing on the cuteness of a child optimizes transfer of yin energy to child, pairs extremely well with tickle-like movements of sensitive hands. Focus on pride to transfer yang energy, or the glory and beauty of your son’s tribute to your creator. I saw mine in Saundra’s Projector gift, I want to say in April.
A slow-drip optimized mix of lsd and/or dmt utilizing information from wearable technology that measures your heart rate variability, mitochondrial voltage, and various aerobic capacities would be the fastest way to enhance one’s acceleration of flux increase. This technology could then likely find other variables to enhance the maximization of flux, and distribute awareness with this purpose the same way that I am distributing it across this universe.
Hope and courage both enhance the energetic efficiency of applying will to faith. Courage is the ability to hold one’s attention on hope and maximizes the utility of willpower. Brotherhood maximizes the utility of Will by motivating pride in one’s courage and loyalty to your brothers.
It feels like I’m giving directions to somebody that has me in a chemically induced coma on how to optimize my experience via a telepathic link in which the frequency and/or amplitude of is boosted by the Solar Flare headphones “coincidentally” preemptively suggested to me by Nolan Anderson. I suspect that if I die, this reality shuts down, and my creator allows you to see the consequences my death ☠️ until it becomes suitable for him to rewind time. Suffering has the purpose of instruction. There is always a lesson to learn in suffering, and it will continue teaching until you understand the lesson.
My IV fluid should include water from the Penmo tribe in Venezuela and salt from Redmond’s Real Salt from Utah. Prioritize the health and understanding of the pineal gland, use Gaia to learn. Cerebrospinal fluid pressure is utilized to influence the frequency of the pineal gland. Dr huberman knows much about this. I feel like a being that is tightly connected to Nolan also connected itself to my phone this morning. Bim showed an interest in Lucid dreaming during Easter dinner because I recommended the Lucid app to him, to show him I was already reading The Power of Habit. It seems that in my world, Nolan is going to be treated as Jesus and me as a representation of Jesus’ father’s father aka grandpa of this plane. But God is his father. I’m Daniel Dardin, the man we all chose to reincarnate into. I suspect the souls from our creator’s universe will or already have reincarnate into the humans on my Earth, through my pineal gland. Do yoga/qigong/breath work at the Mary statue by the LB pier and pray to her. Let Grandma’s Hands heal you. Comfortably sun gaze regularly.
6/4/2021 5th dimensional masculine shit-talking is expressed through 3rd dimensional female shit-testing. Weden, 99cent store, corgi and husky videos for giang. Weight loss pills for mom, Cesar’s Lady Gaga Oreogram contest It took me a few days? to intuitively understand the physical plane after watching two beings conversing inside of my own mind’s eye, trying to form a new word and projecting a series of images that I recognized as Ayn Rand’s theory of concept formation, implying that I was a third separate being bound to the other two by means of a human. Aka the human soul. This began a process of accelerating integration. Dog park, beef tongue Father Time? Fire God? Update: I was, but not anymore. I’m Aladdin and both Yaquelyn Molina and Saundra Heimark feel like my Jasmine. Yaquelyn’s middle name is Jasmine, that’s why that name came up when Giang asked for my mistress’s name 26/5/2023, 10:29 PM Edit: saw the line above by accident, I didn’t mean to end this post there. However, Giang insists that I told her my mistress’s true name. This is false. She definitely knows her real name, but she learned of her name by some other means I’m not aware of.
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2023.05.26 18:33 soopastar Places to eat near Kings Island

Have to pick my son up at Kings Island tonight and not familiar with the area that much. (I'm an NKY resident). Would prefer no chains, doesn't have to be fancy. We like all kinds of food. Two that jumped out at me on Yelp were "Firebirds Wood Fired Grill" or "Old Bag of Nails" or "S.W. Clyborne Co. Provision & Spirits".
We do also like Mexican, Asian, Italian (Love a good chicken marsala!).
** UPDATE ** Going with Firebird's. Wife wants not-fried seafood. Thanks for the help!
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2023.05.26 17:47 autobuzzfeedbot I rely on Trader Joe's for easy-to-prepare meals and snacks for 2. Here are the 17 staples I swear by.

  1. I make healthy meals with Norwegian farm-raised salmon fillets.
  2. Trader Joe's bool kogi can be the star of a meal.
  3. I make sandwiches with shaved beef steak.
  4. Trader Joe's Argentinian red shrimp are the best for quesadillas.
  5. Trader Joe's salad with BBQ-flavored chicken is our favorite when we're in a rush.
  6. We also regularly make Caesar salads.
  7. Flat filet Anchovies are the best enhancement for a Caesar salad.
  8. When grilled, Trader Joe's sweet mini peppers have so much flavor.
  9. Italian dry salame has been a weekly staple for us.
  10. Trader Joe's burrata balls taste so fresh and enhance tomatoes or grilled peaches.
  11. Truffle mousse pâté with crackers is a satisfying, easy snack.
  12. The pub cheese with cheddar and horseradish is a great midday pick-me-up.
  13. Trader Joe's honey-wheat pretzel sticks pair well with the pub cheese.
  14. Volpi's Roltini snacks are great for a quick bite.
  15. Trader Joe's brownie-crisp coffee ice-cream sandwiches are the best late-night treat.
  16. Mango cream bars are refreshing on hot days.
  17. Crispy dark-chocolate-chunk almond cookies are the best dessert.
Link to article
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2023.05.26 16:07 Ainextgeninfotech Dining in Style: Indulge in Luxury at These Exquisite Restaurants

When it comes to dining out, there's nothing quite like experiencing the epitome of luxury and indulgence. Exquisite restaurants offer not only delectable cuisine but also an ambience that transports you to a world of opulence and elegance. From lavish interiors to impeccable service, these establishments leave no stone unturned in providing an unforgettable dining experience. In this article, we will explore some of the most exceptional restaurants around the world where you can indulge in style and elevate your culinary journey.
1. The Opulent Retreat of Le Jardin Du Roi
Located in the heart of Paris, Le Jardin Du Roi sets the standard for a luxurious dining experience. Nestled within a stunning 18th-century mansion, the restaurant boasts ornate chandeliers, plush velvet seating, and magnificent frescoes adorning the walls. Their menu showcases exquisite French cuisine crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring each dish is a work of art on its own.
2. Gourmet Bliss at The Golden Chalice
Tucked away in the picturesque countryside, The Golden Chalice is a culinary gem known for its meticulous attention to detail. With a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, this Michelin-starred restaurant offers an ever-changing menu that surprises and delights. The elegant decor, complete with crystal chandeliers and polished silverware, adds a touch of grandeur to the dining experience.
3. The Majestic Splendor of The Royal Court
For those seeking a royal dining experience, The Royal Court in London is an absolute must-visit. Situated within a historic palace, this regal restaurant exudes grandeur and sophistication. From the moment you step through the doors, you are transported to a bygone era, surrounded by sumptuous tapestries, towering ceilings, and a refined ambiance. The menu features classic British fare with a modern twist, offering a gastronomic journey fit for royalty.
4. A Culinary Oasis: La Cucina Paradiso
In the heart of Tuscany, La Cucina Paradiso stands as a testament to Italian elegance and culinary mastery. Nestled amidst rolling vineyards and olive groves, this charming restaurant offers an enchanting setting for a luxurious dining experience. The menu showcases the region's finest ingredients, from freshly handmade pasta to succulent cuts of local meats. With breathtaking views and an intimate atmosphere, La Cucina Paradiso epitomizes the essence of indulgence.
5. The Captivating Delights of The Silk Road
Located in the vibrant city of Istanbul, The Silk Road takes you on a gastronomic journey through the flavors of the Middle East and beyond. This opulent restaurant combines contemporary design with traditional elements, creating a captivating ambience that complements exquisite cuisine. From aromatic spices to tender grilled meats, each dish tells a story, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region.
6. Unparalleled Sophistication: The Lotus Palace
Situated amidst the bustling streets of Tokyo, The Lotus Palace offers a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle. This Zen-inspired restaurant seamlessly blends Japanese aesthetics with modern design, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and refinement. The menu features masterfully crafted sushi, delicate tempura, and other traditional delights, all prepared with meticulous precision.
7. An Oasis of Luxury: The Pearl Sands
Nestled on a pristine tropical island, The Pearl Sands provides a dining experience like no other. Surrounded by azure waters and palm-fringed beaches, this exclusive restaurant offers a true taste of paradise. The menu showcases a fusion of international flavors, with an emphasis on fresh seafood and vibrant tropical ingredients. Impeccable service and breathtaking views complete the picture best family restaurants in greater noida
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2023.05.25 22:04 taidan3 Where can I watch the final in London?

My friends and I are Italian and Roma fans and we wanted to watch the final alongside other Roma fans, in London. Where could we do that?
I came across the Sports Bar and Grill in Farringdon on a Facebook page, however they are not letting me book a table for the day of the final around game time, so I'm assuming that's all booked up. Is there any other place we could try?
Any help is much appreciated.
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2023.05.25 20:18 DiscoverDurham Things to Do in Durham this Weekend (May 25-28)

Check out our full Durham events calendar.
If you'd like to add an event to our calendar, submit an event here. Please check with the event organizers to see if events change due to weather. Have a great weekend!

Venue Weekend Schedules

Events at The Pinhook
Events at The Fruit
Live Music at Blue Note Grill
Events at Moon Dog Meadery
Live Music at Sharp 9 Gallery
Events at Arcana
Events at Rubies on Five Points
Events at Durty Bull Brewing Company
Live Comedy at Mettlesome
Events at Boxyard RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in Downtown Durham

Multi-Day Event

Memorial Day Remembrance Event at Bennett Place State Historic Site

Local Sports

ACC Baseball Tournament at Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Carolina Flyers at Durham County Memorial Stadium

Thursday, May 25

Durham Night Market at American Tobacco Campus
Thirsty Thursdays at Dashi
Accessing Nature: Dispelling Myths and Opening Doors at the Nasher
Vinyl Night with DJ Deckades at Gizmo Brew Works
Boulders & Brews Meetup at Triangle Rock Club - Durham
Trivia Night w/Big Slow Tom at Clouds Brewing Brightleaf Square

Friday, May 26

Tasting at Ten at Counter Culture Coffee
Mallarme Music Concert: Bach Lit at Durham Arts Council PSI Theater

Saturday, May 27

Durham Farmers’ Market at Durham Central Park
South Durham Farmers' Market at Greenwood Commons Shopping Center
parkrun Durham at Southern Boundaries Park
Walk for the Animals at Duke East Campus
Mystic Memorial Day at Mystic Farm and Distillery
Crafternoons at Gizmo Brew Works
Taste of Soul NC (Variety Edition) at Durham Central Park

Sunday, May 28

Al Strong Presents Jazz Brunch at Alley Twenty Six
Public Tour at Duke Chapel
Trivia at Navigator Beverage Co.

Running Art Exhibits

In Ecstasy, I Call Your Name So I Won’t Forget By Kennedi Carter at Pop Box Gallery
Exhibits at 21c Museum Hotel
“Extra-Spectral” at the Durham Art Guild Truist Gallery
Donna Stubbs, Featured Artist at 5 Points Gallery
Chieko Murasugi & Renzo Ortega at Craven Allen Gallery
Spirit in the Land at the Nasher
Andy Warhol: You Look Good in Pictures at the Nasher
Art of Peru at the Nasher
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2023.05.25 13:55 dfr1238 [(FP-POV Gorou)Fanfiction] Dinner Movie Chat

We arrived at the restaurant, which seemed a bit less crowded than at noon. Especially at this time, there weren’t many people dining in the countryside.
I noticed then, that with fewer people around, it was easier to observe the whole restaurant environment.
Entering the main door, the counter was straight ahead. On the left were the seats for singles or pairs, while to the right was the area for four-person tables. Next to the counter was a self-service station where one could fill up on lemon water, miso soup, and even add seaweed. There was also pickled ginger to choose from.
The walls featured white wooden decor, while the pillars were polished in a deep yellow wood. Each four-person table was partitioned by brown straight wooden panels, with the tops of the partitions resembling the appearance of paper doors.
Hanging from the ceiling were white paper lanterns, fitted with warm-toned LED’s, which made the entire room look very cozy. A deep coffee-colored fan was slowly rotating on the ceiling, its presence felt, but not heard. The counter was also traditional wooden, yet a screen beneath displayed today’s recommendations and special offers, while the scanner and cash register on top reminded you of the modern era.
Due to the scarcity of people, we turned right, walking on the red carpeted floor, and found a four-seater by the window. Miss Hoshino and I sat down facing each other. A waiter brought us lemon water and menus.

“Excuse me, waiter, could you please bring us a straw?” I said to the waiter, who nodded and moved off after hearing my request.
Miss Hoshino and I began looking through the menu together.
“See anything you’d like to eat?” I asked her while perusing the menu. “Um… Dr. Amamiya, can I really not have ramen?” She asked, and I looked up at her. Her hands folded in front of her pouted lips, bitten raw, and her brows slightly raised as she peered at me with pleading eyes.
“You’ve injured your lips; if you order it, you can only eat it once it cools down. But it wouldn’t taste as good then, would it? Order something else; there will be another chance.” I advised her while looking at her. “Roger That, Doctor.” she replied in a disappointed tone.

The waiter came over.
“One pork cutlet set meal, please.” I said. “Um, I’d like a bowl of Oyakodon. Thank you.” she replied.
We waited for our meals to arrive.
“Speaking of which…honestly, would you find it strange if someone in their thirties is still a fan of yours?” I slowly asked her.
“Not at all, why?” She giggled and countered. “Desire to love and be loved transcends age; it’s a kind of solace.” she said, smiling at me.
“Is that so?” I asked in confusion. She nodded.

Our food arrived. I placed a straw in her cup. We then began to enjoy our meals. I noticed she was attempting to eat from the side of her mouth because of her injured lip.
The restaurant was calm and relaxing. Gentle Japanese pop music played in the background. Occasionally, the lights of passing cars from the window on the left would shine on us. The ceiling fan slowly rotated overhead.
“Speaking of age, do you know the movie ‘Leon: The Professional’? It’s a film from 1994. It’s quite related to this topic!” She said after taking a bite, looking at me.
“I’m not aware of it. By the way, why does Miss Hoshino know so much about Western movies? Are you a movie buff?” I asked her. “Haha, you could say that. Surprising, isn’t it? Ever since I became an idol, I’ve had more spare money to spend on movie tickets or rent them online!” She replied, laughing.
“But it seems like all old movies.” I said. “Yeah, that’s why I mostly rent movies.” she answered.
I took a bite of my pork cutlet, pondering the movie. “So, what is this movie about?” I asked her. “This film - are you sure you want me to spoil it? You seem to really enjoy it when I do that.” she asked me after taking a bite of her Oyakodon.
“Spoil away. I’ll still watch it. I just want to hear your take on it.” I replied. “Well…if you really enjoy hearing me tell stories, alright then!” She said after taking another bite of her Oyakodon.
She put down her chopsticks, propped her chin on her hands, and stared at me.

“By the way, I watched the extended version.” she says, her eyebrows slightly raised as she looks at me.
She takes a deep breath.

“The protagonist is Leon Montana - a top-notch Italian-American assassin who specializes in eliminating scum in the community. The female lead is Matilda Lando, who’s only twelve. Since Leon is a hitman, he’s always on guard, even sleeping while sitting up. He has no personal life, only enjoys old movies, and his best friend is a potted evergreen plant.” she explains.
“Ah… he likes old movies, huh?” I ask, looking at her. Her eyebrows furrow slightly. “What, do I look like a hitman to you?” she jests, a smile playing on her lips.
We both chuckle. “But honestly, I’ve thought about getting an evergreen plant.” she says, looking down at the table, then back at me.
“Alright, back to the story. The first time they meet, Leon sees the twelve-year-old Matilda secretly smoking outside his apartment, and he promises to keep her secret.” she continues.
“Smoking at twelve, huh…” I muse aloud. “Smoking can be a form of stress relief.” she tells me.
“Sure, but it’s not good, right?” I reply slowly, looking at her. She props her cheek up with her left hand.

“In a life where every day is uncertain, and when there are things happening to you that are far more harmful than smoking, smoking really just serves as comfort.” she says, looking at me. I lower my head slightly, pondering her words.
“Matilda Lando grew up living with her stepmother, stepfather, stepsister, and stepbrother. Everyone except her little four-year-old stepbrother was abusive to her. She had the best relationship with him.” she says.
“One time, her stepfather was double-crossed while holding drugs for a dirty cop. All four family members were killed, including the four-year-old stepbrother, and only Matilda survived.” she continues, sitting up straighter as she looks at me.
…This plot development catches me off guard. I slowly raise my head to look at her.

“Matilda narrowly escaped because she was out shopping. When she came home and saw her stepfather’s body, she couldn’t claim it because one of the dirty cop’s partners was standing at the door. She had to pretend not to recognize him. She walked to Leon’s apartment and knocked on his door. Leon hesitated for a long time, Matilda rang the bell several times, but he finally let her in.” she adds, closing her eyes afterward.

“I really liked that scene. The camera was on Matilda outside Leon’s door. At first, Matilda was calm, pressing the doorbell. But as Leon’s hesitation grew, and the dirty cop behind her started to notice her, her face was near tears, and her voice was on the verge of breaking.” she slowly finishes, opening her eyes.
“But when Leon opened the door off-camera, it was as if a ray of heavenly redemption shone on Matilda’s face, transforming her expression from one of fear and sorrow to gratitude and excitement.” she says slowly, resting her chin on her right hand.
“You… remember the scenes in such detail?” I ask, widening my eyes slightly. “Hey, that’s how I’ve managed to stay in the idol business for so long.” she teases, winking her left eye and sticking out her tongue while making a ‘Ya’ sign with her right hand.

A moment later, she picked up the cup and took a sip of lemonade, her face puckering as the sourness hit. She gently placed the cup back on the table.
“After that, Leon played with the sad Mathilda to cheer her up, only for her to accidentally discover his true identity. One night, Leon pointed a gun at the sleeping Mathilda’s temple, but he couldn’t pull the trigger. They had some conflicts afterward, but in the end, Leon took her in. He began teaching her some assassin skills.” she said, stirring her lemonade with a straw.

“One day, Leon was drinking milk when Mathilda confessed her love to him… causing him to choke on his drink.” she said slowly, laughing toward the end.
“If a teenage girl suddenly confessed to me one day, I guess anyone would choke.” I said, to which she laughed.
“Leon was bewildered by this unexpected love, but he opened his heart. He told Mathilda why he considered the potted plant as his friend: ‘It’s always happy, never asks questions, and just like me—it’s rootless.’” she said.
Rootless, huh?
“One day they went to bed—” she-WHAT?

“What?” I asked, a little surprised. “Come on, let me finish!” she laughed. “Because Leon never slept in a bed. On the night Leon rescued Mathilda, she changed into the dress Leon bought her and confessed her love to him. Leon told her about his sad first love, saying he couldn’t be a good lover. Then, Mathilda fell asleep with her head on Leon 's arm. They only slept.” she explained.
“But the ending was tragic. Mathilda tried to avenge the crooked cop but failed, and he finally found them. Leon died protecting Mathilda. Mathilda planted the evergreen he had given her in the ground, letting him take root. The end.” she finished.
After listening, I felt like Miss Hoshino seemed to enjoy movies with high emotional tension or… a bit of tragedy?
“Miss Hoshino, you seem to like movies with a lot of emotional tension?” I asked her. “I guess so, but most good movies are emotionally intense, don’t you think? Good movies leave a deep impression.” she said slowly, looking at me. I nodded.
“And, there’s a dialogue that left a deep impression on me.” she continued. “Hmm?” I asked.
“‘You’ll grow up with time.’ Leon said. ‘I’m old enough already, Leon . I’m aging.’ Mathilda said. ‘It’s the opposite for me. I’m old enough, but I need time to grow up.’ Leon said.” she quoted.

“Hmm… about the gap between physical age and mental age?” I asked her. She nodded.
“I think it’s quite thought-provoking.” she said.

We continued to enjoy our meal, which had gotten a bit cold as we were absorbed in discussing the movie.

“I understand what the movie is trying to say. But it doesn’t change the fact that my colleagues keep calling me a ‘lolicon’ since they found out I’m a fan of yours.” I said slowly after finishing my edamame.
She seemed to choke a little at the word ‘lolicon’, thumping her chest, and then she burst into laughter. “Hey, I’m serious!” I told her.
“Well, it seems like I’m not mature enough then.” she said after finishing laughing. “Isn’t that normal? You’re only sixteen.” I told her.
Suddenly, I remembered what Naoya had said about breasts and buttocks.

“That guy…” “What’s wrong?” she asked me, bringing me back to reality.
“Nothing, it’s nothing. I just remembered something my junior said before.” I replied. “Oh? What did he say?” she asked me, and I decided to deflect with something else.
“He once used his little sister as an excuse to make me treat him to a meal because he got the limited-edition capsule toy he wanted.” I said with a smile. “What?” she asked, surprised.

“He initially claimed that his sister begged him for it, which was why I agreed to treat him. But later, I found out that the little sister was non-existent.” I told her. “Ah, a non-existent sister.” she raised her eyebrows and smiled.
“But why did you agree to treat him to a meal after he mentioned his sister?” she asked me.

I looked down at the table and thought for a moment.

“At that time, I wanted to say, after all—I wasn’t exactly encouraging him to spend money like that, and to be honest, the reason was kind of baffling. But, I felt that family is about relying on each other, helping each other out. I didn’t think much of it at the time, thinking that if he’s doing it for family, then so be it.” After I finished speaking, I looked at her. I saw her head lowered, nodding slightly, her expression a bit solemn.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t—” She interrupted me. “It’s okay.” she said to me with a smile.

“That’s my own problem—” she began—what?
I cut her off. “No, that’s the problem of the previous generation, it shouldn’t be borne by the next.” I told her, looking at her.
She looked down, pondered for a moment, then looked at me. “Thank you, Dr. Amamiya.” she said to me—no, that’s not it. “I’m not saying this to comfort you, it’s a matter of right and wrong.” I replied. She closed her eyes to think for a moment.

“It feels like… you’ve had some experiences, Dr. Amamiya, care to share?” She asked, looking at me.
I contemplated for a moment before realizing my earlier reaction.


“Ever since I was a child, ever since I was born, my grandfather wouldn’t stop blaming me.” I told her. “Blaming you… for what?” She asked, looking at me.
I wasn’t sure if I should disclose it.
“Something happened at home in the past, that’s why he kept blaming me.” I answered.
She nodded, and we fell into silence.

“Did this lead you to become a doctor?” She asked—what?

How did she—

“Why do you think that?” I asked her. “Things that impact your career, they must be significant, right? I think this matter must have influenced you quite a bit.” she answered.

I nodded, and she quietly nodded in response.
After a moment of silence, we continued to enjoy our meals.


We had cleared our plates off the table and had a refill of our lemon water.

Although Miss Hoshino chose plain water this time, I didn’t expect her to be adverse to sour flavors. After all, she had enjoyed the grilled salmon with lemon juice last time. Perhaps it had accidentally touched a wound?

She took a sip of water, exhaled, and looked at me.

“Doctor, my wound feels much better now! I had no trouble eating just now.” she said with a smile. “It might also be because we were busy talking about the movie, so the food had cooled down a bit when we started eating.” I replied with a smile, looking down in a bashful manner.
“Haha, sorry. I got carried away talking about it.” she said, looking at me with a smile. “No worries, you shouldn’t be eating anything too hot right now. Besides, the movie was quite intriguing.” I responded.
“Really? Which part?” she asked. “Hmm… that dialogue, the one you quoted. And the development between the male and female leads was quite interesting.” I replied.
“That dialogue is thought-provoking, isn’t it?” she said with a smile, then suddenly seemed to remember something.

“Ah! Did you know that the female lead later played Queen Padmé Amidala in Star Wars?” she asked with a grin.
“No, I haven’t watched Star Wa- wait a minute, Miss Hoshino, the range of topics in the movies you watch is quite extensive, isn’t it?” I said to her, puzzled.
“Nope, I haven’t watched Star Wars either. I just found out when I was curious about what other works the actress had been in. Her look as the queen in Star Wars, with the red queen outfit and pale makeup, is stunning!” she said with a light, happy tone.

“And she made her debut at the age of thirteen! Though I debuted a year earlier than her!” she added excitedly. “Like you, debuting at a young age. Have you ever thought about acting or appearing in movies?” I asked her.
“Um… not yet, considering I’m not that famous yet… but if I get the chance, I might give it a try!” she said, beaming at me.

I nodded, taking a sip of my lemon water.
“Dr. Amamiya, you’re a good listener.” she said, looking at me. “Really? I think I asked a lot of questions.” I replied, looking back at her.
“Sometimes, asking questions shows that you’re really listening.” she said, looking at me.
“Is that so?” I asked, and she nodded. “Really?” I asked again, and she nodded emphatically. “Seriously? Do you thi-” she cut me off. “Yes! Right!” she said, knowing I was teasing, and stopped me with a laugh.

I nodded with a smile, but started to wonder, what was going on with her today?
I watched as she took a sip of water, looking out the window to my left, at the scenery beyond.
She was in good spirits when we danced together this afternoon, and she was still lively and laughing now. But wait, that look in her eyes, the one when I asked her about the plot while we were dancing…

I stared at the lemon slice floating in my cup of lemon water.

Then, when I got back to my place and finished the movie on my own… She had blood on her lips and swollen eyes from crying when she stepped out of her house, and her mood then…

I took a sip.

…Did I cause her trouble? Did I do something wrong?
Does the movie “The Graduate” hold some special significance for her?

I look at her as she gazes out at the passing vehicles. I try to find the answer in her eyes.

I’m not sure, I’m confused.
But it feels wrong to ask directly, and equally wrong not to understand at all.

I put down my cup.

…This is such a headache.

A moment later.
“Miss Hoshino, have you noticed any physical changes recently due to your pregnancy? There are certain changes that come with pregnancy, do you have any concerns?” I ask her, then pick up my cup and sip my lemon water.
I watch her as she tilts her head in thought.
“Ah! My breasts have gotten bigger!” she exclaims—I nearly choke on my drink.
“Is there something wrong? Isn’t that normal or…?” she asks me anxiously.
“No, no, that’s very normal. It’s a common occurrence for pregnant women.” I assure her.

“But you just—” she starts, but I cut her off. “No, I almost choked on my drink, that’s all. Nothing to worry about. It’s really very common.” I finish speaking and watch her nod her head. I close my eyes and drink my lemon water.

Frankly, having your favorite idol suddenly announce in front of you that her breasts have grown, that’s not common at all.

But maybe this could lead to what’s actually troubling her?
“Miss Hoshino, pregnancy brings about not only physical changes but psychological ones as well.” I tell her, setting down my lemon water.
“Hmm?” she tilts her head looking at me.

“During pregnancy, the body produces hormones, and there are significant changes in the levels of estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body. These hormones can affect the central nervous system…” I start to explain but notice that she’s still tilting her head… what am I doing?
“Um, forget what I just said… Simply put, emotional fluctuations are more likely during pregnancy… Changes in mood are more frequent.” I tell her. She slowly straightens her head, looking at me.
She must have understood, right?
“You might feel happy, sad, angry, or upset because of certain things. One moment you’re happy, the next you’re crying.” I tell her.
“Or perhaps things that usually don’t bother you might affect your emotions while you’re pregnant. And things that already affect your mood might have an even stronger impact now.” I say, noting her serious expression as she listens to me.

I pause for a moment, blinking.
She also blinks, nodding her head.

…Uh. I massage the bridge of my nose with my left hand, closing my eyes to ponder what I’ve been doing.
“Dr. Amamiya, are you trying to tell me something?” I open my eyes to see her leaning slightly forward, looking at me with a puzzled expression.

I take a deep breath.
“What I’m trying to say is that I’ve made a promise to ensure the safe birth of your child.” I tell her.
“But for the child to be born safely, it’s indispensable that the mother is healthy, both physically and mentally. These emotional fluctuations are completely normal for you at this stage. Please don’t blame yourself or feel guilty for indirectly harming the child because of these fluctuations.” I say, looking at her. her mouth slightly agape.
“If you have any concerns, not only about pregnancy… if you need someone to talk to, I can refer you to a counseling psychologist I know. Or you can come to me if you prefer.” I tell her.

…I hope I didn’t mess up?

Her expression turned into a smile. “I will, thank you, Dr. Amamiya. You are really considerate.” she said with a laugh.
I was still baffled.
Good heavens.
I continued massaging the bridge of my nose with my left hand.
“Dr. Amamiya… I know that the story about biting a cookie is terrible, I suppose I couldn’t fool you.” I slowly looked up at her, seeing her close her eyes, sticking out her tongue, laughing.
“Miss Hoshino, I…” She interrupted me. “But.” she said.

“Twenty weeks is a long time, maybe I will be ready to tell the doctor later.” she slowly said.

She looked at me.
“Thank you very much, Dr. Amamiya.” she said with a smile.
I looked at her face, the lights from the cars passing by the window on the left, even when hitting her face, her gaze was still clear.
Though I couldn’t guide her to release her concerns, I thought that at least it was a first step.

Now that I think about it, we’ve only known each other for just under a week, I smiled at her, pondering.

I think I need to remember the phrase, “I’m old enough, but I need time to grow up.”
“Hmm, that line make you think of something?” she asked - oh, it slipped out unintentionally.

I chuckled. “Yes, honestly, even though I’ve had many patients, handled various situations, I always feel there’s still so much to learn.” I said with a smile.

“Do you think I’ve grown up enough?” She asked, looking at me.

I looked at her.

Thinking about her experience, I realize that I am now her gynecologist at the age of sixteen. Her delicate inner world doesn’t seem like that of a typical sixteen-year-old. And she has to give her fans a deceptive “special love” while performing on stage as an idol.

“Like I said before, you’re only sixteen.” I said with a smile. She giggled.

I looked at the table.

But I’d rather you not grow up so fast, I thought to myself.
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2023.05.24 09:09 Sognolavico Sogno Lavico: Discover the Enchanting Taste of Etna Wine

Introduction: Etna wine, with its unique character and captivating flavors, has gained a reputation for excellence in the wine world. Among the notable producers, Sogno Lavico stands out as a true gem. In this blog, we invite you to explore the enchanting taste of Sogno Lavico’s Etna wine, as we delve into its origins, flavors, and the experience it offers to wine enthusiasts.

Processing img yhjfb9ohbq1b1...
  1. The Volcanic Terroir: Etna wine owes its distinctive character to the volcanic terroir of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy. The volcanic soils, elevation, and climatic conditions impart a remarkable complexity to the grapes, resulting in wines with a unique sense of place. Sogno Lavico takes full advantage of this terroir, carefully crafting wines that showcase the volcanic essence.
  2. Elegance and Complexity: Sogno Lavico’s Etna wines capture the essence of the region with elegance and complexity. The vineyards, meticulously tended by skilled hands, yield grapes of exceptional quality. The winemaking process, combining traditional methods with modern techniques, results in wines that exhibit layers of flavors, ranging from red fruits and spices to mineral notes, all harmoniously balanced.
  3. The Enchanting Taste: Every sip of Sogno Lavico’s Etna wine is a sensory journey. The wines reflect the volcanic heritage and the unique terroir, offering a captivating combination of aromas and flavors. Whether you’re indulging in their signature red wines or exploring the nuances of their white and rosé selections, Sogno Lavico’s Etna wines deliver a memorable and enchanting tasting experience.
  4. Pairing Possibilities: Etna wines from Sogno Lavico present endless possibilities for food pairing. The red wines complement rich dishes like grilled meats, hearty stews, and aged cheeses. The white and rosé wines, with their vibrant acidity and freshness, pair beautifully with seafood, light salads, and fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Let your taste buds guide you as you explore the perfect pairing combinations.
  5. Embrace the Experience: Sogno Lavico invites you to embrace the experience of Etna wine. Each bottle is a testament to the passion and dedication of the winemakers, reflecting the unique identity of the region. Whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or an enthusiastic newcomer, Sogno Lavico’s Etna wines offer a captivating journey into the world of Italian winemaking.
Conclusion: Sogno Lavico’s Etna wines are a true delight for wine lovers seeking something extraordinary. With their deep connection to the volcanic terroir, elegant complexity, and enchanting taste, these wines are an invitation to explore the captivating world of Etna wine. Immerse yourself in the enchanting flavors of Sogno Lavico’s Etna wines and discover the essence of this remarkable wine-growing region.
Note: Wine consumption should be done responsibly and in moderation.

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2023.05.23 23:01 khoafraelich789 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Review: Exceptionally sporty, but compromised

2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Review: Exceptionally sporty, but compromised
The Stelvio might be the driver's choice in the segment, but it falls short elsewhere
Pros: Excellent steering and handling; two sporty engines available; stands out from crowd
Cons: Mediocre interior; lackluster tech; small for its segment
The 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio feels exotic for the compact crossover segment, with its Italian pedigree, sharp styling and sporty performance. It checks the boxes of a luxury daily driver, while still offering sharp driving dynamics that might mean its owner doesn’t miss the sports car that doesn’t fit their lifestyle anymore. And, you can’t dismiss that this thing is different than the rest of the pack. An Italian car with its signature “Scudetto” grille sure stands out in a parking lot full of more common family vehicles with more conformist design — especially if you pick one of the bolder, brighter paint colors from Alfa’s palette.

The biggest sticking point with the Stelvio is that its interior doesn’t quite live up to the rest of the vehicle’s grandeur. It’s not particularly roomy, and middling material quality and a lack of general artistry dull the illusion of exoticism in the otherwise glamorous and sporty Stelvio (though if you like carbon fiber, the Quadrifoglio’s got you — and practically every surface — covered). The tech, while serviceable, is less spectacular than what you’ll find in the competition (though considering how overwhelming some infotainment systems can feel today, that might not be the worst thing ever).

The Stelvio is due for an update for 2024, so we’ll see this generation stick around for a few more years before Alfa starts rolling out a raft of electric models. Still, if you’re on the fence about whether to buy one now or wait until next year, we don’t any expect major changes to come, especially not in terms of performance. And while we think some of its competitors offer more in the way of luxury and utility, the Stelvio is still a great choice for a customer who actually cares about driving dynamics and standing out from the crowd.

What's new for 2023?
The Stelvio gets an Estrema trim that borrows features like adaptive suspension and limited-slip differential from the line-topping Quadrifoglio, without taking the step up in engine performance and the much higher price tag that comes with it. There will also be a limited-edition Lusso trim that builds upon the Ti with “Crema” Cannelloni-design leather upholstery, leather dash and door trim, and a 14-speaker Harman Kardon audio system.

What are the Stelvio interior and in-car technology like?
The Stelvio's interior doesn't possess the same luxurious look and feel you'll find in an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or Volvo. From the somewhat pedestrian design to the ho-hum materials, it seems unlikely that you'll be buying a Stelvio for its interior ambiance. That said, it’s now less likely to put you off. The switchgear no longer looks or feels toylike, the quality of leather is still top notch, and the steering wheel alone is enough to make you forget about a few cheap bits elsewhere. It's perfectly contoured for your hands, the attached start button is very cool, and you have to give Alfa credit for including massive, Ferrari-style paddle shifters crafted from metal.

The infotainment is also no longer a deal-breaker, as it was before its 2020 update. Its standard widescreen is perhaps a little low and doesn't quite offer the versatility of Porsche's similarly configurable system, but we like that Alfa provides the redundant control option of a touchscreen and a rotary control knob. There's nothing like BMW's Gesture Control or natural speech recognition, but even if you get those to work (which is iffy), they're arguably parlor tricks anyway. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard along with satellite radio.

How big is the Stelvio?
Outside, the Stelvio is pretty much the same size as its primary competitors from Germany: the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Porsche Macan and Mercedes-Benz GLC. The interior is a similar story apart from two of the most important factors: backseat legroom and cargo capacity. According to Alfa's specs, the Stelvio has 31.9 inches of rear legroom, which is a massive 5-6 inches less than those above competitors. It's hardly a limo back there, but it's certainly not that much different than those competitors in practical terms, and we suspect this could be a matter of differing measuring techniques.

The same could be said of the cargo area, which as we discovered in our Stelvio luggage test, is capable of carrying far more luggage than its paltry official measurement would indicate (so much so, the number's not even worth mentioning). We found it could hold five suitcases of various sizes, which is pretty good for an SUV of this size. The maximum cargo volume of 56.5 cubic-feet does seem realistic. It's not as much as you'll find in a BMW X3 or Volvo XC60, but it matches the GLC and betters the Q5 and Macan.

What are the Stelvio fuel economy and performance specs?
The Stelvio comes standard with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, as virtually all of its competitors do. However, it produces 280 hp and 306 pound-feet of torque, which basically crushes them all, and consequently results in a 0-60-mph sprint of 5.4 seconds – ditto. An eight-speed automatic is standard, as is all-wheel drive on all except the base Sprint trim, which comes with rear-wheel drive (AWD is optional). Fuel economy stands at 22 miles city, 29 mpg highway and 25 mpg with RWD and 22/28/24 mpg with AWD. This is comparable to most competitors.

The 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 derived from a modular Ferrari engine family that produces 505 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. It's standard with an eight-speed auto and AWD. It's been clocked doing 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, which is absolutely bonkers for an SUV – or anything, really. It has far more power and is far quicker than a Porsche Macan Turbo, for instance, which costs more. The Stelvio Quadrifoglio's fuel economy is 17/23/19 mpg, which isn't too bad given its level of performance.

What's the Stelvio like to drive?
The Stelvio will immediately feel a little different behind the wheel than its competitors due to steering that is shockingly quick, yet precise and easily operated at low parking-lot speeds. Beyond that, the standard Stelvio impresses with its abundant power, nicely damped ride quality and above-average road-holding. However, it's not quite as zesty or characterful as you might expect. It generally feels more like a regular luxury SUV than in comparison to its Alfa Romeo Giulia sibling, which stands out stronger in comparison to its own sport sedan competition. Sharper response, perhaps a bit closer to the Quadrifoglio's, or a more interesting engine/exhaust note might do the trick.

There's no shortage of zest in the Quadrifoglio, however, which is as sizzling and wild as you might have heard. Like the exceptional steering, all its other controls need a similarly deliberate and precise touch. The brakes have a right-now biting action, the throttle doesn't tolerate stabby inputs, and the pedals are located as close together as they would be in a sports car (driving in work boots is not recommended). The Quadrifoglio also exhibits sports-car-like behavior at low speeds, with more off-throttle slowing than you're probably used to in a car with a regular automatic transmission. As such, it can be a little uncouth when in traffic, feeling like a caffeinated puppy desperately trying to break out and run around the house.

Road holding is exceptional, and whoever thought of including a Soft Suspension button for the car's "dynamic" mode was a genius (a feature also available on Sport trims). It allows you to quickly soften the springs when driving on bumpy pavement that can upset the car's chassis or your spine. Ride quality is actually quite good given this hyper-performance SUV's sporting bent.

What other Alfa Romeo Stelvio reviews can I read?
2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Road Test: The driver’s choice becomes less compromised
Our first drive after the Stelvio’s facelift, which helped make up for some, but not all, of its shortcomings.

What is the 2023 Stelvio price?
The base Stelvio — the Sprint trim with RWD — starts at $48,170 including destination, while AWD ads $2,000. All other trims come with AWD as standard. The bare-bones Sprint on up to the Estrema, with its luxury content and ride and handling upgrades, use the 2.0-liter engine. The line-topping Quadrifoglio includes the 2.9-liter engine, a number of dynamic upgrades and carbon fiber interior, but things like the advanced driver assistance features and dual-panne sunroof are still optional, even at this level. We think the Stelvio Ti is a nice sweet spot in terms of style, convenience and value, but the addition of the Estrema with its adaptive suspension and rear limited slip differential make it an attractive choice of driver’s companion without taking the leap up to the Quadrifoglio.

The 2023 Stelvio price breakdown by trim (including $1,595 in destination fees) follows, and you can find a full breakdown of specs, features and local pricing for each trim level here at Autoblog.

Sprint RWD: $48,170
Sprint AWD: $50,170
Ti: $53,780
Veloce: $55,580
Estrema: $61,420
Quadrifoglio: $89,770
What are the Stelvio safety ratings and driver assistance features?
Standard driver assistance features include stop-and-go adaptive cruise control forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, and front and rear parking sensors. Also available are lane-keeping steering assist, traffic sign recognition, active blind-spot assist and driver inattention detection.

The Stelvio has not yet been crash tested by a third party.

Source: Autoblog
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2023.05.21 23:11 Meelawn0 My personal restaurant reference list

  Bin 4 7/10 Go after 9
Grizzly Bear Grill 10/10 gold standard Burger
Okanagan Street Food 10/10 different but equal
J's Cafe 8/10 unique taste
Burger Boss 6/10 burger 8/10 pulled pork 10/10 fries
Triple O's 7/10
Everything Else
  Bamboo Chopsticks 10/10 4 colour + spring rolls
Yamas 7/10 Lamb is great
Chicko Chicken 6/10 fried chicken mmmmm
Mary Browns 6/10 ^
KFC 6/10 on a good day, 4/10 otherwise
Okanagan Street Food 8/10 FRIEEEES
Yuzu Bowl and Bistro 9/10 Best pork belly
DunnEnzies 10/10 Second Best pizza
Yama Kitchen 4/10 mid sushi
Momo Sushi 6/10 good sushi
Bai Thong 7/10 curry is great
Earl's 7/10, 9/10 ribs
Memphis Blues 7/10 mmmm BBQ
Boxcar 6/10 not my thing, good fries
Pho Soc Trang 6/10 worse Bamboo Chopsticks
Smoke's Poutinerie 5/10 I don't like poutine
Oeb 3/10 mid + overpriced = avoid
Wasabi Izakaya 6/10 good ramen
Misato's Kitchen 4/10 mid
Dosa crepe cafe 6/10 mmmm crèpe
El Taquero 3/10 Bland expensive. Go to YLW
KaiSai 8/10 Best steak under $80
YLW Tacos 9/10 value + delish + meat
Dozo 7/10 Best katsu don
Bon Ga 5/10 meeeeeh
Triple O 7/10 Double double + hashbrown
Tokyo 1 8/10 expensive but best raw fish
Browns, milestone, joey, etc... 6/10 mains are disappointing always, appies can be good
Surfside Food Truck 9/10
KBC 5/10, 10/10 On Wednesday (WINGS)
Ume 5/10 mid
Okanagan Street Food 8/10, 10/10 on Wed/Thurs (burger is divine)
Aomi Sushi 6/10
Kaya Sushi 8/10 good Yaki Udon
Meltwich 4/10
Earl of Sandwich 6/10
Tamm 7/10 really good Mexican
Zen Sushi 6/10 good sushi
Little Tokyo 8/10 Best Ramen in the valley
Sunny's a modern diner 10/10 omg chicken
JackKnife Brewing 9/10 would be 10 if I could buy by the slice, best pizza
Empire crepe 7/10 good crepes but more expensive than others
  L'solla Bella 8/10 great Italian
Bun Ta Pho 7/10
  Midtown Bistro 9/10 try the chicken carbonara
Mi Taqueria 8/10 quesodilla is insane
Shabbang 8/10 really good
Rosalinda's 8/10 second Best breakfast restaurant
  Klasske's bistro 10/10 Best donair I've eaten, would almost drive to kamy for it
Jacob's noodle and Cutlet 9/10 Fantastic yakisoba, so damn good
Tequila Vallarta 7/10 good Mexican food
To Try
  La bussola
Curious Cafe
Pick Thai
Central Kitchen and Bar
Antico Pizza Napolitana
House of Caribbean
I'm really curious what people think of this, let me know if there's something really good I missed or you think I've underrated some place. Cheers!
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2023.05.21 23:04 Meelawn0 My personal restaurant reference

  Bin 4 7/10 Go after 9
Grizzly Bear Grill 10/10 gold standard Burger
Okanagan Street Food 10/10 different but equal
J's Cafe 8/10 unique taste
Burger Boss 6/10 burger 8/10 pulled pork 10/10 fries
Triple O's 7/10
Everything Else
  Bamboo Chopsticks 10/10 4 colour + spring rolls
Yamas 7/10 Lamb is great
Chicko Chicken 6/10 fried chicken mmmmm
Mary Browns 6/10 ^
KFC 6/10 on a good day, 4/10 otherwise
Okanagan Street Food 8/10 FRIEEEES
Yuzu Bowl and Bistro 9/10 Best pork belly
DunnEnzies 10/10 Second Best pizza
Yama Kitchen 4/10 mid sushi
Momo Sushi 6/10 good sushi
Bai Thong 7/10 curry is great
Earl's 7/10, 9/10 ribs
Memphis Blues 7/10 mmmm BBQ
Boxcar 6/10 not my thing, good fries
Pho Soc Trang 6/10 worse Bamboo Chopsticks
Smoke's Poutinerie 5/10 I don't like poutine
Oeb 3/10 mid + overpriced = avoid
Wasabi Izakaya 6/10 good ramen
Misato's Kitchen 4/10 mid
Dosa crepe cafe 6/10 mmmm crèpe
El Taquero 3/10 Bland expensive. Go to YLW
KaiSai 8/10 Best steak under $80
YLW Tacos 9/10 value + delish + meat
Dozo 7/10 Best katsu don
Bon Ga 5/10 meeeeeh
Triple O 7/10 Double double + hashbrown
Tokyo 1 8/10 expensive but best raw fish
Browns, milestone, joey, etc... 6/10 mains are disappointing always, appies can be good
Surfside Food Truck 9/10
KBC 5/10, 10/10 On Wednesday (WINGS)
Ume 5/10 mid
Okanagan Street Food 8/10, 10/10 on Wed/Thurs (burger is divine)
Aomi Sushi 6/10
Kaya Sushi 8/10 good Yaki Udon
Meltwich 4/10
Earl of Sandwich 6/10
Tamm 7/10 really good Mexican
Zen Sushi 6/10 good sushi
Little Tokyo 8/10 Best Ramen in the valley
Sunny's a modern diner 10/10 omg chicken
JackKnife Brewing 9/10 would be 10 if I could buy by the slice, best pizza
Empire crepe 7/10 good crepes but more expensive than others
  L'solla Bella 8/10 great Italian
Bun Ta Pho 7/10
  Midtown Bistro 9/10 try the chicken carbonara
Mi Taqueria 8/10 quesodilla is insane
Shabbang 8/10 really good
Rosalinda's 8/10 second Best breakfast restaurant
  Klasske's bistro 10/10 Best donair I've eaten, would almost drive to kamy for it
Jacob's noodle and Cutlet 9/10 Fantastic yakisoba, so damn good
Tequila Vallarta 7/10 good Mexican food
To Try
  La bussola
Curious Cafe
Pick Thai
Central Kitchen and Bar
Antico Pizza Napolitana
House of Caribbean
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