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2023.05.28 06:28 daniel_guber My Sequel server to an older server.
As the final flames burn, the last winter ends, the golden summer cometh, sickness rises, Those dead rise again, those who yet live die, the world coughs ichor, violent death throes across the world, the eventual death of all.
Cinder falls across ashen skies, champions arise, a desperate god finally realizing the end is near at last, closure, but even gods fear the light.
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2023.05.28 05:18 MagicMichaelGaming WELCOME! 💚

Welcome to the official Subreddit of the YouTube channels MagicMichaelGaming and MMG Tutorials! (Links will be at the bottom!) Anyways, your probably wondering why I made this subreddit? Well, I wanted to expand my community to other platforms! Plus this subreddit will make it easier for me to make reaction videos to videos you'd want me to react to, just click/tap "Add tags & flair" button then select "React to This" then you're all set! (Do the same thing for memes!

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I hope all of you follow these rules and have a great time here! Can't wait to see your posts! 🙂

Links: MagicMichaelGaming: MMG Tutorials: 🐦 Twitter: 🎮 Discord server: 📷 Insta:
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2023.05.28 02:43 DAKOTA___DJ (WTS)(NC) GBB+Misc Mags

We Apache: $575
Shoots fine. Comes with one long green gas mag, holds gas. Very solid gun. Only reason why I’m selling is because I have multiple. Pretty rare here in the states. Light scratching on receiver and front site.
Scattergun SV: $175
Has slight leak. Rubber gasket in buffer tube likely needs lubed up. Shoots fine. Comes with 7 shells.
GHK G5: $250
Comes with one green gas mag and a t1 styled optic. The output valve in the mag needs an o-ring to hold gas. The optic does not turn on so battery is possibly dead. Shoots fine.
WE SVD w/ parts gun: $350
Very good condition. Never fielded. Heavy kick. Mag holds gas. Second mag needs fill valve. Almost enough parts to make a second rifle. High FPS so I would recommend tapping mag or npas.
WE 4.3 w/ Magazines: $145
Does not function. Pull trigger and gas is expelled, does not blow back. 2 Co2 mags and 2 gg mags. One of the gg mags has slight leak, o-ring could use lubed up.
WE 3.8 gg mag: $20
VP9 gg mag: $20
Random AK Hicaps: $20
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2023.05.28 00:53 ralo_ramone An Otherworldly Scholar [LitRPG, Isekai] - Chapter 6

We settled our deal with a handshake and Elincia guided me across the valley just as the sun hid beneath the western mountains. Despite her early warnings, we cut through the forest instead of sticking to the mountain. Elincia shushed me and mentioned that the ravines were faster and safe enough given that she knew perfectly well where we were going. I didn’t push back because I thought she was in a hurry for her kid. We quickened our pace and reached deep into the path as the day died.
“There shouldn’t be any monsters beyond this valley but better safe than sorry.” Elincia said before climbing a rock with nimble jumps. The evening sun casted red shadows on her pale skin as she inspected the path ahead.
My suspicion about Elincia having a skill to survey the surroundings increased when I noted the mana swirling around her eyes. She wasn’t just beautiful, there was a certain elegance in her feline movements that I haven’t seen in any woman before. After a minute during which I couldn’t take my eyes off Elincia, she descended from the boulder and left her satchel on the ground.
“We should be safe here.” Elincia gave me the thumbs up.
A weird gesture considering she lived in a completely different world.
“Were you using a skill up there?” I asked curiously as I left my backpack on the ground and sat down on the carpet of dried leaves with my back against an old tree. My feet thanked me.
“Maybe.” Elincia mysteriously replied, sitting in front of me. “That’s not a thing you ask a lady.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to...” Was the only thing I managed to say but I felt my face blushing.
Different worlds, different customs. I was wondering if character sheets were considered something private when Elincia started giggling under her breath.
“You are a bit gullible. Even for a Scholar.” Elincia gave me one of her signature smartass glances.
I rolled my eyes, not that sure if I liked her ‘blunt’ style anymore. She might have been an Alchemist but she surely loved to banter like my father’s hunter friends. Elincia opened her mouth to continue with the Scholar banter when a sudden distant howl echoed through the hills.
“On second thought, we should keep going a bit more. There is something disturbing the pack.” Elincia bit her tongue.
“The thing that killed those wolves at the ravine?” I asked, putting my blanket inside my backpack and standing up. My feet complained.
“Maybe. Monsters from the Inner Farlands sometimes stumble into the outer valleys.” Elincia retrieved her satchel and resumed our march.
The path meandered around the boulders that had found their resting spots on the bottom of the valley. Elincia said there were Stone Giants living in these mountains and they liked to roll boulders down the slope, but once again, I couldn’t tell if she was making a joke or not.
The evergreen canopy darkened the last sun rays, making it hard to walk without tripping on loose rocks and protruding roots. In less than a hundred meters, I almost ended up on the ground two times. Elincia helped me to get up every time, mumbling about how clumsy Scholars were but a quick glance at her eyes told me she had a skill to see in darkness.
By the third time I fell, Elincia stopped the march for good. When she turned around to help me stand, I saw her eyes shining like a cat in the night.
“You can see in the darkness?” I asked, rubbing my knee.
I had landed on a particularly pointy pebble.
“Perks of having mixed blood.” Elincia said, pulling back her cloak for the first time since I met her.
Amidst the bright silvery cascade that was her hair, two delicate and pointy ears jutted out. I must’ve been staring because Elincia blushed and covered them.
“You are an elf!” I exclaimed.
“Half elf, you deaf piece of Scholar. I just said my blood is mixed!” Elincia replied, still flustered. She put her satchel down and sat against a rock.
“That also explains why you can jump like a cat. I thought I was the sluggish one.” I pointed out, scratching my chin. In hindsight it made sense, normal people weren't that good at moving around.
“You are a bit sluggish though.” Elincia said with a shit-eating grin as she drank her waterskin dry. As much as she wanted to annoy me, she had a point. It had been a long while since I was in shape.
“Yeah, I’ve been sitting on my ass for a few years now.” I conceded, putting my backpack down and pulling my shoes off. My feet were killing me.
“Just bear with me a month or two and I’ll make a ranger out of you.” Elincia grinned.
Our dinner time was silent. And dark. Elincia urged me to not light a campfire so we ate a few Hermit Gold’s fruit each. Corrupted Black Wolves had keen eyes that could spot a point of light from miles away. And there was the other thing, whatever was disturbing the wolf pack was in the same valley as us.
“You don’t loot monsters around here?” I asked, remembering that Elincia had just ignored the corpses.
“The meat is bad and the skin is tainted with corrupted mana but if you want a souvenir from this adventure we can always make you a wolf tooth necklace.” Elincia shrugged her shoulders.
“I’m good, thanks.” I replied trying to not sound like the absolute noob I was. A wolf tooth necklace didn’t sound that bad. Laura, my ex-girlfriend, would’ve hated it, but I have always been a bit of a geek. My old katana replica could bear witness to that.
“I guess a Glutton class could make a meal out of a corrupted Black Wolf, or a Chef class could cook it into something edible.” Elincia pointed out after a moment of silence. “I guess a Hexmage or a System Zealot could technically ‘uncorrupt’ it, but having such powerful classes is a hassle sometimes.”
Elincia cleaned up the juice of a Hermit’s Gold fruit from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand and asked for another one. I obliged.
“Entering cities without a guild invitation is a pain for combat classes. You know, a high level Fire Mage or Assassin could cause quite a havoc unlike an Alchemist or a Scholar.” Elincia sighed.
As a teacher I had missed a lot of work opportunities because I was a dude. Lots of job offers asked for female teachers and a large number of principals still found a man who worked with children suspicious. In the end I had pursued a different career entirely, but I doubted a combat class could do the same in this world.
“You will not have trouble entering Firecrest as a Scholar but you will have to appear before the Marquis as you are not a subject of the king.” Elincia said as she kept a watchful eye on the animal trail.
“I’ll be in trouble?” I asked. In this world I was a low level peasant. If the social hierarchy in this world was any similar to medieval europe, then I could count my civil rights with a single hand. And most of them would be tied to a noble’s whims.
“Don’t you have nobility in the City of Light? I mean, you are a Scholar. Weren’t you employed by some local lord?” Elincia’s confused facial expression was cute.
“We had nobility long ago, but then we put them through the guillotine or turned them into powerless tourist attractions with excellent salaries.” I explained, trying to be vague enough to not arouse suspicion. “When I was a teacher, I wasn’t employed by a lord but by the Depart… the Ministry of Education.”
Elincia’s shocked expression was even cuter than her confused expression.
“The City of Light sounds like an interesting place.” Elincia managed to say.
“Do you think I could find work in Farcrest? I’m not a fan of starving to death.” I asked.
Now that I had Elincia escorting me to Farcrest, I was starting to plan my next steps to settle in this world. Unfortunately, adventuring didn’t seem to be a Scholar’s ‘thing’, so I couldn’t rely on my monster slaying skills to pay the bills. Elincia thoughtfully tapped on her lips as she usually did when she was deep in thought.
“I don’t know if there is a lot of demand for Scholars in Farcrest, we are lacking Farmers, Anglers, Lumberjacks and Blacksmiths. Even a couple of extra Stonemasons and Herbalists would be nice.” Elincia finally said. “The Marquis already has a dozen Scholars and Scribes leaching from Farcrest’s treasury but I know for a fact Scholars are always welcome at the Imperial Library of Ebros. You might want to go there, maybe you will find a way to return to your homeland or someone who knows how.”
I could tell Elincia didn’t have Scholars in a particularly high regard but I decided to overlook it for the time being. The fact there was an Imperial Library was an exciting piece of news. Even if I couldn’t fight my way through the continent like an adventurer, I might be able to study its secrets from the safety of the Imperial Library.
Returning to Earth was not in my plans.
I rubbed my hands like a plotting fly while my mind ran wild through the world of possibilities the Imperial Library might offer. The amount of knowledge I could offer wasn’t as exciting as the things I could learn there. Learning how to cast spells without an elemental affinity would be a nice middle finger to the System. If there was even the slimmest chance of turning [Mana Manipulation] into a fake spellcasting skill I was going to find out how.
“You are not thinking about finding a way back home, are you?” Elincia interrupted my train of thought. “You are thinking about going to the Imperial Library to study this continent!”
I raised my hands in defeat. Did Elincia have an [Awareness] skill like me or was I being transparent as day? The woman sighed and shook her head, muttering something about reckless Scholars and people forgetting their roots.
The last trace of sun faded away and night closed around the ravine. The wind swayed the tree branches producing a soothing melody that numbed my consciousness. I have rarely been so physically tired during the last few years. My legs hurt and the sole of my shoes felt like red iron against my feet. As much as I wanted to keep talking to Elincia but my eyelids were getting heavy.
“Is being so comfortable in the Farlands an Alchemist thing or an Elincia thing?” I made conversation, trying to remain awake.
“I chose to become an Alchemist but in reality I wanted to be a Hunter.” Elincia admitted, letting her guard down for an instant. “I always liked to spend time here in the woods when I was a kid, alone, far from the city. Just me, my skills, and my bow…” Her emerald eyes got lost into the horizon as if she was reminiscing scenes from the past.
“What happened then?” I asked and for a moment I thought she wasn’t going to answer.
“Life happened I guess.” The woman shrugged her shoulders, avoiding the topic. “I'm sorry. I didn’t want to sound like an ungrateful bitch. Being an Alchemist is also great. Having an Advanced class from the beginning is really helpful plus I can brew useful potions and I get to spend a lot of time in the woods gathering materials.”
As much as she sounded confident, I noticed there was a lot more Elincia wasn’t telling me. I wondered if it had something to do with her child or with her own story.
“What about you? Did you choose to be a Scholar or did the System bestow it on you?” The woman asked.
“It was given to me, and I’m not going to complain, it has some nifty skills.” I said, drinking from my own water bottle. “But fireballs would probably be more fun though.”
Hearing my words, Elincia genuinely smiled for the first time since we met. Her smile was charming, a bit shy considering her outgoing personality, and she was absolutely out of my league.
“So, you are one of those adventure-junkies?” Elincia’s mischievous grin returned to her face. Support classes yearning for adventure had to be a common occurrence in this world.
“I guess adventure-junkies can detect each other.” I returned the jab.
Elincia laughed again, this time harder and more genuinely than before. I praised myself for defusing the situation, going from threats with bow and arrow to charming laughter was quite a step in the right direction. I had to remind myself that she had a kid and maybe a husband.
“You are not too bad for a Scholar, Robert Clarke. I’ll take the first watch, you go to sleep.” Elincia said.
Her words were like a lullaby, or maybe it was the fact that I had company for the first time since I arrived in this world. I instantly fell asleep with the certainty Elincia would wake me up if any monster roamed nearby.
My rest didn’t last long because I suddenly woke up to the sound of a howling wolf. It was still night time and the forest was shrouded in complete darkness except for a pair of glowing yellow eyes down the trail. I felt Elincia’s soft hand pressed against my mouth and I saw her eyes shining by my side. I wished I had a night vision skill because the wolf’s yellow eyes disappeared and I completely lost sight of the beast.
By my side, Elincia nocked an arrow and waited in silence for the creature to make a move. The Black Wolf was really close but our best bet was the creature not seeing us. Which was unlikely considering the glowing yellow eyes veered off the trail and stalked us in silence. I shouldered my shotgun, hoping that it was the only Black Wolf nearby.
I wanted to hide the true nature of the shotgun from Elincia, or from every inhabitant of this world for that matter, but if it came down to surviving until reaching Firecrest then I didn’t have a choice but to use it.
Elincia shot and the arrow dug deep into the creature’s flesh just over the neck. The Black Wolf faltered but didn’t fall. Elincia cursed under her breath as she masterfully nocked a second arrow but the creature leaped, crossing half the distance that separated it from us.
Elincia shot again but this time the arrow was lost in the darkness.
I saw a glimpse of the creature’s eyes just a few meters from us but it wasn’t near enough to aim my shotgun. Elincia nocked a third arrow and I saw the tip emitting a white gleam. Then, a sudden idea popped into my brain. Before Elincia could shoot, I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back, then, deaf because of the blood rushing through my ears, I activated [Mana Manipulation].
A blue flare lit up the forest for an instant, just enough for me to aim at the wolf. As the afterglow of my skill vanished, I pulled the trigger. The sound was deafening and the darkness of the night impeded me from seeing if my aim was true. However, a System prompt popped up in front of my eyes.
Black Wolf (corrupted) slain.
Level up!
Level up!
You have obtained a new skill.
[Stun Gaze] acquired.
The system message floated brightly before my eyes, only visible for me. My brain was again suddenly turned into dough as the information about [Stun Gaze] was imprinted directly into my mind. Just like during the previous level ups, I felt a wave of relief washing through me, however, the sensation fell short when the screeching roar of a second broke the silence of the night. This time it wasn’t a wolf but an unnatural shiver-inducing sound. And it was close.
“We have to get out of here.” Elincia said with a panicked voice.
The woman grabbed me by the arm and dragged me through the wilderness. I stumbled behind her, unable to see where my feet were going as branches wiped my face and brambles trapped my feet like skeletal hands of the undead. Even if I couldn’t see, I heard the sound of trees being torn apart behind us. The creature was near.
Suddenly, a deafening howling chorus of Black Wolves filled the night and a dozen bright yellow eyes shone in the darkness. We were surrounded. Elincia pushed me behind a rock and covered my mouth with her hand.
“What’s that?” I muttered as I loaded another shell into the shotgun.
Elincia listened to the night. Silence only broke by the sudden growl in the distance. Whatever the new creature was, it didn’t have trouble keeping the Black Wolves at bay. Elincia drew her bow and put an arrow on the string without tensing it. A gust of wind swayed the canopy and for a moment I was sure the trees were extending their branches toward us.
I peeked over the boulder we were using as cover and saw a figure moving behind the trees lit by a stray moonbeam.
Wendigo Lv.39. Magical Abomination. Man eater. Monster eater. [Identify] Wendigos live deep in the Farlands. Once a powerful shaman, high concentrations of magic corrupted its body and mind turning it into a monster. Weakness: Magic. Holy Magic.
Elincia grabbed my jacket and dragged me back. The sheer level of the creature startled me. I wasn’t used to the measurements of the System but the Wendigo’s level was more than five times mine. That was obviously not good news. Even if levels weren’t absolute, a level 39 had a clear advantage against a level 24 and a level 7.
“I think we can slay it. Your call.” I said looking at Elincia dead in the eye. I was not going to die in the Farlands when there was an entire library of magical knowledge waiting for me in the heart of the kingdom.
“Are you crazy? Wendigos are high level monsters, we can’t fight nor flight.” Elincia hushed. “We stay down and hope the Black Wolves attract it down the ravine. If the Wendigo sees us it's over.”
We squeezed behind the rock while we heard the Wendigo fighting against a group of Black Wolves. The sound of flesh tearing and bone splintering sent a shiver through my spine as [Awareness] informed me it wasn’t the Wendigo that was getting hurt.
Elincia trembled like a leaf but I couldn’t help but wonder about how many levels I’d get if I managed to gun the Wendigo down.
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Discord Royal Road
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2023.05.27 23:03 DayZ-Doc PC US Central PVEVP Banov Seasons (Winter Now) 1PP (3pp driving) Dog Tags BBP (vanilla damage) Survival Focused Zombie Hordes Reduced Economy Outstanding mature community Mostly Civilian Gear Food Preservation Harsh Winter Survival Noobs welcome

Hello Reddit,
I'd like to invite you to join my gaming community. We just wiped on March 20, 2023. The server is built around the community and not the map. DayZ is an amazing game, but after a while, maps get stale, boring and we all fade out and loose interest. On my server we will be swapping out maps from time to time to keep things interesting and fresh. Same people, same play style, same mod set (within reason), new challenges. That said, we just moved on to Banov so I expect we'll be here for a while.
The community is an older, more mature crowd and we're pretty cooperative with more of a PVE Mindset. That said PVP is legal everywhere. The threat of death should be ever present. In all, I would say that the community promotes good sportsmanship and we lack any toxic drama for which I have zero tolerance. We do use Dogtags to remind us to stay frosty and play cautiously.. You can be sure someone is collecting.
The Black Winter theme is really one of just regular folks making due with what's left. Although I have some amazing weapon mods in place, I've only picked out 1 or 2 civilian weapons from each to add to our theme. There are a few "item pack mods" installed as well but again, only a select couple items have made it into play.
We just added a new mechanic - Food preservation. You can preserve your meat in cans for the winter where animal spawns will be reduced a lot.. Get in for the harvest while you can !A lot of attention has been placed on Quality of Life - both good and bad.
The economy has been reduced as follows:
Category - Usage - Reduced by %
Clothes - Military - 80%
Clothes - Farm, Village, Town, Industrial, School, Hunting, Coast - 30%
Clothes - Police, Medic, Firefighter - 50%
Containers - Military - 80%
Containers - Village, Hunting, Industrial, Farm, Coast, Hunting, Medic, Town, Village, School - 35%
Explosives - Military - 80%
Explosives - Police - 50%
Food - All - 50%
Industrial Food - All - 50%
Tools - All - 30%
Weapons - Military - 80%
Weapons - Police - 50%
Weapons - Civilian - 30%
I've offset the challenging start for freshies by adding airdrops to a few locations near the largest spawn clusters. These airdrops will contain the basics like, insulated clothing, food, medicine, and basic weapons and ammo. Enough to get you on your feet. Careful going to an air drop though, you might not be the only starving person in need..
My target audience is the mature gamer who would like to build a cozy base, do some hunting and fishing and chat with some new folks and go on some adventures. Maybe shoot at a nerd when the mood is right =)
We currently have a very solid group of regulars, mature professionals who just want to unwind after a day at work and hide from the kids while trying to get lost in the world we're building together. This is an excellent server to meet some folks and start your Banov adventure.
We do have a couple of "light" role players. Nothing to "hark who art thou" - but I think all of our game play is along the lines of, this is me and this is what I'd do in the apocalypse. Meet up conversations are usually focused on what we're doing in the game.
Quick and Dirty FAQ.
There is no AI Trader, we do have a player trader that plays Nights mostly.
In game map, you need to find a map to use the M key. You need to find a GPS and have it on to see your location on the map.
Is KOS Legal? Yes ( player interactions are what make this game special ) KOS is not required however. Most interactions on the server are very coop and pleasant.
Is there global chat? No - but there are TacSat Radio's and Field Radios that won't despawn - some players chatter via radio. The white noise adds to the ambience =).
Time is not persistent so your base will need a flag. Anything without a flag icon at your base should be in a container or may poof.
Check the discord for crafting recipes and base building recipes in the tips and recipes section.Press the pause key for the Server Information Panel - Rules, and details in there.
Some of my players have been giving feedback in the days since wipe; their misery is perfectly on point. The economy is a challenge, but not impossible. You will need to prioritize getting warm, fed, and hydrated first and foremost. There are no natural foods (apples, mushrooms etc cuz winter reasons) so don't waste your time looking there.
Hope to see you in game!
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2023.05.27 22:35 LordNutterButter2 US - Chernarus - PC - DayZ Insanity- PVE/PVP Zones/Missions/Helis/parachutes New AI

Server Name: DayZ Insanity Midwest US (PC)
Server IP:
Location- Midwest
PVE/PVPzones/Missions/Creepy stuff
DayZ insanity is a Midwest server perfect for people looking for a middle point ping. Great for west coast players and East coast players to get together. Although not everyone is expected to live past the coastal highway. Our players wanted something a little more challenging but not out of the scope of DayZ lore. We at DayZ insanity do our best to provide it. You start out with a custom load out. Looting and crafting is a must if you want to survive. There is a large variety of items to scrounge but we are not boosted. We have extra recipes for making your own repair kits, leather clothes and more.
DayZ insanity uses airdrops, missions, and DNA keycards to creat an ongoing treasure hunt to keep you busy. Customized traders, helicopters that fly smooth, a big list of area appropriate cars, and deadly PVE encounters to keep you fully involved. Base enhancements like R22R base fortifications, building fortifications mod and BoomLays craftables and things to furnish it. That’s just the beginning of our PVE with PVP zones server.
New server AI!!!
-Mod List-
Mods * RemoteDoors * Ammo Making * Survivor Animations * Dayz_Insanity_Server * Airdrop-Upgraded * PVEZ Reloaded * Bed-Respawning * Building Fortifications * The Complete Ghillie Pack * RUSForma_vehicles * Community Framework * PvZmoD The Dark Horde * Lightsword * PvZmoD Customisable Zombies * AdvancedBanking * Trader Mod * DNA Keycards * WindstrideClothing * Helicopter Mod * Admirals Parachute Mod * Stalker Snork * RaG_Viking_Pack * LIGHTS * Ear Plugs * Tactical Flava * DayZ Dog * Mask Models * Animals_Upgrades_Brutal * AJs Creatures * BoomLay's Things * COCAs_NoVehicleDamageMOD * CodeLock * CannabisPlus * R22R_Mechanics_PUBLIC * R22R_Base_Fortifications * Basic Territories * MuchCarKey * Doc's Car Fixes * FlipTransport * dbo_grip * dbo_surfaces * CJ187-RandomFuelpumps * SchanaModParty * ArmA 2 Props Pack * VPPAdminTools * AmmoMakingSDump * CJ187_Public
DayZ Insanity server pack
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2023.05.27 22:19 sportsguru09 Ps5 regs league

Ps5 league, sim gameplay, discord ran, all madden 7 min quarters, light gameplay rules, Gotw/active/ streaming rewards. 48 hour advances but usually faster. Very active group of guys and good comp. We are going int week 8 of season 4. Come join up for a long lasting league. Plans on keeping this going till 24 and carrying everyone over to the new game.
Open teams 0-6 broncos 81 overall 95 speed SS Huntley at qb 0-6 raiders 87 overall SS Zach Wilson qb 4-2 Steelers 73 overall 2nd year qb
Roster in discord
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2023.05.27 22:13 bellchenst Unveiling Riftwalkers: Our Signature Game Plan, An Dual-Era Open World Concept in the ST Universe

Unveiling Riftwalkers: Our Signature Game Plan, An Dual-Era Open World Concept in the ST Universe
We are delighted to unveil Spatial Terminal: Riftwalkers, an innovative voxel open-world adventure game, cultivated within Spatial Terminal, our cutting-edge open-world creation engine. Designed not only to showcase the vast capabilities of Spatial Terminal but to also lay the foundation for an immersive, community-driven gaming experience, Riftwalkers signifies a revolutionary leap in voxel-based gameplay and user-generated content.

Riftwalkers‘ Background Story

In Riftwalkers, you start your journey on the streets of Tachimi City. Aboard an ordinary subway train, the world suddenly turns upside down. Gravity reverses, space twists, and you’re pulled into an unknown void. Waking up within a multi-tiered underground dungeon, you find remnants of an advanced civilization that once harnessed quantum technology for space travel, only to vanish under unexplained circumstances.

Initial Game Concept and Artwork

Concept Art 1 – Lava Chambers
It is an intricate labyrinth of stone chambers encircling a molten heart — a first look at the enigmatic underground dungeon in the ancient world of Riftwalkers. Please notice that the actual game world will be rendered with our cutting-edge voxel engine, MatEngine. With compressive high-resolution voxel and PBR materials, we will deliver a captivating and realistic gaming experience.

Concept Art 2 – Ancient Prison
This is the upper dungeon level, where sunlight seeps through cracks, illuminating a throne echoing tales of a once grand civilization.

Concept Art 3 – Passage
An ancient stone stairway leads from the confines of a prison chamber towards the surface. Light pierces the darkness, hinting at freedom and the promise of the world beyond in ancient world of Riftwalkers.

Possible Reuse of Maps

At Spatial Terminal, we deeply value and celebrate the creativity of our user community. Some of the exquisite maps crafted by our creators have left indelible impressions. We are considering incorporating some of these incredible works into Riftwalkers, breathing new life into these familiar landscapes while enhancing the depth of our game world.

East Village

A meticulously designed middle-aged town featuring a solemn church — a testament to the bygone era, set to be revitalized in Riftwalkers.

The Tower

A fascinating juxtaposition of daunting towers and small, uniquely styled houses, showcasing an intriguing clash of architectural styles.

The Palace in the Forest

A regal palace ensconced in the heart of an enchanting forest, whispering tales of ancient royalty and set to provide a majestic landmark in the ancient world of Riftwalkers.
By integrating these community creations, we not only enrich the gaming experience in Riftwalkers but also celebrate the brilliant talent and imagination within our community.

Game Mechanics

Riftwalkers fuses Spatial Terminal’s state-of-the-art physics and building mechanics into a uniquely interactive and creative sandbox adventure.
Survival: Gather resources, craft tools, and construct shelters within the challenging environment of the ancient world.
Building: Much like Minecraft, manipulate the voxel-based world to your advantage, a critical strategy for overcoming challenges and progressing in the game. Our building tool tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to mastering this powerful mechanic: Building Tutorial
Physics-based Puzzles: Embark on solving complex puzzles deeply rooted in realistic physics, where your constructions and the environment play a crucial role.
Dual-Era Exploration: Embark on an unprecedented multi-world open-world journey, traversing through two distinct timelines — the ancient past and the present. Discover secrets and solve mysteries that straddle both eras, and experience the stark contrast that time imprints on identical landscapes.

Community-Powered Experience

At the heart of Riftwalkers lies a commitment to community participation and content creation. In Spatial Terminal, you must complete a level (reach the endpoint defined by the original creator) to unlock Edit Mode. This unique feature empowers you to modify existing levels freely and create new games within the game. At any point, you can switch back to Play Mode to test your creations.
Our Edit Mode, coupled with our Minecraft-like voxel toolset, makes modifying and expanding Riftwalkers, or any game within Spatial Terminal, a truly immersive and creative endeavor. We invite every player to shape the worlds they play in, building upon stories, designing new puzzles, and essentially becoming game designers in their own right.

Development Timeline

Our dedicated team is passionately working on Riftwalkers, with the initial dungeon slated for completion by late June 2023. Upon release, we will offer the entire editable level for free download from the Spatial Terminal Marketplace. From that point forward, we will continue to expand the multi-world universe of Riftwalkers, and we can’t wait to see how our community will take part in shaping these worlds.

Join our Testing and Building Team

Interested in beta testing new features? Or maybe you want to contribute to our signature open-world game as a builder? We welcome you to join us. Please contact us through our Discord community to get involved.
Early Access Download: Steam Store Link
Join Our Community: Discord Link
Spatial Terminal: Riftwalkers represents not just a game, but a vision for a community-powered open-world gaming experience enabled by the Spatial Terminal engine. We are eager to see this vision come to life and look forward to sharing more updates as we delve deeper into this mysterious civilization lost in time. Stay tuned, and let’s create together!
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2023.05.27 22:04 Honeybunnybunz We need you!!

We need you!!
Hello! It’s wonderful to meet you! Who are we? We are Snaptail Responders! What are we? We are a light roleplay community who run events weekly! We also run events with other groups! Pit runs every day, daily ops, Chances to grow in our community and support others in the 76 factions! Our main goal is to help All players as much as possible and to have fun doing it! If you are over 18 and think you would like that then join up!
.18+ .Xbox .Responder .Light Role-play .Weekly Raffles .Weekly Contest
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2023.05.27 21:39 TheHachiko27 [NA] [A3] [Recruiting] Dorn Company, 35th Galactic Marines Tactical Starsim

[NA] [A3] [Recruiting] Dorn Company, 35th Galactic Marines Tactical Starsim
Welcome to the 35th Arma 3 Tactical Starsim Unit. We are a like-minded community dedicated to fun, immersion, and professionalism. The unit is based on the clone troopers of the Galactic Republic. While we teach our members to be better tacticians, better riflemen, better pilots and generally speaking, better soldiers. We are not for the casual Arma player.
We offer a wide variety of roles:
Light Infantry*
Special Weapons Infantry
Air-to-ground Coordinator*
Infantry Leadership
While the 35th offers many roles, it's important to understand that most are not available to enter immediately after joining. We do this for multiple reasons. First, it gives you a chance you see what operations are like and whether you fit in. Second, it gives us a chance to meet you, see how you fit in with us. Third, it ensures that the more important specialty roles go to people who are committed to them. It wouldn’t be very productive if we had someone join the unit, start as medic, then decide they want a different type of unit after an operation. [Roles you can immediately join into are marked above with a *.]
Main Operations begin at 9:00pm Eastern Time on Fridays and host a large special mission once a month on Sundays at 7:00pm Eastern Time. Troopers can request training for specialized roles through the week
Be mature and respectful to others
Must be 18 or older
Have a positive attitude
Have Teamspeak 3 and a microphone
Have a schedule that allows you to attend operations
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2023.05.27 21:36 RevoHits US PC Chernarus ~Escape The Night~ PvE w/PvP Zones New Players Welcome

~Escape The Night~ PvE w/PvP ZonesWIPED3PPHelisAI-BossesRaidingBBP100kNoobsKeycardsAirdropBunkersParty-SystemTraderBlackmarketBankingDrugsBedRespawnSpawnSelectVehicles+Guns+Loot+
Join Our Discord
Server Restart Intervals Are At 5:40AM PST - 11:40AM PST - 5:40PM PST 11:40PM PST
This Is A PvE-PvP Survival Server. NO KOS In PvE Zones. Go To A PvP Zone (Red Circle On Map) To PvP. Modded Survival With Traders, Keycards, Bunkers, Blackmarket, Airdrops, ATM, Hideouts, Bed-Respawning, Base Building/Raiding, Helicopters, Travel Trader, Collectibles & More (Full List Of Mods In The Discord)
BASE BUILDING: AT THE MOMENT TRADERS DO NOT SELL NAILS/FOOD/ARMOR, for a more survival feel we made base building a little more grindy than other servers for a better experience (MOD: BASE BUILDING PLUS), THERE IS NO BUIDLING NEAR PVP ZONES, HIDEOUTS, OR TRADERS (500m from Hideouts/Traders, 300m from PVP zones). Get your grind on and have fun with more of an immersive pvp building system.
PVP ZONES/PVE: All PVP Zones contain either a military spot on the map, or Custom Keycard areas, Custom Key Cards spawn randomly around the map or in airdrops/military bases/bunkers.THERE IS ABSOULETLY NO KILLING OUTSIDE PVP ZONES, what ever damage you afflict on another Survior, that damage will come back to you, this a noob/pve setting of a server so show some respect.
KEYCARDS: There many different keycards you can get but they all are different. Some have different loot, some have mixed loot. Rare keycard rooms give 10x better loot than normal military/bm loot. There Is 2 Red/Black/Violet/Green Rooms. 1 Yellow/Blue/Med Lab/White Rooms.
Right Now The Keycards Ranging From Best To Worst Are Red, Black, Yellow, White, Violet, Green, Blue, Med Laboratory. There will probably be more in the future. Red Keycard Loaded but is suuuper rare.
(NOTE: Right now please don't fly into keycard areas. We recently added helis again and some areas are possible to fly into (AI will probably shoot them down but still we want keycards to be used to access keycard areas. ALSO When you open a keycard room it will stay open until server restart because the loot crates wont reset until after restart)
THE BUNKER: Right now there is currently 1 bunker on the server. You need a White Keycard to enter it & when you enter it turns to total darkness. You'll need a light or nvgs too see anything after entering. This place is worth checking out but be careful of possible chances of Zombies/AI. The bunker is really nice for finding blackmarket items and chances decent/guns/armoammo.
TRAVEL TRADER: We recently added a trader that can change locations and also change what they Buy/Sell! The Travel Trader Can Spawn At Any Keycard Locations (Based On When I Move Them) & Trades Rare Items Other Traders Might Not Sell Or Might Buy/Sell At A Discount!
TRADERS: Traders are all around the map and they only sell certain items there. Very high powered weapons cannot be bought a civ traders, they will most likely be purchasable at Blackmarket or not purchasable at all, you will need to scavenge your way around the map if you want to be the best, there are no handouts. Normal Civ Traders will have the essentials there to survive.
AI/BOSSES: AI spawn at all keycards/hideouts except Blue/Green Keycards. They have a chance to spawn anywhere else. There are 3 Bosses on the server. Killa, Zryachiy, the Goons. Killa spawns at Red/Black/Yellow Keycards. Zryachiy spawns at Prison Island. The Goons can spawn at Red/Black/White/Med Lab. The Goons are the rarest Bosses to run into right now while Killa and Zryachiy are about the same. Killa and Zryachiy can have guards.
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2023.05.27 21:34 SevereContribution35 Game Matrix: Analysis of GDC 2014 "How We Used Iterative Level Design to Ship Skyrim and Fallout 3"

Source: How We Used Iterative Level Design to Ship Skyrim and Fallout 3
This article offers a comprehensive analysis of the source video. While it closely follows the video's content, it also includes my own interpretations and expansions on the concepts presented, providing a deeper exploration into the art of game design.
Iteration in game development is a progressive cycle of planning, creating, and testing content, improving on prior versions. This process has proven effective in a range of contexts, from software design to art creation.
The scope of iteration varies. For instance, the Madden franchise exemplifies long-form iteration with annual updates to features, while Spelunky showcased a transformation from a low-fidelity game to a commercial success.
In level design, "Structural Iteration" involves planning, implementing, and polishing a level. Additionally, "Qualitative Iteration" is an important step where designers use playtesting to gain feedback and improve the level.
This iterative process, which can continue indefinitely until designers are satisfied, underpins the "It's done when it's done" mentality prevalent in game development.
The core of this article lies in exploring the concept of workflow process, specifically the choice and evolution of iterative processes in game development. These processes, conscious or not, enable the creation of games in an efficient, enjoyable, and sane manner. Bethesda Game Studios (BGS) is an example of a studio whose iterative process, originally devised for Fallout 3, has evolved over the years, most notably in its application for Skyrim.
When creating Fallout 3, Bethesda formed a dedicated level design team for the first time, laying the groundwork for increased investment in level design. The founders of this team held iteration as a fundamental value to their workflow.
There are several factors influencing any workflow, including Bethesda's. A key requirement for their level design team is the ability to produce a vast amount of content; Skyrim, for instance, contains over 200 locations requiring level design effort. Simultaneously, they aim to enhance the quality of the moment-to-moment level design experience.
Another aspect shaping Bethesda's process is their commitment to a schedule. Though some may view schedules as restrictive to creativity, Bethesda sees them as providing guidance, allowing the team to plan, pace themselves, and maintain a clear vision of their goals. This scheduled approach benefits the level design process.
The formation of the level design group within an already established studio like Bethesda provided an advantage. The studio already had established art creation and editor tools, a clear code pipeline, and a supportive team, allowing the new group to focus primarily on their own tasks.
Bethesda also boasts a low turnover rate, ensuring a stable level design team throughout all project stages. This consistency, contrasting with studios that scale their teams drastically during different project phases, ensures productivity in early stages and avoids understaffing later on. It also fosters team chemistry, crucial for successful teamwork.
Lastly, Bethesda strives to maintain a healthy quality of life for its developers and strongly opposes crunch (excessive overtime often seen in the game industry). While crunch is often associated with exploitative management, it can also stem from unrealistic self-imposed expectations. Bethesda believes that through informed planning, they can establish a level design workflow that minimizes the risk of overworking, whether self-inflicted or otherwise.
This video explores the application of an iterative process to level design within the context of game development. The discussion is structured around a comparison of two approaches: the "black box" approach and the "continuous iteration" approach, as well as Bethesda's unique iterative method.
The black box approach is characterized by a novice level designer who embarks on their project, learning through the process and often making mistakes. This approach may lead to a completed level but can result in a significant amount of time spent fixing foundational errors made early on.
Continuous iteration refers to a more experienced designer's process of completing each level one at a time. This approach helps avoid foundational errors, however, it has its own challenges. A designer might become too engrossed in one level, risking becoming stale and potentially slowing down progress due to constant need for feedback.
Bethesda's unique method involves breaking down the level design process into focused chunks or stages, namely "Concept," "Layout," "Gameplay," and "Polish." After completing the first stage of a level, the team moves on to the first stage of the next level, rather than proceeding to the second stage of the initial level. This strategy allows for periodic revisiting of each level, ensuring fresh perspectives, comprehensive feedback, and a varied workload for designers.
In Bethesda's model, level designers also take on ancillary tasks such as writing dialogue or contributing to system design. These additional tasks help to expand the designers' skill set while also ensuring optimal productivity. This approach respects the timing and context of game development, recognizing that the early stages of a project might offer fewer resources for level design but present opportunities for other productive tasks.
Towards the end of development, designers have more resources available for level design and are more equipped to focus on core level design tasks. This allows for the efficient use of what Bethesda terms "Opportunity Time" – moments where potential improvements are identified in the game. Bethesda's approach aims to maximize this opportunity time and fast-track the development process. The article concludes that this iterative design process enhances the level designers' productivity, flexibility, and adaptability to changes and unexpected challenges in game development.
Bethesda's game development process employs a series of passes. Each pass has a distinct focus and builds upon the previous ones, setting a strong foundation for subsequent passes. This method builds iteration directly into the schedule.
Pass Zero is the initial conceptual planning phase in this multi-pass process:
3.1.1 Conceptual Planning: This stage is about laying the groundwork for the level. The game may not be fully operational, and art resources may be limited. The level designers work with a list that outlines the spaces and events planned for each level. These include the types of encounters, the architectural style, map locations, and the overall scope of each space.
3.1.2 Level Proposal: The designers are tasked with proposing ideas for the level based on the given information. Proposals are usually concise, no more than 1-3 paragraphs, and highlight a unique aspect that makes the level stand out. Bethesda has found that trying to cram too much into one space can dilute the focus, so concentration on a single unique element is encouraged.
3.1.3 Backstory and Environmental Storytelling: The backstory of each space, while not necessarily player-facing, plays a crucial role in informing the design decisions. This backstory could include why and by whom the space was built, and events that happened there, both historical and recent. Even though these backstories may not be explicitly communicated to the player, they can influence hundreds of decisions about how the space is built and what is included in it.
3.1.4 Asset Requests: During Pass Zero, the designers start making requests for unique or novel assets required for their spaces. These early requests help in building a reliable art schedule and encourage the level designers to think about specifics, thereby fostering efficient use of art resources.
3.1.5 Restraint and Timing: An important aspect of Pass Zero is to maintain restraint and focus only on tasks optimal for this stage. For instance, cluttering or lighting a space with a limited set of available assets is discouraged, as it may lead to over-reliance on these assets, most of which would likely be replaced in later passes.
3.1.6 Avoidance of Detailed Maps: Detailed maps are avoided at this stage. Instead, level designers create abstract maps that focus on connectivity and pacing. The aim is not to define precise spatial details but to get a general sense of the level's layout and flow.
3.1.7 Concise Documentation: Level designers also stay away from creating extensive documentation that focuses on minute details. The task at Pass Zero is to distill ideas to their essence. If a concept can't be boiled down to the essentials, then the purpose of the pass is defeated.
Pass One revolves around layout creation:
3.2.1 Layout Construction: The level designers work in collaboration with environment artists to create a comprehensive layout. Even though the art may not be visually impressive at this stage, the focus is on constructing a meaningful layout that can ensure the right flow and rhythm of movement through the spaces.
3.2.2 Kit Understanding and Feedback: Designers also devote time to understanding the architectural kits at their disposal. They provide feedback to the artists working on these kits to ensure maximum functionality from a limited number of pieces. This step helps avoid late integration of new kit pieces into the existing spaces.
3.2.3 Incidental Writing: This stage is an appropriate time to work on additional in-game writing, such as books or notes found within the space. This type of content can be added at any point but is often overlooked in later stages due to time constraints.
3.2.4 Housekeeping Tasks: Level designers also take care of certain tasks that are less likely to change, such as naming locations, entering location data, and setting up map markers. Addressing these aspects early on ensures they don't get overlooked in the more hectic stages of development.
3.2.5 What to Avoid: During Pass One, several tasks are actively avoided. These include optimization and creation of encounters or the navigation mesh required for them. The work done on these aspects is highly dependent on the final layout, which hasn't been fully settled at this stage. It is also advisable to avoid lighting and cluttering, as well as "kitbashing" or "arthacks" (using art assets in ways they weren't initially intended for). While these practices can be used effectively to stretch the available art resources, they can also mask problems that should be addressed directly. Thus, any "kitbashing" done in Pass One risks overshadowing issues that need attention.
Pass Two is primarily about gameplay, with a focus on creating engaging and balanced encounters:
3.3.1 Gameplay and Encounters: Now, with the progress made in the Vertical Slice stage, the team starts working on setting up enemy encounters. This stage requires decisions about enemy types, their numbers, and how frequently they will appear. It's also the stage where the placement of loot, healing items, locked treasure rooms, and boss-guarded stashes are decided.
3.3.2 Scenes Development: At this stage, designers also begin working on different in-game scenes. Whether it's a conversation that a stealthy player can overhear or directing an enemy to run down a particular path, these scenes start to take shape during the second pass.
3.3.3 Navigation Mesh (Navmesh): With the encounters in development, the navmesh for each space also gets worked on. A well-laid navmesh at this stage can save a lot of time in later stages of development.
3.3.4 Feedback and Layout Adjustments: The time between passes provides an excellent opportunity for feedback sharing. If the first pass received any feedback requiring adjustments, especially concerning layout, these can be addressed in the second pass.
3.3.5 Inclusion of Non-combat Elements: If there are plans to include non-combat beats such as puzzles or dialogues, placeholders for these elements should be created in this stage to help establish pacing.
3.3.6 Optimization: Another important task undertaken during this pass is optimization. Though the level might still be unlit and relatively empty, there's no barrier to starting the optimization process early. It might seem tedious, but completing this task now can save a lot of time in the future.
3.3.7 Avoid Starting Over: One major pitfall to avoid at this stage is the temptation to scrap everything and start over. It's often a knee-jerk reaction, and experience shows that it can set back progress without necessarily leading to better results.
3.3.8 Avoid In-Depth Script Handling: Just like in Pass One, the gameplay developed during this stage is subject to revision based on feedback. Spending too much time on script handling at this stage may result in wasted effort if significant changes need to be made based on feedback.
3.3.9 Feedback Processing: Starting from Pass Two, feedback will be received more frequently and from multiple sources. The key is to avoid immediate reactions to feedback and instead catalog it. Once the feedback is compiled and trends are observed, the team can decide on the best course of action.
Pass Three is often termed as the "Content Complete" pass, representing a stage where all core gameplay systems are functional:
3.4.1 Primary Goal: The main objective at Pass Three is ensuring there's nothing in the level that's missing, temporary, broken, or unaccounted for. While it doesn't entail that everything is finished, it does require all missing components to be logged and scheduled for completion.
3.4.2 Refining Gameplay: This stage emphasizes refining the gameplay established during the second pass. This might involve implementing new encounters, replacing placeholders with more refined assets, or incorporating feedback received since the second pass.
3.4.3 Aligning Systems Design with Game Content: The game’s system design and the actual content need to be reconciled during Pass Three. Changes to initial plans are natural, and by this stage, there's a better understanding of what should be present in the levels.
3.4.4 Feedback Buddy: One of the resources at a level designer's disposal at Pass Three is a feedback buddy. This counterpart helps cross-check the progress and provides valuable insights, technical opinions, or playtesting feedback.
3.4.5 Variations Across Levels: Each Pass Three has its unique characteristics as each level starts to develop its personality. This flexibility could mean one week focusing on scripting a complex set-piece and another week on resolving a layout problem.
3.4.6 No Optimization: Optimization, a key focus during the second pass, isn't a priority during Pass Three as not enough meaningful changes have occurred to necessitate this work.
3.4.7 The 'Ship with Shame' Phase: Pass Three is sometimes humorously referred to as the "ship with shame" pass. It means that in an extreme scenario, a game at Pass Three could be shipped. It's complete, but it may not be up to the desired quality.
3.4.8 Completion vs. Quality: Pass Three is more about instilling confidence in completion rather than ensuring quality. The completion of Pass Three should assure the team that they can achieve a high standard of quality for the level by the time of shipping.
3.4.9 Time to Let Go: Pass Three is a stage where it might be time to admit if certain elements aren't working. If an element hasn't clicked by this point, it might never do so, and it's time for a discussion about the next steps.
3.4.10 Course Correction: If necessary, the team might try to mitigate the impact of failed elements. This can be through minor tweaks, reducing the scope of overly-ambitious ideas, or even considering a complete rework with a "mulligan pass".
3.4.11 Cutting Content: There might be instances where it's necessary to consider cutting a level. These decisions can be hard, but if made wisely, they can free up resources to focus on other levels with greater potential.
3.4.12 Strike Teams: Strike teams can come in handy during Pass Three. These multi-disciplinary groups can focus on a feature or piece of content, to rapidly advance it to a usable, testable state.
3.4.13 Crunch Time as a Last Resort: Sometimes, the only solution might be to put in more hours, known as crunch. However, this should only be considered as an absolute last resort, as it can risk causing physical and mental stress, thereby potentially decreasing overall productivity.
This step serves as a crucial element in adding the final aesthetic touches to our game:
3.5.1 Transition from Content Generation to Polish: During beauty passes, the art team primarily shifts its focus from creating new content towards enhancing and optimizing existing elements. This is also a crucial step for optimization, as the programming team requires a reliable baseline for testing.
3.5.2 Utilization of Artist Time: The shift in focus frees up the artists' time to contribute towards various components, such as improving lighting, adding detailed clutter, enhancing atmospheric effects, and aiding sound engineers in the audio pass. During this phase, the level designer usually steps back to allow the artists to work independently.
3.5.3 Level Designer's Role: While the level designer is generally hands-off during beauty passes, it's important not to be overly detached. It's the level designer's role to communicate the level's intent and any specific requirements that the artists might be able to address. The artists are not merely maintenance staff cleaning up after the level designers
At this stage, the core elements of the game have mostly been established, and our focus shifts towards quality enhancement until the point of release:
3.6.1 The Goal - Polishing: During the final pass, the primary goal is to polish every aspect of the game. This could mean enhancing the level's strengths while eliminating, fixing, or de-emphasizing any weaknesses. There are often last-minute realizations about potential improvements that we can take advantage of during this phase.
3.6.2 Role of Team Feedback: Team feedback flows heavily throughout this stage, providing valuable insights on what can be improved or highlighted in the game.
3.6.3 Housekeeping Duties: Final pass also requires us to perform any remaining cleanup tasks. These tasks could include optimizing performance, ensuring level data is correct, fine-tuning navigation meshes, or ensuring the overall functionality of the level. Ideally, most of this work should be completed by this point, allowing us to concentrate mainly on refining the game.
3.6.4 Multiple Passes: Interestingly, the final pass doesn't always mean it's the last. Every game level undergoes a fourth pass, but based on playtesting feedback, we might decide that some levels need further refinement. Some game spaces might ship in their fourth pass state, while others might go through five, six, or more passes.
3.6.5 Structural vs. Qualitative Iteration: The earlier passes (concept, layout, gameplay, and completion) are primarily forms of Structural Iteration - steps we know are necessary to create a game level. The subsequent steps are more focused on Qualitative Iteration, refining the game to meet our quality standards rather than just completing it. This Qualitative Iteration occurs during the latter stages of development, the 'opportunity time', which we strive to maximize.

Working on expansive games like those at BGS can easily sway them towards the minutiae, leading to neglect of other areas. Their method, intertwined with the game's progression, facilitates a comprehensive outlook, ensuring all aspects of the game receive due attention. This strategy helps them remember that they're creating an all-encompassing experience, not just focusing on isolated details.
Finally, it's important to recognize that no game is ever 'truly finished' - there's always something more that can be done. However, perspective enables them to use their time wisely, aiming for a well-rounded and balanced game rather than pursuing endless refinements. It also helps them maintain their stamina, reminding them that game development is a long journey rather than a one-off sprint. This perspective ensures a sustainable and fulfilling career in game development, allowing them to continually create and enhance their craft.
I will continue to delve into the fascinating world of game design in future articles. If you find this topic intriguing, please follow me for more insights. I also welcome your thoughts and suggestions on game design. Let's explore and learn together :)
My discord server:
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2023.05.27 21:33 drewbsterz [WTS] Tanodized A2 upper bundle, Spiritus sling, and more

Howdy all,
Got quite the collection of stuff I'd like to offload to make some room for new projects. Star of the show is the A2 upper...

Add-ons - add on with another item, or pay shipping

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2023.05.27 20:10 HistoryTeach93 1st AW "Horns of Jericho" (Israeli-themed squadron Recruiting!)

1st AW
Squadron name: 1st AW "Horns of Jericho"
Squadron size: 100+ members
Timezone/OPS times: Eastern USA
Realism Rating: 3/5 Light-MILSIM
Roles needed: F-15C, F-15I (future), F-16C, F-16I, AH-64, Controllers (ATC/JTAC/GCI)
Squadron requirements: 16+, English, Microphone, Syria, Nevada (If wishing to participate in optional training nights)
Basic notes: An English-speaking community focused on Israeli air of all eras. We host multiple 24/7 servers, training events, campaigns, feature a ranking system, LotATC access and much more! The group consists of a tight-knit group of pilots who are always willing to train and learn. The Wing is organized into several specific squadrons tailored to fixed and rotor aviation focusing on realistic procedures and tactics. No interviews or in-depth training courses are required, but advanced training is available weekly.
Squadron Discord:
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2023.05.27 20:00 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Games (List Below), Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.05.27 19:19 Phillips_CAN MSI GP76 Leopard keyboard issues.

My Steelseries keyboard stopped lighting up at all after a Windows update. I already tried installing the drivers and SteelSeries GG (software to control the RGB) again, but I can't get it to work in Windows. The Fn keys light up when pressed when I boot into the BIOS though, so I'm hoping that it still working. Is there a way I can get the keyboard lights working again in windows?
Fixes that I've tried: netsh winsock
Reinstalling windows 11 and 10 multiple times
Uninstalling and reinstalling keyboard drivers
Uninstalling and reinstalling Steelseries GG
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2023.05.27 19:10 Bread_stealer_69 Prismarine Nations [roleplay] [pvp] {Worldbuilding} {Towny} {History} {Geopolitics}

Welcome to Prismarine Nations!
We are a newly formed worldbuilding server that is focused on building history and creating a thriving civilization. This server promises minimal admin intervention, and when needed, a friendly, unbiased staff team.
This server is majority vanilla, with common worldbuilding plugins that are described below.
Worldbuilding is defined as a mix of factions and geopolitics with light rp. Prismarine Nations prides ourselves in upholding this standard.
When you join this server, the world is at your fingertips. You are able to become a traveling merchant, a king of a powerful empire, a humble bar owner, and mostly anything else that you can think of.
What we offer:
A server at the beginning of history : This is a newly formed server that was only launched a few weeks ago. You will be apart of the early historical periods of this server
Towny : Used to claim your builds and for diplomacy with other nations
Various guilds: From the brewers guild, to the mapmakers guild, to the builders guild. There will always be a community ran guild that you are able to freely join.
The freedom of worldbuilding : You are able to do almost anything you desire in this server, as is worldbuilding.
Documented history : There will be a wiki page for the server, ran by the historians guild. By simply participating in the server you are adding to the collective history of the server.
We average around 10-12 players a night
Major Plugins : Towny Combatlog Treecap Dynmap Noelytra
Gameplay rules:
War rules:
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2023.05.27 19:04 DTG_Bot [D2] Daily Reset Thread [2023-05-27]

Daily Modifiers


Dares of Eternity


Deep Dives


Legend/Master Lost Sector

Exotic armor drop (if solo): Unknown
Lost Sector information is currently unavailable. Check the comments!


Terminal Overload: Ahimsa Park


  • The Wellspring: Defend Weapon: Father's Sins (Sniper Rifle)
  • Altars of Sorrow Weapon: Apostate (Sniper Rifle)

Guns & Materials

Banshee's Featured Weapons

Name Type Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Gnawing Hunger Energy Auto Rifle Chambered Compensator // Extended Barrel Appended Mag // Extended Mag Zen Moment Swashbuckler
Nezarec's Whisper Energy Glaive Supercooled Accelerator // Lightweight Emitter Alloy Magazine // Appended Mag Compulsive Reloader Vorpal Weapon
Austringer Kinetic Hand Cannon Chambered Compensator // Polygonal Rifling Appended Mag // Light Mag Air Assault Zen Moment
Sailspy Pitchglass Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle Arrowhead Brake // Polygonal Rifling Accelerated Coils // Particle Repeater Compulsive Reloader Multikill Clip
Night Watch Kinetic Scout Rifle Extended Barrel // Polygonal Rifling Accurized Rounds // Tactical Mag Outlaw Multikill Clip
Perks re-roll at midnight UTC, so check his inventory twice per day!
Note: Fixed perks on weapons are not displayed

Master Rahool's Material Exchange

  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 10 Legendary Shards)
  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 10 Dark Fragment)
  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 10 Phantasmal Fragment)
  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 25 Herealways Piece)
  • Enhancement Prism (1 for 10 Enhancement Core & 10000 Glimmer)
  • Ascendant Shard (1 for 10 Enhancement Prism & 50000 Glimmer)


Commander Zavala, Vanguard
Name Description Requirement Reward
One Shot, One Kill Defeat combatants with precision damage. Bonus progress is granted in Vanguard playlists. 25 [Headshot] Precision XP+
Perfect Energy Defeat combatants with Special ammo. Fusion Rifle final blows in Vanguard playlists grant additional progress. 20 [Fusion Rifle] Fusion Rifle XP+
Into the Abyss Defeat combatants with Void damage in Vanguard playlists. 25 [Void] Void XP+
Most Meticulous Complete Vanguard playlists. 2 Vanguard Ops XP+
Lord Shaxx, Crucible
Name Description Requirement Reward
Coordinated Fire Defeat opponents while assisting or assisted by one or more teammates. 5 Opponents defeated XP+
Jolt to the System Defeat targets by jolting them with Arc. 6 [Arc] Arc jolt XP+
Feedback Loop Generate Orbs of Power by using abilities. 3 Orbs of Power XP+
Full Control In Control, complete matches. 1 Crucible matches XP+
Saint-14, Trials of Osiris
Name Description Requirement Reward
Punch Card Defeat opponents in Trials of Osiris. 25 Opponents defeated XP+
Trials Triplet As a fireteam, defeat opponents using Pulse Rifle final blows in Trials of Osiris. 20 [Pulse Rifle] Pulse Rifle XP+
Light up the House As a fireteam, defeat opponents using Grenade Launcher final blows in Trials of Osiris. 15 [Grenade Launcher] Grenade Launcher XP+
Trial of Lead As a fireteam, defeat opponents using Kinetic weapon final blows in Trials of Osiris. 20 Kinetic weapon XP+
The Drifter, Gambit
Name Description Requirement Reward
Lest It Stare Back Use Void abilities to defeat enemies in Gambit. Defeated Guardians are worth extra points. 15 [Void] Void ability XP+
Envoy While It Lasts Defeat Primeval envoys during Gambit matches. 2 Envoys XP+
High Voltage Defeat Arc jolted targets in Gambit. Defeating Guardians grants more progress. 30 [Arc] Arc jolt XP+
Evanescent Emptiness Defeat targets in Gambit by making them volatile with Void. Defeating Guardians grants more progress. 30 [Void] Void volatility XP+
Banshee-44, Gunsmith
Name Description Requirement Reward
Scout Rifle Calibration Calibrate Scout Rifles against any target. Earn bonus progress with precision final blows and against opposing Guardians. 100 [Scout Rifle] Scout Rifle XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Fusion Rifle Calibration Calibrate Fusion Rifles against any target. Opposing Guardians and rapidly defeated targets grant the most efficient progress. 100 [Fusion Rifle] Fusion Rifle XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Machine Gun Calibration Calibrate Machine Guns against any target. Earn bonus progress against opposing Guardians and for additional targets defeated without reloading. 100 [Machine Gun] Machine Gun XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Arc Calibration Calibrate Arc weapons against any target. Earn bonus progress using Power weapons and against opposing Guardians. 100 [Arc] Arc weapon XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Nimbus, Neomuna
Name Description Requirement Reward
Invasion Repulsion In Neomuna, defeat combatants. Shadow Legion combatants grant additional progress. 90 Targets XP+ & 50 Neomuna Rank
Perfected Parameters In Neomuna, defeat combatants with precision final blows. Shadow Legion combatants grant additional progress. 60 [Headshot] Precision XP+ & 50 Neomuna Rank
Back to Basics In Neomuna, defeat combatants with Kinetic weapons. 25 Kinetic weapon XP+ & 50 Neomuna Rank
Terminal Rewards Open chests after completing Terminal Overload. 3 Chests opened 1 Terminal Overload Key & 50 Neomuna Rank & XP+
Sonar Station, H.E.L.M.
Name Description Requirement Reward
Rig Shift Complete jobs in Salvage. 2 Salvage objectives XP+
Deep Trouble: Taken Defeat Taken. Taken defeated in Salvage or Deep Dive award bonus progress. 100 Taken XP+
Bladed Aquanaut Defeat targets with Swords and melee abilities. Defeated Guardians or combatants defeated in Salvage or Deep Dive award bonus progress. 100 Weapon XP+
Tropical Storm Defeat targets with Solar or Stasis damage. Super abilities award bonus progress, as well as defeating Guardians or defeating combatants in Salvage or Deep Dive. 100 Progress XP+
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2023.05.27 19:04 Bread_stealer_69 Prismarine Nations [roleplay] [pvp] {Worldbuilding} {Towny} {History} {Geopolitics}

Welcome to Prismarine Nations!
We are a newly formed worldbuilding server that is focused on building history and creating a thriving civilization. This server promises minimal admin intervention, and when needed, a friendly, unbiased staff team.
This server is majority vanilla, with common worldbuilding plugins that are described below.
Worldbuilding is defined as a mix of factions and geopolitics with light rp. Prismarine Nations prides ourselves in upholding this standard.
When you join this server, the world is at your fingertips. You are able to become a traveling merchant, a king of a powerful empire, a humble bar owner, and mostly anything else that you can think of.
What we offer:
A server at the beginning of history : This is a newly formed server that was only launched a few weeks ago. You will be apart of the early historical periods of this server
Towny : Used to claim your builds and for diplomacy with other nations
Various guilds: From the brewers guild, to the mapmakers guild, to the builders guild. There will always be a community ran guild that you are able to freely join.
The freedom of worldbuilding : You are able to do almost anything you desire in this server, as is worldbuilding.
Documented history : There will be a wiki page for the server, ran by the historians guild. By simply participating in the server you are adding to the collective history of the server.
We average around 10-12 players a night
Major Plugins : Towny Combatlog Treecap Dynmap Noelytra
Gameplay rules:\_QpcuWooAzylYrspJ0zvNzdjD5WpsXLXfPZU/edit
War rules:
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2023.05.27 18:27 releasedtruth Battery pack challenges, need a little advice

Had a 2105 battery pack in nice condition, but bad battery and broken power plug (common solder loosening). Bought a recommended Zee 7.2v 3600mah replacement, soldered in the wires and fixed the ac plug.

Have been triying to charge it and light is on (on setting to charge) and it goes off hours later. Battery warms as you'd imagine it would. Then when I plug into GG, nothing (without batteries in) in either switch setting on battery. I've tried two boards, both with same result. I guess I can dig out the multi-meter and see if the battery is outputting 7.2v. Any other guesses?
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2023.05.27 17:24 Zeoran Enjoy Medical Gameplay? Want to help your fellow Citizens? Guardian Rescue Corps is for you!

We are a casual, light-roleplay, medical-focused org who values teamwork & cooperation. Very new player friendly!
GRC Motto

"When all else fails, we don't"

GRC Values
While founded by a UEE Navy veteran, the Guardian Rescue Corps (GRC) is registered as a civilian organization based on an internal military structure.(but we are not a milsim)
• We do whatever it takes to rescue the client
• The GRC maintains the conviction that every resident, regardless of their affiliation or criminal record, has the right to receive medical aid and services at any given time.
• We only engage in combat to defend ourselves and/or our clients in need of medical aid
• We treat everyone equally and expect the same for us
• We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior against our personnel nor from our personnel
• Generally be cheerful, funny, helpful
• We are strictly non-PVP while on rescues
PVP pirate activities, beacon baiting, and pad ramming will absolutely not be tolerated. We do not condone unantagonized & unprovoked acts of PVP.
Join the GRC Today!
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