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2023.05.28 08:26 Iamslightlysad Is morality a social construct? What is the true left? And why communism doesnt require a "phase" of a socialist state.

So i was told that anarchism is idealist. Unscientific. When arguing about whether socialism or anarchism are better alternatives to capitalism.
I was told authoritarianism, its good. Free speech is a tool of oppression, that there needs to be a strong state, to enforce the will of the working class.
Im a leftist not just because it seems to be a better system that would have a more sustainable distribution of resources, but because I think it is morally right.
I think its absolutely evil that a man in a suit can profit off of healthcare, when he plays no part in the treatment of people. I think its evil that a man can profit off the labor of others.
This person defended the regime of Stalin and Lenin, and also praises North Korea, he said North Korea is the closest to true communism.
But.... in my opinion from what little I have read on this subject, conquest of bread and currently the ABC of anarchism. Anarchy is true communism. True communism can not have a state.
The argument also was all the millions who died in these regimes, the anarchists who were killed, the unions who were suppressed is "good" because it just is. When I said its wrong, he said "socialism isnt a moral argument, morality is a social construct." Which is easy to say when youre not the one under the boot of the state.
But in reality, during the soviet era, according to Alexander Berkman, the soviets and Lenin actually took power from the working class organizations that were formed. The peasants and workers took it upon themselves to seize the means of production without a state.
"The dictatorship merely changed masters: the government has become the boss instead of the individual capitalist, though the latter is now also developing as a new class in Russia. The toiler has remained dependent as before. In fact, more so. His labor organizations have been deprived of all power, and he has lost even the right to strike against his governmental employer. “Since the workers, as a class, wield the dictatorship,” the Communists argue, “they cannot strike against themselves.” Accordingly the proletarians in Russia pay themselves wages that are not sufficient for bare existence, live crowded in unhygienic quarters, work under most unsanitary conditions, endanger their health and lives because of lack of industrial precaution and safety, and arrest and imprison themselves for an expression of discontent." - ABC of anarchism, chapter 18
"Similarly did the peasantry and the proletariat act in solving the industrial and agrarian problems. While the Provisional Government was still discussing land reforms, the masses themselves acted, through their local councils and Soviets. The peasants took the land they needed and began cultivating it. With simple common sense and inherent popular justice they settled the agrarian problem over which politicians and lawgivers had been breaking their heads for many decades without result. The Bolsheviki, when they came to power, “legalized” what the peasants had already accomplished without asking anybody’s permission.In like manner did the workers’ Soviets start to solve the industrial problem by taking over the factories and mines and managing them for the general benefit instead of for the profit of the “owners.” That was actual abolition of capitalism and wage slavery, long before the Bolshevik Government declared capitalist ownership “legally” at an end." -ABC of anarchism, chapter 17
The workers clearly did not need a state to take matters in their own hands. This is anarchy at work. Lenin actually betrayed the revolution.
The argument then was that "Oh yeah? Ask an anarchist to describe how society would work, and he will describe feudalism!"
This just shows a clear misunderstanding of anarchism. This is more of an an-cap view or a libertarian (american version) view. Where they really just want unregulated capitalism, which yes, would be somewhat similar to feudalism.
Me and this guy ended up disagreeing hard when he praised oppression by the state, and Stalin. When I said I dont agree with that, i was told i am not a real leftist. He said Marxism-Leninism is the real left.
I told him, I simply can not agree with Marxism-Leninism.
He said "oh so youre one of those why i left the left types!!!!!" which idek what that meant.
Thanks for reading. Im still learning and am a bit confused. But this interaction was interesting to me.
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2023.05.28 08:25 AnimatorPurple2466 Will no APs Junior Year (but 2 Self study) have a significant effect on my application?

Rising Senior here.
I only ended up doing 1 honors course Junior year because of my wrecked mental state during course selection. I realized that everyone was taking APs so I signed up last minute for the Psych and CSP exam.
I feel like I did pretty good on the exams, and I’m taking AP classes next year, but will the huge lack of rigor for my Junior year have a big impact on my application?
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2023.05.28 08:23 ALMD96 TIFU by double booking booked plans with separate friends, in separate states

I feel horrible. Last summer, I made two different plans for June 2023; I agreed to host a friend to go to a concert with and I also planned to travel out of state to visit friends/go to a concert. The plans for me going out of state were set before the concert with my friend was proposed. Today, I was checking if I took time off for it yet and it dawned on me- I booked both plans for the same exact day and in DIFFERENT STATES.
I texted my friend who I was going to host that I made a genuine mistake. My doses in my meds over the past year have fluctuated which has impacted my memory. So for this specific concert, I thought it was the week after my trip out of state, but I ended up mixing up tour dates with a different city for the concert happening here. I offered for me to get tickets for a different date/city, but she wasn’t interested.
My friend is really hurt, and I’m one of the few people who has never done her wrong, so I feel terrible. If I would’ve caught on much earlier, I would’ve changed plans instantly, but the timing is too close.
I really want to make it up to her, and do it right. We’ve been friends for over a decade with zero issues, so I’m unsure how to resolve this.
TLDR; I made two separate plans on the same day on accident and now I’ve upset my friend and not sure what to do
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2023.05.28 08:21 UpperIndustry6117 NGR grade

I received all my finals grades about a week ago except for one class. I checked again today, and it only displays a NGR (no grade reported). I was confused about what this meant and on Fordham’s website it states that “No Grade Reported for Pending Academic Integrity Violation Cases: When a student chooses to challenge an Academic Integrity Violation, they will receive a NGR by their instructor until notified by the chair of the relevant Academic Integrity Committee.” Obviously, I’ve been really freaking out since seeing this, and I was wondering if anyone’s ever received a NGR for anything else. We only had a final paper in this class, and I didn’t plagiarize it. Also, if I was suspected of academic dishonesty wouldn’t they normally have contacted me about that by now?
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2023.05.28 08:20 itsallalittleblurry One More Year

Today was the anniversary of Bud’s passing again. Momma and I went out to replace the flowers with fresh ones. Plastic - they look nicer longer. But really pretty ones, you know? Still like to take fresh ones sometimes, too, even if they don’t last long.
Cool story about those. Went out in the later or very early part of the day once, and a doe was eating the fresh flowers we’d placed there for him just a few days previously. Didn’t disturb her. Just watched. A beautiful place, it is. Out in the country, surrounded by brush country.
New owners have really done it up nice. The old original wood frame buildings replaced by new, very attractive ones. The mausoleum building with its perpetual faint smell of death when you’re inside it refurbished. On-site chapel now that’s very nice. One-stop shopping, you might say. Handle the entire process right there. Preach and plant, with no need for a caravan from one site to the final one.
Should have picked a spot for him still further out, though. He had plenty of breathing room when we first put him there. Pretty much all by himself.
Nice spot under a young shade tree that’s grown considerably now. We wanted him to have some nice shade. Sun gets fucking Hot here in the summertime. Shade is an important thing.
Got a nice bench under it so we can sit and visit when we want to. Black Italian marble, with a nice carved-in inscription done in white. Words from a poem. Set on a thick concrete base, so it won’t settle.
Got a lot of neighbors now, he does, though. Place is getting fucking crowded. Two new holes in the ground with awnings over ‘em, waiting for soon upcoming occupancy. Not anyone I know this time, so……..
But the bench? Tree has grown. You can sit back at your ease, use the trunk for a back rest. Stay as long as you like. Visiting hours, of course. Restricted after dusk. But fuck that, too. I like to go at night sometimes. Place is pretty and peaceful at that time, too. And who’s gonna make me leave?
That bench was one of the first ones there. Folks would ask where we’d gotten it. There are a lot of them now. Guess we started a trend.
Lights everywhere, too. Fairie lights sprinkled all through the darkness. Stars fallen from the sky. Those photosensitive ones that soak up sun during the day and shine at night. Saw a nice, big carriage light there when we went today. Gonna get one of those for Bud.
So we cleaned the bench and plaque up nice, put some fresh flowers for him and our daughter-in-law. Glad now that we bought that adjacent, connected group of plots, as fast as that section is filling up. They better not screw up and use one of ours for someone else, either. Make ‘em dig their dead ass up and plant ‘em somewhere else. Ours are fucking Reserved.
Going back tomorrow to set some flags out, what with another Memorial Day upon us. Stars and Stripes and Navy ensign for Bud. Stars and bars and USMC for his friend Sal.
Sal was killed in Iraq just before he was to rotate home. One last patrol that he shouldn’t have gone on. One shot from a sniper, and he was gone.
Bud was home on leave at the time. He and a bunch of other of their friends were planning a welcome home party to celebrate his imminent safe return. He came home as scheduled, but not the way he was supposed to. So they helped bury him instead.
Our State Senator attended that one. Well-respected man who’s been re-elected repeatedly. Mostly because he remembers what some others have forgotten, and actually fights for the rights of the people who’ve elected him.
He gave a good eulogy, you know? Respectful, and maybe a little bitter. About how the working class people of this region had lost more of their sons and daughters in every war we’ve fought than can ever be seen as their rightly share. But that a thing of lasting pride to us all, as well, in a place and among a People who still remember what it is to Have pride in who they/we are.
Bud and Sal - they’re close to each other still. Stand over one, you don’t have to look but a little way to see the other.
Bud? Sometimes when we go see him, someone else has left fresh flowers. And to this day we still don’t know who.
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TO ALL STUDENTS: Avoid renting an apartment from TREMONT, THE BRYN, or THE POINTE in State College, or any property managed or owned by CARDINAL GROUP COMPANIES or GREYSTAR, or KEYSTONE PROPERTIES! These are predatory businesses, that target college students. Although GREYSTAR reflects a "warning" on their website to avoid any association with properties that prohibit potential Tenants from viewing their apartment before Leasing, that is exactly what GREYSTAR employees do! THE BRYN at 601 VAIRO BLVD is a "slum property", and so is THE POINTE at 501 S. VAIRO. They forbid potential Tenants from viewing apts before paying them multiple months of rent in advance, and signing a Lease. They only allow the view of a "Model", which is nothing like the actual apartments that look like "crack-houses". They scam people by making false representations about the true conditions of the apartments. Their Marketing Manager is WENDY DONOVAN. She lies to potential Tenants about everything. She has also stated that they will not, under any circumstance, allow potential renters to see their apartment before they actually take possession of it, even if the apt is vacant. THE POINTE'S Regional Manager is ZACH LOVETT. He carries out the same RACKETEERING SCAM that CARDINAL GROUP does at THE BRYN and TREMONT, both on VAIRO.
These properties will lie to potential Tenants and say there is only 2 apts left and they need to put a deposit/sign a lease fast to ensure they have an apt. They'll ask for approximately 3 months rent, or multiple months, in far advance. In the Illinois case, the VICTIMS discovered that they'd paid for an apartment that did not exist, on the day the Victim Tenant moved-in. The apt was uninhabitable! There was Black Mold throughout, filthy, black carpets, although the Marketing Manager, KATIE LIBERMAN LOVETT said that the apt and ALL apts are "deep steam cleaned". She and other staff make false claims about doing extensive cleaning to avoid COVID-19 exposure, especially if a previous Tenant vacated in a short period of time before the new Tenant(s) moved in. This is also false! These misstatements and misrepresentations are all part of their scheme to defraud. THE POINTE does the very same thing. Although they are owned and managed by different companies, ZACH LOVETT, THE POINTE'S Regional Mgr. and KATIE LIBERMAN LOVETT, CARDINAL GROUP'S former Marketing Mgr at THE BRYN and current employee of CARDINAL GROUP, are married, and carried out the same scheme to defraud.
These predatory businesses will take their time to repaireplace old, non-working appliances. THE BRYN had ALL non-working appliances at the time the Plaintiff in the Illinois lawsuit moved in, although they claimed that they had ALL updated and up-to-date appliances. Their webpage reflects that as well, but the appliances were 25-27 years old and NOT working. CARDINAL GROUP staff will then tell Tenants, "Too bad! You signed a Lease! Pay us or we'll send you to collections!"
They will also delete Tenants MAINTENANCE WORK ORDERS so that there is not a "paper trail" and no evidence, in their efforts to further their scheme to defraud.
THE BRYN, along with it's Owner, HAIM SABAN, CARDINAL GROUP COMPANIES, CARDINAL GROUP MANAGEMENT, and the CEO, ALEX O'BRIEN, KATIE LIBERMAN LOVETT, and VALERIE HERRERA are being sued in the state of Illinois, Federal Court Northern District of Illinois, Case# 1:21_CV- 4324. HERRERA is a CARDINAL GROUP MGMT. employee and worked/works at THE BRYN.
If you're a Penn State student, or you know of any student who has been been defrauded / scammed by these people / predatory businesses, contact PSU's Student Legal Services. Do not contact LAURA ROBBINS, Attorney in State College. She has claimed that she "handled" legal disputes on behalf of THE BRYN. She's also a liar. Beware of Attorneys that don't "sound right". It is also important that those who have been scammed by these people, file an online Complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office. It takes about 7 minutes to complete!
\**CARDINAL GROUP COMPANIES, ALEX O'BRIEN, and CARDINAL GROUP MANAGEMENT ARE ALSO BEING SUED IN DENVER, COLORADO for the same Racketeering Scheme, Scheme to Defraud! They are involved in another Class Action Lawsuit filed by* Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP in Seattle, Washington.
Last, do your research. There are not many Student Housing properties Off-Campus, that have not been recently sued in the past, or have pending lawsuits against them by the Pennsylvania Attorney General, for defrauding and scamming college students!!! A quick "google search" or accessing their website, go in the upper-left-hand corner, enter "State College" in the Search bar. There, you can see some current cases. You can contact them directly as well. That online Complaint is important! They can't do anything unless they know about it
Here's an article about the Denver, Colorado Class Action Lawsuit against CARDINAL GROUP COMPANIES & MANAGEMENT: There's also posts on Reddit. There are also fake positive Reviews for these slum-properties on Google and Yelp, by staff members.
\***REMEMBER: SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!! And contact an Attorney if you've been scammed by them OR if you've rented from CARDINAL GROUP or GREYSTAR at any time after 2010: Fill out this form for updates on the Class Action Lawsuit in connection with "RealPage". Currently, 13 Members of Congress have reached out to the Dept. of Justice to go after* CARDINAL GROUP & GREYSTAR. You can read about them here. PLEASE SHARE THE INFO WITH OTHERS & SCHOOLS!\**\**
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2023.05.28 08:11 privatelit math 2413 w/ Valeria antohe

really need to take this course over summer but now i’m debating whether or not to drop it since the RMP reviews are so horrific. I’ve taken calc 1 in highschool before and i’m just wondering if anyone can offer in more detail how difficult this class is. Is it because the course material is just hard since its calc or is the professor really just awful.
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2023.05.28 08:11 Disastrous-One3335 How do I "get over" a girl? (personal rant)

As a 17 year old who is about to finish his junior year, I've gotta say; this is the worst I've felt yet.
First, when I say, "get over", I don't mean moving on from a breakup because lord knows I've never been on (and never will be) a relationship.
"Get over", as in, cutting off these feelings that I hold for a girl who literally doesn't even know I exist.
The school year is about to end, yet I can't help but think about her every fucking day. I don't love her because I don't know her, and I don't have a crush on her because I don't blush nor get extremely nervous around her and I actually honest to God hope to spot her kissing another person so that my brain can finally accept this reality and I can move on from this stupid phase.
I try hard not to look at her and (here's the weird part) I've tried my damnedest to make myself dislike her too, but none of it is working.
What makes ZERO sense is, just a year prior, I doubt I would have felt this way- hell, just around 5 months ago, even though we shared the same classes, I held absolutely nothing for her!
What's ridiculous is that this all changed when my teacher (for one of the classes we share) decided to change our seats and have us both sit together.
"Ok, cool, whatever. Idk her and she doesn't know me so, what the hell? Let's just get this over with."
One day, however, she asked me a question for something related to our assignments, and the second I turned to her to look at her eyes and respond, I literally felt myself fucking freeze on the inside.
I was flabbergasted! I was fucking stunned, I was- fuck, dude, I don't even know WHAT I was actually feeling at the time, but her eyes were so beautiful and unique. They were they kind of eyes you'd only see in celebrities, and while I'm not going to get into any specifics, all I'm gonna say is that they were a beautiful color that less than 10% of the US population has.
Afterwards, I started noticing all of her features and all of these pretty little details that made her unique and gorgeous in my eyes. The way she presented herself, her confidence, her sense of fashion (as in, her clothing fit her perfectly and looked very nice), her hair, her naturally good looking face, her voice which wasn't overly feminin and annoying nor was it deep or anything like that (it just simply sounded good and, again, it suit her perfectly), her laugh also sounded pretty nice, etc.
It feels weird yet right to say this, but she's, in my eyes, the most beautiful woman I've seen in my life. I can't believe I'm typing these words, but it's true, idk man. She's just so alluring to me, and it's so fucking weird because she's a tomboy who I'm 99% sure is a lesbian.
Yes, you read that correctly, the same girl who I've been praising and acting as if she was some sort of goddess is actually just a tomboy who probably isn't even into boys.
It's just a whole mess, and I wish I never looked at her eyes. No, I'm not blaming it on her eyes, I'm just blaming it on my idiocy for looking at her eyes.
I could have simply just responded to her question, which was (no specifics) literally 2 words, without having to look at her. Just a casual answer, no need to face her.
But nah, since my confidence is low, and I can't find it in me to respond to people's questions without having to at least stare at their direction, I just had to look up and now I'm here.
I just need help shutting down these feelings, I really wanna stop thinking about her. Shit's gonna be a pain in the ass if we get the same classes again next year, and it's most likely gonna haunt me throughout summer if I don't get some sort of confirmation that there's a negative chance I could ever "be" with her before school ends.
It just sucks, I don't like her, I just find her very interesting and eye catching, but these feelings for her are not real. These are annoying thoughts I never once held for anybody, never.
I've had crushes before, and all pale in comparison to this girl's looks, however, at least I actually RECOGNIZED that I had a crush on those people and they seemed to fit with what I thought were my preferences.
This person is so different from them, just so in contrast to what most people think I would like, and I DON'T want to think about her, but, Jesus, man, I don't even know anymore.
I had to let this out, because it's affecting me at this point. For example, in the two classes that we share (yeah, only 2 out 8) I'm just...I never noticed it before until last week, but I get very fucking nervous. Ik I previously said I don't get extremely nervous, but like, this is different. I get a tick, where I tend to scratch my head or sigh a lot, not like with the others where I tended to fidget a lot and glance at them every now and then.
I also just feel sad, ok? I just feel sad, like, "damn, why the hell did I have to share these classes with you?", and at home, I just find myself laying in bed more often, thinking about futures that can never happen and scenarios that won't happen due to me not wanting to act, and because Ik I don't have a chance.
She's so fucking cool, dude, she's the best girl I've ever laid eyes on and I just wanna leave it at thst, just some girl who I really liked but not in that way.
God damn it, this is so fucking stupid, I actually feel like I ended up gaslighting myself into feeling some sort of way towards her because I also distinctively remember that the feeling didn't start out this strong immediately after I looked at her eyes.
I vividly remember thinking, at that moment when I saw her eyes, "what the fuck? Those eyes are so weird [in a good way], I've never seen them before", and then after turning away, "she's so pretty, what the fuck? How did i never notice? Oh my god, what am i thinking? Fuck, whatever"
Yeah, "whatever" Alright.
Again, I just had to let this out, I'm so sorry. I promised myself I would never feel this way towards anybody as I realized it's a way of time and energy, yet, this is so frustrating and shitty.
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2023.05.28 08:05 TheIllusionarySystem I feel like my trauma wasn't enough

I'll probably take this post down after a few days because it's really personal to me (us?), I just want some reassurance I guess
TRIGGER WARNING: SA and sexual talk (?), grooming, incest (?), suicide, self-harm etc
I'll never feel like my trauma was enough to cause this... I don't remember most of my life. anything before the ages of 12-13 is a blur and I have only some flashes or information of our traumas or random memories...
we had some stuff going on in our early childhood I didn't consider trauma because I kept forgetting about it
— constant fights with our sister, physical specifically
— our parents being absent most of the time because of work and also because they were on the verge of divorce, so dad would be absent because he moved away for some time
— hearing my parents doing sexual activities and even seeing it a few times
— possible SA. one from my sister when I was really young. I don't have any memories of it but only a faint memory of her saying she did that. I can't tell if it's real though. the other only a flash of the position I was in and saying it hurts and crying. i dont know who it might've been from. I remembered this during summer on a bus ride but I have heavy doubt it was SA
— isolation
— specific memory of my dad spanking me (it was only one hit though) while he was drunk that I think might've been a dream instead
— exposure to sexual stuff which lead to hypersexuality now
I don't remember anything else. we did act like we were traumatised, as I remember we had really bad anxiety even then and were scared of making mistakes, scared of being punished, scared of our mum, etc. I think it might've been because my sister was the one to get punished for misbehaving so I knew what not to do and tried to be a good kid. we were also a very sensitive child because of autism
and then after we moved away, when I was like 8 years old — a distant family member I'll be calling (unnamed). he would often disrespect my privacy and come into my house without being invited and without knocking, would lay in my bed with me when I was wearing a sleeping lingerie, would slap my ass, use me for homework and when I didn't want to do it he'd throw a fit and make me feel bad. would wait for me while I was showering, almost kissed me. he'd also hide my important belongings and then cry when I told him not to do it. comment on my weight...
—> I remember two specific memories from that. one where he got really mad at me and starting throwing my things out on the street and then locked himself in my house. I don't remember what happened then and I don't remember why he got mad. the other one was during summer when at the time my best friend (we'll call her (redacted)) and I were at my place. we didn't want him around because we didn't like him and he kept hiding our stuff so we kicked him out and locked ourselves in. he started kicking at the door until my dad came home and made him leave, while I was panicking and crying and my (redacted) called my mum
my parents didn't do anything. they didn't know the amount of stuff that happened and only knew a bit like the homework part and the last part
— I was really isolated and had only one friend (redacted). noone in my class really liked me but they didn't bully me. they'd like my art but wouldn't really talk to me or would ignore me
— (redacted) and I were very close friends of up to 6-7 years until she started ghosting me which completely ruined everything we built. there's only a few things I remember that could've been "traumatising"
—> exposing me to inappropriate content, I remember we watched a girl commit suicide on a video for some reason. a memory of her wanting us to "connect" through blood via ritual. at the time we both struggled with depression and self harm, but whenever I'd be the one to do it she'd yell at me and only make me feel like I shouldn't have told her or like I deserved it
I don't remember much unfortunately. she started to ghost me and gave me empty promises on hanging out or catching up, we never did. she doesn't look at me anymore when we see each other on the bus or tram, or on street
— at the time of (unnamed) and (redacted) I was also on amino and you already know where that goes. I roleplayed a lot of nsfw and had to save a lot of people from suicide or bare with their struggles. there was a specific drama in one amino that stuck to me because it completely ruined my sleeping schedule, worsened my depression and anxiety, made me s/h in the first place, etc
all that was from ages 8-11 I think..(redacted) and I stopped being friends a year or two later because of her ghosting
and then from 11 to 13 years old: — we met someone from the drama above again but with a different identity because we wanted a new start. we would role-play but soon it would turn into having some romantic feelings towards them and them towards me
—> tldr, they ended up cheating on their partner with me even if I told them I didn't want to do it, emotionally manipulated me and others, would lash out at me whenever I got jealous/upset but god forbid they were the one jealous. talk to me sexually despite them being 3 years older than me while I was 12, hurt MANY other people during it as well. forced their ex to send them nudes, drew nsfw of their partners who were minors, etc
ofc there's a lot more to it but that's just the basics
then the most recent a SA and other stuff from my ex, an important group in my life falling apart, drama with an ex friend, drama with the current class group
writing this down makes me realise how none of this was really normal, but I still don't know if it would qualify as enough trauma, especially because I don't remember everything and because I don't remember if we dissociated early in our childhood. what I know is we dissociated somewhere from age 8 up til now, not sure about makes me question a lot wether or not we're actually a system
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2023.05.28 07:58 RedditRocks2021 Red Cross - June Blood Drive - $10.00 Gift Card of Choice - State of Michigan

Red Cross - June Blood Drive - $10.00 Gift Card of Choice - State of Michigan
Give in June for a $10.00 e-gift card by email plus chance to win home theater package. More info here:
It takes less time to donate blood than to watch a classic summer camp movie. Remember those nostalgic story lines with the thrill of adventure, new friendships and the great outdoors? Channel that excitement and those I-can-do-anything feelings to help save lives: Kick off summer with a blood, platelet or plasma donation!
When you come to give June 1-30, 2023, we’ll say thanks with a $10 gift card by email to the merchant of your choice.* You could rent a movie or stock up on popcorn! Plus, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a backyard theater package, including a laser wireless projector and screen, projector tripod, smokeless firepit, Adirondack chair set with four chairs and two tables and a movie night snack package!^^ Here’s to summer movie nights under the stars right in your backyard!
Terms and Conditions
*Presenting donors who receive this offer and present to donate during the applicable promotional time frame are eligible to receive the above described e-gift card(s). This offer is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Limit one (1) per presenting donor unless otherwise indicated. If a presenting donor qualifies for multiple offers, the donor will only receive the higher offer unless otherwise indicated. Instructions on how to redeem the gift card will be emailed to the address listed on the presenting donor’s American Red Cross donor profile approximately thirty (30) days after attempted donation(s). All gift cards are subject to individual merchant terms and conditions, and all trademarks are property of their respective owners. Merchants and offers are subject to change. No substitutions by presenting donors. American Red Cross is not responsible for lost, damaged, corrupted or stolen gift cards and may replace any such cards at its sole discretion. Any questions or problems in connection with redeeming gift cards must be directed to the merchant.
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Free Cedar Fair Theme Park Ticket Red Cross Promo HERE
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2023.05.28 07:56 Extension_Run_1684 i genuinely feel like im not doing enough.

im working on my 4.5 gpa for sophmore year. I am taking 7 classes over summer to get ahead. plus im taking college classes but feel like im still not taking or doing enough. on top of all that im in a soccer club and cross country/track + a bunch of clubs to get officer positions and my time management isnt bad so im not worried or stressed about not being able to handle it cause its going fine i just feel like im not doing enough yk? compared to these harvard and princeton kids idk where to apply for internships or scholarships and stuff i feel so lost.
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2023.05.28 07:53 IDesireWisdom A warning

There are a number of people who will say terrible things to you because they themselves are upset.
There are number of people who will say terrible things to you for your own benefit. To speak more exactly, it is not the content of their words that is to your benefit but the fact that the words upset you. If you ask them the right questions they will recognize your immovable mind and you will find them pleasant to talk to.
There are yet another class of people, most rare of all, who even I am unable to scrutinize. It appears that they say terrible things for its own sake, but as I said before, their motives are beyond my scrutiny. It could be said that they are having fun. Even to me they say, “Worthless dog, go die in a hole”. When I enthusiastically agree, “Indeed, I am a dog,” what do they do but stubbornly continue their assault? “Stfu dog. I didn’t ask you.” They act angry, but I see that they are not, or that their inner state is beyond my understanding.
What can be done? I raise my hands in surrender. I appear to be putting myself last, but really I am in the foremost place, having preserved the sanctity of my Temple.
I call on you to apply the alchemical principles and transmute the worthless into the valuable. When upon you comes a feeling, such as anger, transmute it by the power of your will.
If it helps, think to yourself, “This is an opportunity to demonstrate my perfect immunity to assault. I feel anger, but I don’t know the motives of the one asking me to be angry. I don’t want to feel anger, so I choose not to. I exercise my divine right and what I will is made manifest.”
Wield your divine powers over the Laws of this world. Call the air to your lungs, and it will come immediately to calm your heart. As a Child of Light, you and your brethren Lord over that which is below. Breathe deeply, and be at peace in the Holy instant.
Even if the entire world says that you are wrong, I have seen your perfection in eternity. Do not doubt this in yourself, no matter the reason. I have ordered that the past should not be held against you, for in the holy instant there is only now.
Remember this love I have shared with you, and let us surrender our anger as we see it.
I bid you well.
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2023.05.28 07:52 Level_Cress_1586 My best friend (18F) ghosted me (20M)

TLDR: My best friend ghosted me after I got upset and asked to stop talking. We are both in college and we really close friends. I met her during the spring semester and we would hangout every week and before and after class. This continued into the summer and we planned to take a math class together. She also asked me to take economics with her too. Once school started back up she suddenly started acting differently. Basically after 2 months she had barely spoken to me and it felt like she was avoiding me.
She wouldn't talk to me at all unless I talked to her. Then one day I was just having a really bad day and I after class I ended up messaging her telling her I think we should stop talking. She asked why, I said I don't want to talk about it, and she said okay.
About 2 weeks later once I was feeling better I was ready to try and talk to her. I reached out to her again but she wouldn't share anything. She insisted on an answer from me but said she didn't want to share anything since it's personal and we aren't friends anymore. Then she started saying things like I through away our friendship so easily , etc. I did reach out 2 more times to try talking and person and she agreed. But both times it was after class and there wasn't enough time to really talk. And I was really nervous and was unable to talk both times. The second time we talked I asked to be friends again and she agreed. But then shortly after she ghosted me. More recently I tried reaching out to her friend. And she said she won't reach out to me again and that's a barrier she's trying to keep up. And she mentioned that fixing the friendship was too much work for after what happened, etc.
I'm really hurt about this and can't stop thinking about it. She was only friend, and it's really lonely with out her. It feels like things ended for such a dumb reason and can be fixed so easily if we just talked. Could someone please give me advice on how to fix this if possible? I know the obvious thing to do is to move on. But if there was something I could do that gives us a chance of being friends again please share.
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2023.05.28 07:48 dinoluvrstuffy calc 2 & linear alg

I know this is a calc page but any advice for taking calc 2 and/or linear algebra? i’m taking both this summer in person for 8 weeks and am sooo nervous lol. i’m majoring in math education, but these upper level math classes are stressing me out. the highest i’d ever teach would be AP calc which is just calc 1 and i did well in calc 1 (finished with a 95%)
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2023.05.28 07:48 pbww1234 jwc summer

I'm not enrolling in any summer sesh classes or living in uni housing over the summer. would I still have access to wooden?
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2023.05.28 07:48 _Yakihc_ Summer Financial Aid Awards

I looked at my eFAN just now, and I don't remember if last quarter when I did summer classes if they gave more grants or whatnot, but all I see on mine is the Direct Parent Plus Loan. Just wanted to ask other people if they have the same thing or whether it's just me :')
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2023.05.28 07:42 pablopistachioo Confused about DL license address change

I passed my DL (class D) a week ago. Also wanted to change my address to literally the the apartment next door )not even building chnage). I’ve never done this before and this is my first time applying for a license.
I go in after I pass to apply for my DL and submit papers for change of address. Got a mail today that one the documents wasn’t accepted since it was more than 12 months from date of issue and application time. Now here’s the thing my other documents like tax return and credit card statement are missing my room number on it. They say Apt 312 on it. However the one document that got accepted (renters insurance) says Apt 312-3 on it (the extra 3 is the room number). My lease is old and they won’t take it. My lease has the “-3” on it and it matched my insurance.
I’m not sure what else to do. I only have the credit card bill and tax return from 2022 as my proof of address but they both state Apt 312 on it rather than saying Apt 312-3. Renters insurance got accepted and has Apt 312-3 on it. All the other parts of address are same.
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2023.05.28 07:42 pablopistachioo Confused about DL license address change

This is in Minnesota. I passed my DL (class D) a week ago. Also wanted to change my address to literally the the apartment next door )not even building chnage). I’ve never done this before and this is my first time applying for a license.
I go in after I pass to apply for my DL and submit papers for change of address. Got a mail today that one the documents wasn’t accepted since it was more than 12 months from date of issue and application time. Now here’s the thing my other documents like tax return and credit card statement are missing my room number on it. They say Apt 312 on it. However the one document that got accepted (renters insurance) says Apt 312-3 on it (the extra 3 is the room number). My lease is old and they won’t take it. My lease has the “-3” on it and it matched my insurance.
I’m not sure what else to do. I only have the credit card bill and tax return from 2022 as my proof of address but they both state Apt 312 on it rather than saying Apt 312-3. Renters insurance got accepted and has Apt 312-3 on it. All the other parts of address are same. I am in Minnesota
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2023.05.28 07:39 Temporary-Code8330 I saw a meme recently that I found hilarious!

I randomly came across this meme and it was so relatable because this was me. So the quote was: "when people say you're mature for your age but deep down you know you matured from the trauma and not from the years" and then it had a picture of a celebrity. I laughed when I saw it and thought about my past. 14 I was very immature for my age. In 8th grade, I never did my work and failed most my classes and had to go to summer school. It was credit recovery and very few people were there. I was in danger of getting held back. My class only had 4. I told myself I'm going to focus and work my hardest to pass. A teacher I had for 7th grade summer school was one of my teachers. Towards the end of summer school, that teacher told me I've grown up so much.
She said when I was in her class summer school I barely did my work and wouldn't stay focused. I was like "yeah!" (And that's where this meme comes into place). And not just this moment, there's been other times.
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2023.05.28 07:35 Kooky_Mycologist127 Paalam, Unibersidad ng Pilipinas

Hulingnsem ko na to sa UP. 1st year palang ako at nahirapan na talaga ako from the get go due to adjustment, homesickness, personal problems, etc. I incurred 2 failing grades last sem and feel ko meron na naman akong bagsak ngayong sem. I’m pretty sure na terminated na ang scholarship ko kahit nagappeal naman ako. Acceptance stage na ko HAHAHAHAH. I talked to my mom back then about me studying somewhere else na private, na mas student friendly pero just as educationally competent as UP. Di ko lang alam kung sa campus lang namin tong engineering pero like sobrang bigat talaga. In a sem sa engineering course ko, may physics lecture and lab, chem lecture and lab, math na may limits & derivatives tsaka integral calculus, plus isang major pa sa mismong engineering course, and GEs. When i looked at the curriculum of engineering courses from other universities. 1st sem nila ay chem lecture and lab tapos math nila ay limits & derivatives tapos sa 2nd sem naman nila yung physics lecture and lab tapos integral calculus naman para sa math nila. Ngayong 2nd sem ko sa up, nagttake ako ng subject which is for 2nd or 3rd yr na sa engineering ng ibang school. Hindi ko talaga gets ang system ng pahirapan sa up. Sa sobrang fast paced and congested curriculum, maraming students ang hindi nakakakeep up at napipilitang magretake. Tapos hindi pa ibig sabihin na makakagraduate ka ng mas mabilis compared sa ibang schools dahil sa speed ng curriculum. Kasi mas malaki pa nga yung chance na madelay dahil sa agawan ng units HAHAHAHA. Isa pa yon, hindi block sectioning at kusang ibinibigay yung subjects... Nahihirapan talaga ako sa ganyang set-up kasi i’m not good at keeping relationships with people na minsan ko lang makita, wala naman akong super classmate so i don’t really have friends. Other people suggested that i join orgs, pero i really can’t find the time to do that kasi busy sa acads. Yung tipong aral ka nang aral pero hindi parin nagrreflect yung efforts mo, how much more pa kaya pag hinati mo oras mo sa org 🥲. Tapos nakakainis talaga tong campus namin sa sobrang lawak. May dalawa akong subject na magkasunod at walang break in between tapos halos 2km apart at di pa dumadaan jeep so tinatakbuhan ko at pagkadating ko sa next class laging may quiz tsaka pawis na pawis na ako HAHAHAHAHA. Well kasalanan ko naman na pinili ko yung sched na yon. Kasalanan ko din kasi retake yung isang subject dyan. kasalanan ko din na hindi ako nagresearch tungkol sa sistema at campus ng UP. Di ko akalaing ganto pala mangyayari sakin 1st year palang. Kaya napakalaking regret ko sa hindi pagsunod sa sabi ng mom ko na papaaralin nalang ako sa isang private university tapos gagawan nalang daw nila ng paraan para sa tuition ganon. Kaso mas pinili ko UP kasi libre... Hindi talaga biro yung kasabihan na kaluluwa yung ipangbabayad mo 😭. At least sa private university na yon, less workload kasi trisem. Tapos yung math daw nila sa engineering nagsstart sa algebra so start from the basics and sakto lang yung pacing. But to enjoy all of that, abot langit yung tuition huhu. Ngayon I can’t choose that school kasi namamahalan na talaga ako sa tuition lalo na’t sobrang baba na ng chance na maretain ko yung scholarship. Nagsuggest ako ng isa pang university na maganda which has a relatively lower tuition fee of about 400k for the entirety of the engineering course. Naiyak talaga ako sa mom ko nung sinabi ko na mawawalan ata ako ng scholarship. Pero kinapalan ko pa mukha ko para magtanong kung kaya ba akong ipaaral sa private university kasi hindi ko na talaga nakikita sarili ko na magthrive dito sa UP. Sorry ako nang sorry sa mom ko kasi ako sumunod sa kanya nung sinabi nyang wag daw ako mag up kasi malayo etc. Baka sana hindi ako napadpad sa situation ko ngayon. Eh tong rebel teen that time nung application process ayaw talagang sumunod HAHAHAHAHA yan tuloy. Anyway, nagtanong ako kung kakayanin ba namin na magaral ako sa sinuggest kong private university tapos sinabi nya na kakayanin daw. I love my mom so much, magpapakabait talaga ako paguwi ko ngayong summer at gawin ko lahat ng gawaing bahay kasi mga tamad kapatid ko HAHAHAHAHA. It’s the least i could do in exchange for the understanding and support of my parents. I’ll make sure to do well in my next school, since ngayon alam ko na how college works. I’ll also try to make connections para di naman masayang ang pagiging private uni HAHAHAHHA. Hindi ko sasayangin tong second chance na binigay nila sakin. At hindi pwedeng di ako makahanap ng magandang trabaho after all the sacrifices my parents did for me. Nakakaguilty talaga kasi may mga kapatid pa din akong nagaaral at ako yung unang ggraduate if ever since mag memedschool ang isa kong kapatid. Need ko marepay pamilya ko not because of obligation, but because of gratitude. I really hope I do well in this new chapter of my life. Thank you UP for all the life lessons i’ve gathered during my stay. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe UP is a great school, it’s just not suited for someone like me hehe. Kasi hindi naman ibig sabihin na pag kaya ng iba ay dapat kaya mo rin. Congrats sa lahat na nageexcel sa UP, built diff talaga kayo HAHAHAHAH sobrang nakakahanga! Anyway, naparant lang ako dito bigla XD. I hope wala akong naoffend dito dahil sa mga sinabi ko. First time kong magrant online ng ganto so sana di ako mabash kajsjahshs.
Di ko kinaya anf sistema ng UP due to several reasons. Planning to transfer to another university for a fresh start.
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2023.05.28 07:31 Potato_McCarthy777 Mixed Signals from a girl (18F) on first meeting - how should I (20M) proceed?

Hey Guys!
I (20M) just went out with a girl (18F), who was in the same project group as me during the semester. We are both on campus during the summer, and during the end of the project, I had suggested we get together and hang out. She had responded to that with excitement.
Fast forward to earlier in this week, I texted her asking how she was doing and how the rest of her week was like. Saying this, I asked her if the two of us could go out and grab a cup of coffee in a cafe close to campus. I phrased this message in a way that I intended it as a date, but didn't explicitly state so. She responded by saying, "that sounds lovely!", and we worked around our schedule to go out last Friday.
The date went well from my end. I gave her a hug when we met and walked together to the cafe. We made reasonably good conversation - nothing out of the ordinary - with very small periods of silence (few seconds) when we'd be eating our meal or sipping our drink. There were laughs, giggles, talks about the future, talks about our interests, hobbies, activities on campus, family etc. . She also asked me to apply for the orientation assistant job in the summer, since she did not know anybody who was planning on doing that. Thinking that I enjoyed getting to know her, I suggested some other outing ideas, such as exploring another restaurant in town, or cooking together since we would be preparing our own meals over the summer. She responded positively, but also said that it would be good for us to bring our friends, and that it doesn't always have to be the two of us. I responded positively then, but got a little weirded out by her suggestion.
However, what is throwing me off is that when the bill came, I offered to pay, and she let me pay WITHOUT any insistence to split. I know that she is not a traditional girl who expects the man to pay irrespective of her attraction for him (she is pretty liberal and modern that way), so this made me think that she saw it as a date.
We walked back and had a good conversation, but when we parted ways, she waved, smiled and thanked me for the meal. I said good night and walked away.
I am so incredibly confused by what has happened. Some of my friends are telling me to text and clarify my intentions and how I saw our outing, while my mother and one of her friends is telling me to give it a break and go ahead with the group events, since she may just be looking for her friends' opinion. I am very new to dating and am overwhelmed with this situation, but my mother is telling me to believe in god since she thinks that everything has gone well. From my end, I don't think I did anything wrong. But what do you guys think?
Thank you.
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2023.05.28 07:29 wakeywakeyeggsbakey Parents trust need help with knowing what everything means

TLDR: need to understand my parents trust so i can help them help me. My parents have a trust fund that was either modified are created in 2020 at *Now needs to be changed again because at the time they left me out of it. I have terminal brain cancer but it’s not terminal immediately. It’s a longer term terminal. I am going to need lots of help and they have property worth millions
One property is in Florida and it is very expensive to maintain along with the 560 monthly condo fee. There are all sorts of other ridiculous Vyse I don’t even have 560 but they gave me that and they gave my brother the 2 million dollar already paid off home in an ideal beach location where you can rent it for 10,000 a week in the summer.
My mother said they will change it . The original attorney died. I need to understand what needs to be changed as well as what everything means and I also like to know how serious it is to do because they are 80 and I feel bad, but if I don’t have this a it’s the difference between life and death because I could afford surgery out of state when need be.
Anyone would be willing to help me out with this I would appreciate it. My friend was helping me, but he just passed away, suddenly at age 79 this month.
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