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2023.05.28 08:09 Independent_Pause_32 25 [M4F/T] accompany me on my new journey?

Hey there stranger,
Ill be doing a hugh step in my life and will move to a new city completely alone without knowing somebody due to a job.
I would love to go through this journey with someone and share our days, struggels or anything really with each other.
Im 25 from germany, quite a nerd that is into fantasy, dnd, gaming in general, but i am also a cook and baker by heart, my last roomate thought i was gay at first... I admit I can hit those high notes in take on me and my stayin alive is on point. Sometimes i even want to sing the barbie while you should do the ken voice.
I love studio ghibli movies and they are a big reason for my artistic journey and even the cause of me learning to animate in blender.
I want the kind of love where we are best friends and the first person to talk each other when something is wrong, the kind of relstionship where we even think of each other while having a good time apart, all the small acts of love during the day and so on.
We will have a big dog called muffin or cupcake, there is no debating in that, but i am open to more pets or even kids when we're ready to settle.
I can not move the next 4 years so it will either be a long distance relationship (where i would still love to see each other at least monthly, depending on the distance) or youre willing to move somewhere close to munich.
Thank you for reading this and ill be happy to talk more in dms :)
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2023.05.28 08:03 Crafty_Monitor_8083 looking for design work

hey! im an artist ((18F)) who loves doodling and coming up with random designs, and i want to get into tattoo design work! i need to come up with some extra money so that i may afford a place to stay, so i would love it if anyone would be willing to pay me for some designs if you had any ideas i could help with, or of you would like to be surprised with something i come up with myself, it all depends on your kind of style
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2023.05.28 07:58 OpeningTheoryBot [Random] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 f5 4. Nc3 fxe4 5. Nxe4 d5 6. Nxe5 dxe4 (Ruy Lopez, Schliemann Defence)

Opening line: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 f5 4. Nc3 fxe4 5. Nxe4 d5 6. Nxe5 dxe4
Opening name: Ruy Lopez, Schliemann Defence
Board image:
Lichess board:
Wikibooks page:
Winning percenatages:
White: 225 (40.61%)
Black: 92 (16.61%)
Draws: 237 (42.78%)
Ruy Lopez, Schliemann Defence
White ties the minor piece count at 3 with 7. Nxc6. It's a free knight because if Black recaptures with the b-pawn, Bxc6+ followed by Qh5+ gives Black big problems.
Wikipedia has related information at Ruy_Lopez#Schliemann_Defence:_3...f5
Most popular responses
  • 7. Nxc6 (Ruy Lopez, Schliemann Defence) Black's queen is attacked, and capturing the attacker with 7...bxc6 will end in tears after 8.Bxc6+ Bd7 9.Qh5+! So we have to move the queen. Moving the queen to the fourth rank seems like a good idea, to try and neutralise the discovered check by hitting the b5-bishop, and at the same time cut out any of White's Qh5+ ideas. (Lichess analysis) (Wikibooks) (29683 games)
Engine Evaluation
Depth: 38
Score: +0.95
Best Move: Nxc6
PV Line: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 f5 4. Nc3 fxe4 5. Nxe4 d5 6. Nxe5 dxe4 7. Nxc6 Qg5 8. Qe2 Nf6 9. Nxa7+ Bd7 10. Bxd7+ Nxd7 11. f4 Qc5
Puzzles based around Ruy Lopez
Historical games for Ruy Lopez, Schliemann Defence
Game Result Year
Karjakin, Sergey (2788) vs Radjabov, Teimour (2744) 1/2-1/2 2011
Carlsen, Magnus (2813) vs Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter (2672) 1/2-1/2 2010
Karjakin, Sergey (2776) vs Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter (2659) 1-0 2011
Kamsky, Gata (2735) vs Piket, Jeroen (2625) 1-0 1995
Svidler, Peter (2726) vs Degraeve, Jean Marc (2558) 1-0 2009
Timman, Jan H (2635) vs Piket, Jeroen (2640) 1-0 1995
Timman, Jan H (2635) vs Speelman, Jonathan S (2615) 0-1 1989
Rozentalis, Eduardas (2577) vs Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter (2661) 1/2-1/2 2012
Karpov, Anatoly (2705) vs Parma, Bruno (2510) 1/2-1/2 1975
Vachier Lagrave, Maxime (2681) vs Degraeve, Jean Marc (2523) 1-0 2008
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2023.05.28 07:58 OpeningTheoryBot [Weekly: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 (Indian Defence)] 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5 (Budapest Gambit)

This is part of this week's series on Indian Defence (1. d4 Nf6 2. c4)
Opening line: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5
Opening name: Indian Defense Budapest Defense
Board image:
Lichess board:
Wikibooks page:
Winning percenatages:
White: 1424 (44.05%)
Black: 662 (20.48%)
Draws: 1147 (35.48%)
Budapest Gambit
The move 2...e5 introduces the Budapest Gambit and is an energetic gambit. At first glance it seems to lose a pawn, however the pawn if taken is normally returned so that White avoids tactical issues. The resulting positions can lead to White having a slender advantage of having the bishop pair.
No known responses found
Engine Evaluation
Depth: 48
Score: +0.74
Best Move: dxe5
PV Line: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5 3. dxe5 Ng4 4. e4 Nxe5 5. f4 Nec6 6. Nc3 Bc5 7. Na4 Bb4+
Puzzles based around Indian Defense Budapest Defense
Historical games for Indian Defense Budapest Defense
Game Result Year
Giri, A. (2782) vs Mamedyarov, S. (2801) 1-0 2018
Aronian, Levon (2809) vs Ivanchuk, Vassily (2757) 1-0 2013
Kramnik, Vladimir (2799) vs Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2760) 0-1 2008
Ivanchuk, Vassily (2781) vs Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2742) 1/2-1/2 2008
Le, Quang Liem (2709) vs Mamedyarov, S. (2767) 1-0 2022
Gelfand, B. (2777) vs Rapport, R. (2691) 0-1 2014
Ponomariov, Ruslan (2739) vs Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2719) 1/2-1/2 2009
Eljanov, Pavel (2716) vs Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2742) 0-1 2008
Van Wely, Loek (2681) vs Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2760) 1/2-1/2 2008
Wojtaszek, R. (2727) vs Ivanchuk, V. (2710) 1-0 2016
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2023.05.28 07:55 pinksora1719 34[F4M] from PHP/anywhere preferably usa or EST time - looking for a friendly genuine connection with someone

Well I am trying my luck here probably looking for a genuine connection with someone who can relate to my hobbies and interests. My name is Chris, from the philippines. I'm a smart, ambivert girl who likes anime, gaming , food and arts.
I have been gaming a lot on my switch to entertain myself so I am kinda looking into meeting possible playmates
I do also some mmorpg games on my spare time but mostly i do rpg games on my laptop like old playstation games since i missed them a lot. I also just started gaming in pc mostly just mmorpg like Lost Ark or Mir4. I am no good at FPS games cause they trigger my vertigo and it usually makes me sick after gaming for 30 mins. At times catch up on my JRPGS while being idle at work currently finishing Tales of Vesperia.
I also know mobile legends, LOL and other games like genshin ( though i stopped early).
Looking for friends who can play with or someone to bond with to maybe lesser the time i overthink. Feel burned about life as I have been doing intensive parental caregiving the past months.
I am also an anime fan and a former cosplayer and a roleplayer. Also I am into movies a lot and watch almost everything on netflix. Maybe we can movie marathon or what or watch anime ( I am a 90's kid who really watched a lot of animes). I love horror movies but I am a coward so if I movie with you expect shrills and screaming from me .
I am also into fan fiction writing in archive of our own which i have a few works with thousands of reads. Maybe we can discuss about relevant topics about writing or so I don't know but i am no expert.
I just really hope to speak to someone of different culture or learn about their lives or talk to someone casually. I feel so overwhelmed by worldly probs and I do want a friend that keeps me sane and in check while i face everyday to live and breathe one more day.
Right now i am not looking for any relationship as I want to build myself up and be okay again. Well normally people think I got my shit together at my age now but right now i'm burned out. I have quit several of my hobbies due to my past relationships. Currently bombarded on caregiving. Even though I have struggles I do just want a good company and I don't need of saving on my problems. The savior complex of some does stress me and i dont like being dictated on what i should do and what.
Being cooped up at home tremendously gets mundane and I am hoping to meet people to share interest in or at least exchange relevant topics about life.
Also I draw digitally and try to do fan arts for Bts the korean group since I am a fan of it.
I am into photography, doll photography and food photography and love to dress up and make up. Also I am into culinary and love cooking. I binged a lot on baking shows and cooking competition shows like top chef or master chef. I love taking food pics of what I cook so pls feel free we can be chef mates and share recipes and such and also i am into baking I love to eat and taste different cuisines so a food buddy is preferred.
Anyways a friend who is into my interest I would love to speak and bond with.
People say I am a good listener maybe i can help too and give advices though I am not in the proper mental state to help with people under going immense stuff but I'll do my best to listen and advice as much as I can. They say I have great empathy and mindfulness of others and I am quite apologetic when I reply late.
I am normally awake in EST time american since my work is based in New Jersey. Americans or people in western countries works better for me since I sleep opposite of asians.
I am just a cute filipina who is a closet otaku looking for friends. i have a good sense humor and talk ample a lot and just chat literally almost about everything. But please do make efforts to converse and not let me do the talking it's really hard sometimes if communication is forced. If I offended you and you don't wanna be friends anymore that's fine just tell and I'll back off rather than being ignored intentionally. No drama promise .
Please do not come into my dms with the intent to sexualize me ...i have enough trauma from a sexual assault years pls if you have ill intentions.. do not dm me. I am not applying for any girlfriend position or be your future waifu. So please do not ask me sexual questions or any sexual preferences. At any point I am sexualized without consent I would block immediately. Again i am not looking for boyfriends or spouse for now nor I am looking for hook ups so stay away from me.
If you wanna see how i look check I can send pics. I am not a catfish yes I look 20's and i don't know why. Dont bother asking my snap i wont migrate there for you to validate my identity. I am not hooking up.
I am 5'3 1/2 yes I am small, my body type i am more on a curvy side for now and I am working out and dieting. I gained weight due to depression and anxiety from my sick ex . I am tan as you expect from filipinas and short hair, doe eyes and cute.
To be honest im scared partially with my post but either way. I just wanna feel a bit myself and meet pepple and I do want genuine friendly connection with someone. If you also do not like the fact I am living in asia and makes a big fuss i live far away...sorry I am not the girl for you.
So if you have reached this point I have a pending question
What is your favorite anime/game/ movie ? and why?. Send that to me when you mssg me here and I will entertain your pm. If someone doesnt follow this sorry i wont entertain. Since I believe good reading and following directions means a good intent towards someone.
This is a test someone reads my post and with the intent you really wanted to get to know me. Yeah I might sound demanding a bit but i really get a lot of mssgs and some are just after sex and such and really I am not for that at this point. Thank you for reading.
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2023.05.28 07:54 a_literal_leaf One of my few attempts at practicing clothing/folds, I'd like to hear some feedback/criticism!

One of my few attempts at practicing clothing/folds, I'd like to hear some feedback/criticism!
Yeah, not my best and admittedly kinda rushed, but hey, like I said earlier it's practice. Many continue to practice further with other references.
As of now, drawing clothing seems to be frustrating me for a bit since, well, there kinda intracite, for lack of a better term (like, gravity and stuff).
Any, like to hear back with feedback!
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2023.05.28 07:52 dino_chen EXO-L Casual Convo Weekly Digest - May 27, 2023

Hello Eris!
This thread is the spot on the subreddit where you can discuss anything you like! Chat about what's happening in your life or what you're loving in the world of KPOP & EXO lately. The sky is the limit! We welcome discussion on former members Luhan & Tao and ask to keep it within this thread.
If you are new, please take the time to introduce yourself below or in our Monthly Intro Thread.

Helpful Links:

If you're interested in joining our mod team, please apply here!
If you're interested in becoming a video masterlist editor, please send us a message!

EXO Weekly Digest

We celebrated Suho's birthday this week!

EXO-L, Let's Love!

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2023.05.28 07:48 carlos3rcr 25M scientist that likes trashy reality tv, running, and imessage games. let’s call? [chat] [activities]

here’s what I look like
I’m in chicago, in the middle of my phd, using the sacred few hours of sleep I got to scroll reddit while binging on the trashiest reality TV and early 00s MTV music videos… I’m known for taking wise choices :P
a few sentences about myself
I’m a very proud mexican doing his phd in theoretical biophysics in the US (somewhere in the midwest). sometimes I like to think I’m super smart… then I remember how much trashy reality tv trivia I know. tbh, since moving here I’ve been aching to meet people that aren’t related to my professional or academic sphere, and rarely got the time to do much outside the lab, so, here I am, it seems meeting people online could be good bet :O
some random trivia
here are two truths and a lie
If you're interested in talking, send me a line about yourself!
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2023.05.28 07:48 BluishHearts 42 [M4F] #LosAngeles : Loving Romance & Mind-Body Bliss For a Good Girl, a Faithful Young Lady With Natural Beauty

Looking for my misses to devote my kisses, and some of the best parts of my mind and body, with caring, sharing, giving mutual deep loving mind-body bliss. Early on with chatting, we should verify if there is attraction to pursue IRL romantic, sensual fun, learn what we love to keep sexy chemistry flowing. Casual stuff is not fun enough, plus it's risky and leaves one feeling empty. I also feel it's disrespectful, like saying someone is not worthy of more than temporary lust. If someone is special to you, it's not a big ask to be patient and faithful, whether dating for shorter or longer term. I'm confident to prove how being faithful is best by giving endless hours of fun. My passions to persuade and pleasure my lady to feel this bliss relates to my attraction to her mind, body, looks, personality while learning her preferences and helping her to enjoy herself.
I'm mostly mellow, chill, but can be wildly affectionate in ways with my lady, indoors and out, and appreciate nature, culture, arts and architecture around Los Angeles and SoCal. I love to share pleasurable and mentally stimulating, creative experiences, making out, to making love for hours, deeply satisfying your mind and body. I can take charge, teaching, being patient, but I can also switch roles, learning, letting you be in control. I like regular exercise, and partner stretching, massages with workouts. I mainly like naturally straight to wavy-curly hair types, of any color. I go for a petite but curvy body, up to a healthy, fuller figure, pinup model type and other features I can explain. I like natural facial beauty, not into cake-face, highly filtered Insta, lip injected LA looks, or with elective surgery, enhanced or fake body parts. I'm not anti-makeup, winged eyeliner can look hot. I'm white, attractive, in nice shape, grey blue eyes, wavy brownish hair, never married, no children, kind of edgy artist skater musician looks that cleans up well.
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2023.05.28 07:48 Adventurous_Chart_45 Never thought I’d be here with his partner

I’ve been with my husband for three years. In those three years I finally felt like I could trust someone for the first time in my life. We have been going through a difficult patch because we were staying with family for a couple months and we just had a baby. My husband is an artist and will occasionally draw other women. We always had an agreement it will be models he does not personally know. He reached out to another woman and was being extremely flirty (in his way. I know exactly how he flirts, I’m his wife) He didn’t do anything overtly wrong, but he was definitely towing the line and their use of six hundred heart emojis and “you’re the best, no you’re the best” made me fucking sick. She sent him pictures that were supposed to be of her face (the messages state this) but ended up being suggestive images of her in lingerie. My husband did not discontinue the conversation at this point, which is where I feel like he really betrayed me. He deleted the email, but saved the photos to his tablet where I found them. My whole worldview is shattered and I feel like my marriage has been a lie. I know the incident could’ve been so much worse, but like I know this is how affairs end up happening. I confronted him and he admitted he was wrong and that the whole thing was completely inappropriate and wrong but I can’t even look at Jim anymore. I don’t know how to act or even exist with him right now. He blocked her on everything on both his personal And professional accounts, but I feel like I am living my worst nightmare.
I also feel so self conscious because my thyroid went haywire this pregnancy and I’ve been Struggling with out of control weight gain and this woman was perfectly fit and toned. I feel like a waste of space looking in the mirror now
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2023.05.28 07:43 UnlikelyEngineer7133 [Waybound] Lindon’s natural talent.

I just thought of something. When people talk about who the most talented Sacred Artists are, they pick Mercy, Yerin and even Ziel over Lindon.
The assumption is that because Lindon was born Unsouled, he’s not as naturally gifted as the others. I’ve always disagreed and finally have the perfect argument to support my stance.
This made me think of a real life example of Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest football player ever, but most people don’t know that he was born with a growth disorder and had to be injected with growth hormones from the age of 12.
FC Barcelona paid for these treatments, as his family was struggling to afford to pay. The rest as they say is history. He has the most Ballon d'Ors in history and no one has ever doubted his talent.
Drawing parallels between the two, Messi’s growth disorder is Lindon’s weak soul and Eithan is Barcelona.
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2023.05.28 07:40 No_Owl_7380 Beach Area Holiday Weekend

I’ve been doing Shipt for a few months now and am 250 orders in. I live year round in a beach town in a coastal area that is known for being a big draw for out of towners.
I was not prepared for how busy it was last night and today. The orders were wild. Some of Shipt’s offers were also crazy bundling orders with one on the mainland and one on a barrier island both to be delivered in an hour. Sometimes those barrier island crossings can take 30 minutes from one end to the other because of traffic.
Also there’s a fairly large barrier island that does have a Target nearby but not in Shipt’s delivery area. Somehow there were orders being placed from my local Target going there which is 30 miles each way, a crossing, and $2 toll each way and offering $12. Those orders sat there for hours.
I did pretty good last night as orders were averaging $15 for a single and $20 for a bundle. People were in a tipping mood too! I got $50 cash from one lady and most everyone tipped 15%. The best order I delivered was a Weber kettle grill, bags of charcoal, grill tools, and a chimney starter. I got to the house which had a large staircase and a rooftop deck with a bunch of guys hanging out. I shout up “Anyone order a grill?” and they came running down and unloaded the car for me, said I was the hero since the gas grill broke, and one says see Target sells everything. They even tipped. I even managed to score the bonus today.
Sundays are always busy since we have a large orthodox community that orders a lot. They had a two day holiday and shabbos the day after that. The ladies have been off since Wednesday afternoon 😆 I wasn’t planning on doing Shipt tomorrow but with the usual Sunday slam combined with the beach visitors here through Monday it might be extra. There’s also another bonus.
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2023.05.28 07:38 Painting-PortraitART What is the classical transparent method?

What is the classical transparent method?

(1) The first draft of sketch. Transparent painting relies heavily on clear, successful monochromatic underpainting -- the sketch. At this stage, you can use any sketching medium -- charcoal strips, color chalk, etc. -- to clearly define a frame that can fill in the background color -- the sketch. After that, apply a coat of hair spray or polish.

(2) pure gray painting. Grey, usually white and black, can also be painted with ochre or brown and white. The basic requirement is a strong contrast of light and dark layers, as far as possible with bright colors, because each time the color will make the picture a little darker. According to the principle of "fat cover thin", this stage as little oil as possible, ancient painters use lead white, because lead white in oil paints the most "thin", and black oil, so less. In the performance of the portrait with strong contrast between light and shade levels, it does not mean that the darker the better, on the basis of maintaining brightness, the deepest tone in the middle gray. When painting gray, always have a fan pen or oil roller, and constantly use it to smooth out the paint, generally only where really need to make thicker strokes. Once the gray painting is finished, let it dry for at least two days before applying a coat of glossy oil, which helps to smooth subsequent layers.

(3) Coloring. The beginning of the color layer to be generalized, a large area of pure diluted glazing color is the first step in the coloring process. After a layer of light color dry to cover the next layer of color, the interval is about one to two days. Of course, you can use wet cover wet painting, but it is not easy to control the color, so many artists using transparent painting at the same time painting several pictures.

(4) Thin coating. After transparent coloring, in order to increase the body sense and texture of the image, the highlights and details are often highlighted by thin coating. A lot of white and a lot of toning oil are applied to the glazing color after drying. More toning oil is to comply with the principle of "fat cover thin". Note: Do not use turpentine at this stage. Turpentine is only used in the gray painting stage.

In transparent painting, glazing and shading can alternate with thin coating. Sometimes two or three times, maybe more than 30 or 40 times. After the work is finished, it is dried for a few months and then coated with varnish.

Some people say that there are as many techniques as there are artists who use transparent painting, so transparent painting is not limited to the above methods. Painters can explore their own techniques and styles according to their own needs. Here is another classical transparent painting method:

Custom oil portrait, Original Personalized portrait painting, History portrait, Hand Painted Oil Painting portrait From Photos

First with charcoal draft, and then with a long front drawing pen dipped in latex mixed black paint or ink accurately outline, and then with a large brush pen dipped in "three-in-one" oil (Dama polishing oil: linseed oil: turpentine = 1∶1∶3) to adjust the thin color ochre color, with loose brushwork painted the picture, and then wipe with a rag to absorb the excess oil. The second step: dip a large amount of emulsion (methyl cellulose emulsion or casein emulsion, see "the production of Tampera emulsion"), adjust titanium dioxide to draw the light part of the object, while the white is not dry, brush gently to the dark part of the transition, creating a white effect showing the middle tone, at this time the contrast between light and dark picture should be generalized and strong. The third step: white dry followed by "three in one" oil powder glaze dyeing, that is, the so-called "glazing". If you do not have toner, you can use oil painting paper to absorb the oil. The second step of lifting white and the third step of glaze dyeing repeatedly until the perfect combination of modeling and color.

Because this technique uses latex whitening, so drying quickly, glaze dyeing can be in a short time after conjunctiva, so it can be continuous operation. Should note: the initial glaze dyeing can not use too much oil. In addition, the canvas base should have oil absorption, initial painting dry, gradually glossy.

Classical transparent painting requires a process of getting familiar with the material, and the painter needs to accumulate experience in practice.

Custom oil portrait, Original Personalized portrait painting, History portrait, Hand Painted Oil Painting portrait From Photos

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2023.05.28 07:31 Ok_Seaweed_9452 Analyzing white buzzer beater
Starting this play looks like the play is for JT/JB to draw the heat defender, and whoever open will take the shot?(or this is for smart? He did very well shooting from 3 in this game) what impressed me the most is as soon as the shot launched Both JT and White went for the putback (and white on the left, tatum on the right in case the ball bounce in that direction.) Not sure if this is their natural instinct or that's being discussed on the timeout . Strus lost white there almost like destiny. Update: just watched again and tatum jumped too early or get pushed lol.wont be able to put back if the ball bounce to the right. The ball literally go to the best possible man for us(white) totally destiny lol
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2023.05.28 07:29 wolfgod_tidus 31M looking to try and fill a void that’s recently been established

Hey there people! I am 131 days sober as of today. Prior to that I had a severe drug and alcohol problem. I checked myself into rehab and cut ties with everyone in my life but family. BEST decision I ever made, but I do miss having the companionship of friends and people to talk to. Outside of my job, my family, and my kids, I don’t have any friendships at the moment and it sucks.
I am a father of two, music and movie enthusiast, was a traveling musician for the better part of 17 years, have tattoos and gauges, pc gamer, laid back and nonjudgmental. I’m just throwing the line out here to see what kind of catch I can get in the large open waters of Reddit.
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2023.05.28 07:24 justjay9507 I sparred a guy I was terrified to fight but I won (kinda long story)

So I'm a part of a boxing gym and to celebrate the beginning of summer we have many tournaments with every weight class. I myself am a 140 fighter so we gathered up some of the best fighters in the weight class and my gym is huge, like 60 people. So we gathered 8 fighters for our weight and started.
We did a random draw to find out who was fighting who and I got paired up against a guy named Trey. I beat him. Usually there i 5 2 minute rounds so I was pretty tired. Eventually the next match is who I'll be fighting had one guy who I was actually kinda scared to fight. There is this guy named Tyler and he is aggressive and powerful.
He lives in kinda a bad part of town so he got into a few street fights before and he brings that street fight style to boxing. You'd think that will be good since he probably makes mistakes a lot but he combines that with technique so he is very good. He also isn't scared to get hit so he goes all in.
So I'm hoping the other guy he is fighting will beat him but Tyler won which paired me against him in the semis. I'm very nervous because I sparred against him once before and got badly beaten and TKOd. So combined with that along with his aggression and power he's probably the scariest person to go up against.
So a bit later we get paired up and we get in the ring and start to fight. He is still aggressive but not as much as last time. I try to be patient and wait to counter which I succeed. I try to wait for him to gas himself out and not throw much the first round. First round passes, second round starts. He isn't too tired so he keeps going in on me. Even at one point when I tried doing a jab he hooks me twice, one on one side and he manages to get past my guard and hook me on the other side both right on my chin.
After that I actually felt like I was gonna get knocked out. After that he stops and we're not throwing too much. I decided that thens the moment to start hitting. I eventually hit him and start going on aggression. I eventually hit him with a liver shot which hurts him but he didn't quit and kept standing. However I got him against the ropes and keep hitting him. I eventually hit him straight on the side of the head and he turns his back to me and gets officially TKOd.
I realized I won and realized I actually beat him. That was the highlight of my day right there since I really expected to lose that fight. My team congratulates me and I talk to Tyler. It was a great day.
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2023.05.28 07:20 KingoftheRednecks The Void Hunt ch 2


Mogan was more than a little woozy after repeatedly toasting his deal with the two ladies. Shidhu had an interesting taste to it, but it was also strong. The San had alcohol, but fermenting berry juice or birch sap was a long procedure and took a lot of work and space. There had never been much to drink, and what they had wasn't nearly so strong.
They had also never needed an antidote for alcohol, while those who had alcohol had seen all its dangers many times over. A fizzing, nasty-tasting drink—once the women had left--had his head clear within minutes, and he walked easily, and steadily, out of the bar.
The bar did not look like the kind of drinking establishment that would be favored by the custom of a man who owned and commanded a ship three kilometers long. It was, to put it bluntly, a dive, the kind of place that the constables avoid. The Tortuga was the kind of place where an enterprising individual could buy weapons that weren't normally allowed on Haitac Station, or drugs that weren't allowed, or discrete passage on a ship if he needed to leave in a hurry. It was not the kind of place to bring the family, or a lover, or anybody who was not engaged in activity that was illegal or close to it.
Technically, Mogan could hire whoever he wanted, but since the companies that Races-through-the-Marshes and Wakawa ran had a somewhat... checkered... history, they generally preferred to stay where they could make an easy escape.
Then again, Mogan didn't look like the kind of man who owned a three-kilometer ship. Or commanded, at least; ownership was in the name of the San tribe. Mogan wore a loincloth, a strip of material about three meters long and a tenth as wide, wound between his legs and around his waist for a snug fit. Once upon a time these were doeskin, soft and supple, but nobody but his own tribe within a few thousand light-years had ever seen a doe, or tanned a hide.
His leggings were of tougher material, fringed to help keep the rain off, and his shoes were of a softer sole than most wore. Most Sylfa, at least; many species went barefoot. A tunic of the same material covered his torso down to his hips, likewise fringed. Like the loincloth, these were once deerskin, and in the cold he would wear a heavier coat over it. These were colored and patterned like leather, but he couldn't even identify the material. Softer than leather, it was tougher as well, and a few controls from the pad in his left hand could even make it as warm or as cool as he liked.
The latter was standard for most clothing, protecting from all but the most extreme temperatures, but the rest looked as primitive as it did before his tribe had ever seen a ship.
A rod was tucked into his belt on the left side, bent slightly back. At one end was a hand grip, with straps looped to fit two fingers into, and on the other end was a beautifully-carved ibex,with its horns forming a small but dull hook to the weapon. The atlatl could hurl a spear twice as far or more, and with almost exponentially more force, but Mogan carried no spears.
He did once, in a quiver made of birch-bark, with the bottom third of the spears covered and the feathered ends sticking over his head, but by now the weapon was more a mark of office than a tool he used. Back in those days it was tucked into the right side, in easy reach of his throwing hand, but no more. On the right, it would have gotten in the way of the laser pistol in its low holster on his right hip.
Most people who carried a rifle or pistol either wore or carried a targeting monocle, a lens that would adjust for moving targets and tell the shooter where to aim, but the San needed no such thing, neither the expense nor the time the device took to find a solution and adjust.
The humans were unique in this.
On his cheek was a mark; a simple tattoo, of only two lines in a pattern like an inverted y, the mark of his tribe. He was of average height and build, with brown hair and eyes, skin bronzed from many different winds and many different suns, but among the two thousand people of the San he was high chieftain. And captain, soon.
Mogan continued to walk up the wide hallways, avoiding the central areas, until he spotted the old man. A small wave, and he turned to head that way.
Shett was once one of the Yil, the hereditary nobility of the Sovereignty. The Yil were untouchable within the Sovereignty, able to do as they wished to such an extent that only protection a citizen had was the possible protection of another Yil. Rather than Yil Shett, the man was now simply Shett, a citizen of the Confederated Settlements. And a traitor as far as the Sovereign was concerned, almost certainly.
Yil Shett had been a wise man with a sharp mind, but a little more than heavyset, nearly locked into his office by duty and stress. Now the man was whipcord-thin, typical of the Sylfa, walking easily. Defecting from the Sovereignty had meant giving up unimaginable wealth—the man had literally owned three planets—but it had clearly been a good thing for him.
The Sylfa waved an arm to make sure Mogan saw him, and tapped a panel on the wall. “Good evening, Captain.”
Mogan shrugged a little. It was “evening” in the sense that they were nearing the end of the cycle, but on the station there was no difference between night and day. Haitac was in orbit around a star, so they didn't even have the shadow of the planet to contend with. But the lack of sun and moon often threw off his mental sense of time, and the twenty-hour day did not help.
“Whatever it is at the moment,” he chuckled, “I hope it goes well for you.” The walls of the station had rails near the ceiling. Hanging from them was something that looked more like saddles on cords, so that nearly any creature could sit on them, extending from beams. Some species had tails, after all, and sitting on a bench was uncomfortable for them at best.. The beams moved swiftly down the corridors, an important feature in a station that was mostly corridor.
Haitac Station was part dock, part shipyard, part admiralty court, part military base, and part entertainment complex. The court could be centralized, and was. The military was as centralized as it could be, although patrols also kept the peace in the rest of the station. The entertainment could be centralized, but for some reason was not, with bars and brothels and hotels and sports complexes and libraries and theaters of various kinds in odd and unlikely places. The docks and shipyards could not be. The dreadnoughts that were the backbone of any fleet were four kilometers long, and some were as much as twice that. A massive tanker or cargo hauler could be four or five times as long, and the end result was that the ships needed a great deal of room between each dock. In addition, since it was partly military, sponsored by the Settlements, there were areas, such as the one they were bound to now, that were not open to the general public.
Mogan climbed onto one of the saddles, and Shett onto another. The average Sylfa was about a head taller than a human, but about two-thirds the weight. An evolutionary past that stayed in the trees for longer granted them a lighter build than humans, and six limbs compared to humanity's four, but they could not walk as well as humans.
Then again, nothing could. Nor did any species, sapient or not, hold the endurance that humans had. The Sylfa could scramble up surfaces with an ease that astounded humanity, leap over a human's head from a standing start, and sprint nearly twice as fast, and others like the Shawing could move even faster over a short distance, but nothing matched a human over long distances.
Mogan had carried a Sylfa once, as he ran, but that was his woman, not a friend. Instead, he held to the saddle as the beam returned to the rails at the upper edge of the wall. It adjusted to their heights by simply changing the length of the cords. The Zerda came no higher than his knee for a tall one, while the Mantu were easily three times his height, so very few affairs were one-size-fits-all measures... another difference from the Sovereignty.
The beam rose into the air, moving along the ceiling at a place slightly faster than Mogan could sprint. Up ahead of them a light indicated a spot where they could make the beams lower to the floor again, but they were going well beyond that point. A small field in front of them kept the wind of their passage from getting too bad.
Mogan was familiar with hard light shields, since every ship had them, but he did not think this was hard light. Hard-light was impossible to make without Reagnium-80. Considering every single interplanetary vessel needed a supply of it and its relative rarity, Reagnium-80 was so valuable that the Settlements used it as the value standard for their currency. There were thousands of these beams, all throughout the station. Not only would they have had to spend an obscene amount to make them, but anything that valuable would have been stripped out and stolen within days... cycles, here.
“The war?”
Shett nodded in reply. “We got news not long ago of a large battle at Manna-6. Ground battle. Our forces were outnumbered about half-again-to-one, but it was a heavy victory.”
Mogan nodded and relaxed, thinking. In a sense, this war was his fault.
Two years ago, he had been little more than a shaman of a small village, of a small tribe, on his homeworld—and on the entire planet, only he had understood even the concept of a homeworld. The term the Sovereignty used for the tribe's introduction to the greater galaxy was “upliftment.” Mogan didn't like it; it implied that he was somehow below the others, raised to true sapience by their own beneficence.
Perhaps every “upliftment” had an ulterior motive, but that of the San certainly had. Mogan did not regret his actions on Noepe; he had saved the lives of men and women breaking the law to survive, shot and stabbed a great many people enforcing what was in truth simple tyranny, and electrocuted the governess who had arranged for his woman to be marooned. No, he still looked upon their mission with pride, but one of the Yils had arranged it themselves, as a pretext to invasion. The few who know of humanity knew that Yil Shett had been a friend and advocate for the species, and the many who knew of Yil Shett knew that he had given up his titles and lands and betrayed the Sovereignty to join the Settlements.
Shett tapped a button on the saddle, and as the next light showed ahead the beam lowered to the floor so they could climb off. It wasn't far from here, and they could walk. They did so, for about two hundred yards before they came to a window.
“There's your dock,” Shett said. “I suppose I could have made a holo easy enough, but I thought your first look at her should be with your own eyes.”
Windows were more common in the public areas, where diners—or guests in the more expensive hotels—could look out on the void, and rarer in the corridors that were mostly just for reaching ships with crew or passengers or supplies. Mogan stepped out to this one, looked out over the dockyards, and stared, mesmerized.
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2023.05.28 07:14 oh_asis Good Tattoo Parlours or Private Artists?

Been wanting to get a sleeve for ages, and Ive finally decided it's time. Any recommendations of good Tattoo Parlours or Artists in Brisbane Area?
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2023.05.28 07:12 ThaQuig I just captured my first settlement, unsure of next steps

First thing I did was put forth my best leader for governor & maxed out garrison but I’m not sure what the best next step is. They were rebels so I’m not at war but I’ve read the other factions usually don’t wait too long before steamrolling you & this is my first play through so I kinda feel like an idiot stumbling around in the dark.
Do prisoners in your keep slowly join your garrison or should I bring them back to my party?
Although I’ve got my first settlement I haven’t created a faction yet, something tells me that would just draw undue attention to me, am I wrong?
I showed mercy to the the lords & nobles I defeated, was that a mistake?
Finally, My settlement has like -30 loyalty, what’s the best way to fix this?
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2023.05.28 07:12 HLongYT Notion, ClickUp and Google Calendar productivity system

Okay, lemme introduce my context first, I'm a 17-yrs old STUDENT, currently studying in a SEA country. I have use Notion, ClickUp and Google Calendar to mange my life. For nearly one year, I have made and continuously improve my productivy system but I think it still has some downsides. So I decided to share it here hope for a comment from you guy to continue improve it (And use it if you want.)

Note that: It just a support tool, most of the outcomes are by yourself discipline and perseverance.

Okay, Let's head into Google Calendar first, I have 2 separate Gmail to plan and evaluate my life each day. I'll call it GG Calendar 0 and GG Calendar 1.
Both of them has same calendar ammout and type:
Other: For things that can't fit in above calendar: Moving from place to place, doing other stuff,... or you can't use it when you can't decide time fit which calendar.
Well, let's head to ClickUp, I think this is the best task-management system I've use, becuz I can't find better app. Free plan gives you 3 space, too enough, here is my spaces and how I use it. In general, after plan in Notion, I convert it into tasks in ClickUp then create a time block for that tasks in Google Calendar
  1. Life: Manage thing in daily
  1. Learn: Only for learning
  1. Work: This folder also depend on you, for me, I have:
This is where I put my task in and prepare information (Prioritize, classify and set due date) so I can do it most effectively.
Time to go for Notion I guess, I think my Notion is not too complex nor simple. It's a place where I put information, write diary, put my ideas, write down my future plan and break it down, manage differrent aspects in my life:
  1. Home Page: First apge into Notion, use to navigate to other pages. I put my diary database here.
  2. Daily Bucket: When I have ideas, I'll catch it and write it here by Notion's note widget in mobile devices.
  3. Plan & House: this page sub page
    1. Time Management : Some rule that I use to manage my time: Game only 1 hr a day, how much time for ... activities is enough, social media limit...
    2. Finance: Things I want to buy, monthly subscription i need to pay...
    3. Goal: Write down the goal and stick with it.
    4. Habbit Tracker: Write down the habbit and stick with it too. I've created some time period and write the report about it weekly in this page.
  4. Reading Library : Just a database of Books, Manga, Novels,....
  5. Entertainment: 3 sub-page include Game, Watch and Exercises. I use this page and sub-page to plan what i'll do next in each activity. E.g: What I'll do in GTA Online, Which film i'll watch next ... and exercises schedule
  6. School & University & Course: It's a database where I store information about each subject in school. Note, unit document,...
  7. Self-Learning: Database where I story what I'm current self-learning: Coding (Python, C++, Java ), Designing (Photoshop, Canva), Drawing,...
  8. Self - Working: Database for each things I'm currently working on E.g: Future post for Blog, Content for Youtube video
  9. Note: This Page has some special Sub-page: Plan Guide, General Rule, Saved Web Resources. Plan Guide help me create an effective plan for tomorrow. General Rule I've to read everyday to use this system to it full potential on organized way, Saved Web Resource is where I store saved web thorugh Notion extension. \
These page isn't just separate. All of them were linked to my Daily Diary by some attribute. My Diary has some attributes like: Priority (Where I write priority task), Tags of day (Usual things happen in that day), Day Feelings, Self-learning (Linked with Self-Learning page), Daily Habbit (Linked with Daily Habbit page), Game, Read (linked with Game, Reading Library), What I ate today,... Make I sumarize and enjoy my day to the full-est.
Let's jump into how do I use this system
You can think each tool has there own specialization.
So I create a workflow with diagram, it's easy to understand and follow: (IDK how to insert image without a link to outside, any suggestion?)
There's a lot more thing about my system that I want to share but it's too long now. Guess I'll share it later. Hope to receive a comments from you guy so I can improve it.
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2023.05.28 07:08 Professional_Floor57 Day 4

Day 4
I wanted to check on my tattoo. Artist was finishing a piece as part of a sleeve. Athena’s face is new, owl is about 1 year old.
New part is red and swollen but really only toward the inner forearm, the face toward the outer forearm feels fine. It burns like a sunburn and feels pretty tight. I’ve been washing with antibacterial soap twice daily, used aquafor after removing the second skin, then switched to lubriderm today. It’s not a huge piece but sat for about 4 hours and my skin isn’t always a fan of the adhesive. Removed it after 24 hours.
Healing or infected?
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2023.05.28 07:06 RecoveringAsthmatic For almost 10 years I’ve joked I was going to get this doodle my best friend always draws of himself on me. I was finally brave or dumb enough to get it done

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