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2023.05.28 09:30 AmejzingBoj I [22] wish my girlfriend [20] were more ideologically opinionated?

I have been with my girlfriend for around 10 months and I love her with my whole heart. Both of us came to the country we live in right now a few years ago, born and grew in two different Slavic countries. We moved in together after a month of being together, due to some circumstances and our "fuck it, it'll be fun" mindset. And it was fun and still is, we joke, watch movies, shows and get high together. Our humor is similar, we care for eachother and really appreciate eachother.
What bothers me though is that we aren't connected on some deeper level. She isn't ideologically so strongly opinionated and I don't like that about her, because I love activism, politics and some hippie soul searching which she doesn't care about at all unless I talk about it. She engages with it very little and never teaches me something when it comes to these things, it's always me who is showing her something new and tries to get her interested. That doesn't apply to movies, shows, funny videos, stories about friends and family, etc. She engages in conversations and always has something to say, we never sit in silence and it's never boring, it's always fun, but I wish I had some depth to it as well. I can see myself marrying this girl, except for the issue in the title.
I would describe myself as a leftist socialist and I know I might come off as a pretentious young 22 year old when I say this, I am really into philosophical and political topics. I really, really enjoy discussing social issues, wealth inequality, racial inequality, LGBT issues, feminism, the whole deal. I want someone who would for example tell me about a protest in the city close to ours and try to initiate us going there, not the other way around. (Random example to illustrate my point, didn't actually happen)
For example: A man in her close family is a big hardcore capitalist who is a millionaire, and she told me recently that she found some passports in this man's drawer(she said that as a random, fun fact and not even a serious topic). The passports belonged to the migrant workers that come from a country next to hers to work as gardeners, maids, cooks, etc.. She then proceeded to explain how the millionaire guy asks the workers to hand it to him for the months they work in his house, how he doesn't force anyone to give it and it's more like a "part of a deal". She says that they had over 20 thieves in their house, how the people from her city/country don't want to work even though they are paid well, she says: "that's why he works with immigrants, because they work better and don't steal, but if they do that's why he takes their passports. If they do steal, he still gives the passport back. He always treats and pays them well and he would give them money if they ask for their passport back, he always gives it instantly. He is a good man."
My point was, why not just install cameras in the huge 4 kitchens house they have, in the hallways, front doors and pay workers a little better with all of these milions he earned from them, and they will work with more care and motivation and won't have a need to steal. She says it's uncomfortable to have cameras around the house, which I think is better than the discomfort the workers feel when they come to another country and give away their passport to their boss. She doesn't have any control over a man who does this to these workers, my issue is that I wish she wasnt ideologically interested nor strongly enough enough to at least say "yeah, he shouldn't do that" but she says "maybe I'd do it too, i don't think so but I'm not sure, i don't know". She didn't want to engage in the conversation because she was uncomfortable, but I BADLY wanted to dive deeper into it, just for the fun of the conversation. I don't want her to scream in the guys face and tell him to give the people their passports back, just... to talk about it, theoretically.
I am aware that she isn't objective because the millionaire guy is in her close family, but if anyone in my family did that I would probably never talk to them until they gave the passports back and paid the workers more so they don't steal.
Am I in the wrong to consider breaking up because a girl isn't ideologically interested enough, even though every other aspect of our relationship is perfect? I talked to her about her lack of interest in these things, she said she understands, it's a shame she doesn't care and she cannot change that about herself at the moment (which I agree with, obviously), and she might care in a few years, but not now, which is also fair enough, because we are in our early twenties.
My English is s little messy, sorry
tl;dr: Girlfriend doesn't care about ideology and philosophy that much, everything else is literally perfect
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2023.05.28 09:30 InformalTitle1484 Intimate too soon?

Sooo I am a single mother, the last person I was with in an intimate way was my daughters dad 2 years ago. I reconnected with a guy I very briefly dated/ talked to years back. He got out of a relationship 2 months ago that was long term. Which terrifies me. I was considering breaking things off honestly. I don’t want to be emotional over some guy going back with his ex when I have momming to do. I’m absolutely not the girl to sleep with someone right away, never have been. Not even judging if someone does but it’s never been what I do. I don’t have many sexual partners. I really like this guy he really seems to like me but what if his ex came back maybe that would all fly out the window. Anywho he’s so gosh dang hot and he started kissing me and I honestly couldn’t hold myself back. I feel like such an idiot. He was respectful, he knows I don’t really do sex so soon and made sure I was okay with it. I gave in and we had sex. Weather it works out or not I feel like I ruined things. Why did I act so out of character and do that. I feel like he might think different of me. I haven’t allowed myself to get close like that to anyone as I want to establish something meaningful first especially now that I’m a mom. I acted different and I can’t take it back. I’m mad at me
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2023.05.28 09:30 ATSbouquetnoida "A Office Space That Will Make You Feel a Millionaire - Saya Piazza Sector 131 Noida"

You can ebook retail shops in Saya Piazza business ventures for setting up retail corporations like salons, grocery, cosmetics shops, Spa centers, espresso stores, and so on. You will find retail stores in a length variety starting from 165 sq. Toes. Onwards. All stores are completed and have facilities like tiled floors, lights, energy backup, and greater.
The consumers can even find premium workplace areas in Saya Piazza Noida which are perfect for setting up enterprise offices. Office areas are also wide and ready with facilities like lockable, Wi-Fi, tiled flooring, lighting fixtures, and extra.
You can also find other residences on the market in this venture which includes food courts, hypermarkets, shop rooms, and so forth., which might be additionally exact alternatives to invest for meant functions. Thus, you could have varied picks in homes to e-book inside the Saya Piazza challenge in Noida.
Saya Piazza Noida is a terrific business undertaking, which incorporates numerous services along with CCTV, air-conditioners, elevators, multiplexes, Wi-Fi, youngsters’ entertainment sector, safety, wide corridors and front, and lots of more. Besides, you'll find additional benefits at the challenge website consisting of garbage creditors, a rain harvesting device, car parking, and more. Thus, you'll find many facilities on this industrial project that make it feasible to set up a commercial enterprise in a secure business space.
Interested shoppers can book stores in Saya Piazza industrial mission at Rs. 37.Five Lakhs. Also, you may ebook workplace areas for this task that are also available at reasonable costs. For more help visit my site:-
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2023.05.28 09:29 Hautebiteschef AITA for planting a garden and putting up string lights up in my backyard?

AITA for planting a garden and putting up string lights up in my backyard?
I 35 y/o (f) moved into a 5 bedroom house in 2019. I live in a PNW city where it's impossible to rent a home with backyard while on single income, so most people have roomates. We have a pretty great deal, as the landlord offers us pretty great rates on condition that we manage upkeep of house and yard.
I live in the garden level family room that I converted into living/ work from home space with my 11 year old husky who is certified working canine and 2 mini- huskies. All well behaved and utilize dog door through garage to outside. There is a guest room down here as well and I pay the most rent, while the three others upstairs pay between 610 -780 a month. I also manage most repairs, do most of yard work, shoveling/ de-icing, deep-cleaning, purchase shared goods (toilet paper, soap etc) and utilities are under my name. Most tools, kitchen utensils, furniture, upgrades are mine.
In 2021 my three roomates were wanted to be mobile nomads and moved out. I had to find 3 new roomates. 2 are down to earth males and 1 was a seemingly high energy 29 year old (f). Let's call her Tanya. We had a lot in common and totally thought I won the roomate lottery. Boy was I wrong, seems like i have to walk on eggshells or Tanya becomes a non- empathetic, passive aggresive, cold & mean person just because of her own assumptions. Like her making up a person's intentions without even talking to them. She also loves drama and complaining about others.
I realize my empathetic personality and her blunt personality might be cause for friction. I always think about what someone might be going through before judging/reacting to their foul behavior. She thinks that this trait of mine means I'm a non-genuine person and all empathetic people have alterior intentions. I have 5 brothers and raised them, caring for others is just who I am and I don't want anything in return. However, whenever she needs anything she comes running to me and i always am there for her.
Anyways, last year when I had massive surgery in May, Tanya was upset I hadn't mowed the lawn during recovery. She cited that if the roomates wanted to chill outside they couldn't because the grass was too tall and she was afraid of stepping in dog poop. I had already hired a company to pick up after dogs and found someone to mow lawn. I mentioned that she agreed to help out with upkeep outside before signing lease and that I would need help after the yard services came in. Id been doing most of work because when i did ask for help from others they would agree to help but it never happened. So she basically told me she felt all of outside should be my responsibility because of the dogs. I've tried reiterating that she agreed to non-dog related yardwork but she would talk louder and make accusations. Can't have a chill convo with her.
Now a year later, I was laid off from big tech layoffs and saw opportunity to improve our yard. I got the landlords blessing to update landscaping so we have a nice firepit patio area in the back that would be low maintenance. I shared plans with roomies and went hard on removing blackberry bushes ( thorny vines 20 ft high), deep weeds, laying down grass seed and laying down lighted wooden path to fire pit. I added string light to back area. The roomies windows are on 2nd storyand face west, while lights are south of house. I sent a few pics to roomies asking if they had ideas, if they liked lights and if they wanted me to change anything. No one said anything, so I continued working.
While at Lowes, I saw there were 3 for 12$ herbs and veggies. I remembered we had a pallet in back, and created a raised garden in front. Summers are so nice here and we have adirondack chairs out front so added a few hanging lights on fence behind garden so could see any critters eating from garden and to add ambience. I again asked them thoughts after sending pics and telling them to please help themselves to garden and that I left some space for them to plant anything they wish. No response except from the 2 male roomates that mentioned they loved it in passing.
The last update I made before Tanya exploded about it all was when i put string lights over the path going to fire place on west facing side of house. I made sure that I respected privacy of Tanya, and the lights are only on fence below her window. She wasn't home so I asked her in a text to let me know her thoughts and to please let me know if she has ideas or wants to change anything up. No response. The next day she goes off on me via text. She told me that I needed to ask her permission before making any updates to backyard. That I should have asked permission before putting up lights and the garden. She did say she understood that my intentions are to make back yard look better, but that i was making a big thing out of something i should be responsible for since my dogs need the space. I reminded her why her rent is cheap and what she agreed to. She continued with the theory that i shoul hsve asked for permission before msking updates. I left it at the fact that throughout all changes ive been trying to include her, and asked if she wants anything changed. She has been cruel and passive aggresive since then.
I left for a quick four day trip with my senior husky and paid a sitter to stay at house in my room with the two mini huskies. To keep an eye on them while Tanya and I were on bad terms, also since they need love ( not just food and water). Well, sitter went out for a mother's day dinner and when Tanya came back, she entered house through garage, which she always goes through front yard gate to front door. She left garage door open and the two pups ran away. Neighbors called, and when I tried contacting our house group Chat to ask if pups are safe and garage was down, I received no answer. I then sent a text saying neighbors called, Tanya responded cold, short and was argumentative. She does passive aggressive things consistently and I think she may have left garage open on purpose.
Anyways, it's been a month since and caught her on ring camera talking crap about the garden and lights with some random friend of hers. Real mean girl vibes. So AITAH for putting up a garden and string lights up on house I live in and manage for landlord?
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2023.05.28 09:29 shootanwaifu Am I crazy for thinking this about the show?

Haruhi suzumiya and the film are my favorite pieces of audio visual media ever. There something about it that's so self aware and " meta " that just elevates the show into its own thing and as I rewatch the show I started noticing somethings
  1. I felt this before but on the rewatch I strongly feel this show is serving three diffrent narratives at the same time: a slice of life club show, a sci fi story with the three characters trying to win the influence of God haruhi, and as a meta self aware comedy. Nearly every situation or segment of dialogue works for all 3 narratives.
I always think of the scene where kyon and haruhi get into a huge argument after haruhi starts hitting mikuri in the head with the director cone thing as the perfect example of this
  1. If Kyon is a character viewer parallel Haruhi is a director character parallel. Their relationship explores how the reception of a piece of media a director creates can affect their feelings/ outlook and by extention the reality of the media they create. There's too many things that point to this, her omnipotent God powers that alter reality, Haruhi literally saying " I'm the director! " and her being the actual director of the film they do and of the sos club itself.
For better or for worse there has been countless times where fan praise, backlash or indifference has altered the artistic vison / writing of a show, and if we see visual media as creating a reality for us as viewers to explore, we can say haruhi is a metaphor for a director.
Viewers are so often paralleled in media through the Mc, but I've never seen a show have a director paralleled though it's cast. Tatsuya Ishihara dies the meta commentary on media thing in hyouka extensively as well.
This might be obvious or I might be looking to far into this, Idk lmao
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2023.05.28 09:29 Putrid-Occasion1881 Experience with USDA guaranteed loan?

Has anyone used the USDA Guaranteed Loan? From looking at the basic requirements my partner and I would qualify and pretty much our entire state counts as rural. The only thing that gives me pause is that both our employment history has been rocky with many short gaps and the longest job held for only 7 months. With all other qualifications met, do you think this would prevent us from getting approved? I'm not sure if it matters but we both have documented disabilities that were directly related to the gaps in employment. Our most recent jobs were 7 months which was the duration of the contract and we've since both acquired permanent positions elsewhere. Thanks for any advice you might have.
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2023.05.28 09:28 Temp933454 Anyone got a deck for this, I’ve been stuck

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2023.05.28 09:28 EternalSophism A.PSA to all clinicians who underprescribe pain medicines, intentionally or not:

I'm borrowing a lot of this content from replies I made in another thread that evolved into a discussion about approaches to so-called/apparent 'drug seeking' behavior. I am but a lowly registered nurse, but I have been hospitalized and immobilized with pain, I am not direct naive and I'm certainly not misguided. So, I'll begin with a story.
Imagine a nurse named David. Despite having battled with drug problems and mental instability on and off for much of his life, including essentially all of the way through nursing school, David has proven to be good and well respected nurse, and had several years of success working in some of the world's most intense trauma ICUs and stepdown floors.
Imagine that today at 0720, David was interrupted halfway through getting report on six patients (two of whom should still be in the ICU, David would go on to find), by the unannounced- except by her own crying and screaming- arrival of his admit from the ICU. Being unable to tolerate the idea of someone suffering when he might be able to help, David leaped into action and took report at bedside:
Pt is a(33y) female post MVC in which her husband was killer with compound and spiral fractures to the left tibia, fibula, femur, acetabulum, right femur, right fibula, right tibula, and right ulna- at least.
While rapidly performing neurovascular checks, he confirms with the patient that she is in pain, which seems ridiculous, but he does it anyway. Rushing to the computer he pulls up her orders: 975mg Tyleno q6, of course, scheduled gabapentin (of course? These days)-300mg q8,- 50 mg tramadol q6 prn and ZERO POINT TWO MILLIGRAMS OF Dilaudid IVP q3h.
Having promised that he would bring effective pain relief, David immediately opens his phone and dials the number of whatever MD is listed as her attending doctor, and is redirected to a likely-resident, Tim, who admittedly is not even at the hospital. Not wasting any time, David says simply "0.2mg will not be sufficient for her pain level. I recommend at least 1 mg q3, but given the severity of the trauma, I think 2mg would be even more appropriate and safe given vitals." David knows that even 4 mg of Dilaudid q2h would not do much for the amount of pain is patient is in, but he knows better than to suggest that to Tim.
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2023.05.28 09:28 eap9903 how to apply for a job at 16 (read for details)

before I begin I would like to state that I’m looking for advice and help. I’m not too sure how/what I’m exactly doing or expecting. I 16 and my at home life has been bumpy recently. one of my parents is a SAH parent as the other recently lost their job (they got a job now after 9 months of unemployment however it’s a low paying job). We have been very fortunate to have help from everyone around us, and haven’t delt with any hardship money issues. recently our rent got raised, and keep in mind the current working parent isn’t making enough to support all the bills, incomes, and expenses of everything. I fortunately am a varsity cheerleader, and joined the team last year before any job issues within the household or any financial struggles. I’m not a greedy teenager, and usually only use money when it’s birthday money or holiday money. I also do not ask my parents for much in money terms. I do not have my license and won’t for a few months, so gas for me isn’t an issue as we have help with things such as. however, this year cheer is going up for money wise. recently an email got sent out for cheer finances for this coming school year, we have stunting classes 3-4 weekly and it’s $25 per week. this may not seem like a lot to many, however, these classes will go on until December, being about 27 weeks and $500 for just stunting classes, on top of the uniform, camp, and other activities- rounding up to about 2,000 I want to say. I know that we are in a financially touch situation, and that cheer isn’t a top priority. we have to pay the stunting classes weekly however, and the rest of the cheer bill comes out at the end of the season (march/April). yet again I would like to state I’m not a greedy teenager, and I know money is a huge issue right now for us in our current circumstances. I also know that 25 weekly for 27 weeks is a lot, and it isn’t solvable with only 1 source of income in the household. my parents do other systems go get income, but it’s not consistent. and my other parent is having difficulty finding a job as they’re the SAH and have the responsibility of taking me and my siblings to school and home (at least until I get my license and can take us home). I feel like I might be sharing too much personal information out into the internet, but I just need advice. there’s a really cute little place a few blocks from where we live (I will not disclose what it’s called for safety purposes) but it’s somewhat of a coffee shop, my friend started working there a few weeks back. needless to say, having a friend working there would make me feel even more comfortable. I have no idea how to set up an interview or ask about applying however, and need genuine advice on how to do so. I’ve tried applying for babysitting jobs on facebook, I’ve tried multiple things, my schedule was super busy during school due to cheer involvement as well, so since it’s summer I feel I’ll have an easier route to a job. I have no background experiences, and don’t even know where to begin. needless to say, I know we’re in a hardship, and finding a job for myself doesn’t sound to bad anyways considering it’s summer. any advice on where to begin or what to do? thank you!
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2023.05.28 09:27 TooDriven KotD5 - Finals Discussion and Prediction (Spoilers)

Caution, this post contains spoilers for the entire tournament including the upcoming Finals:
Hera vs. TheViper
El clásico of AoE2, what are your thoughts and predictions? Personally, I am hoping for great games and ultimately a Viper victory. I love his playstyle and have been following his games since 2015 or so.
However, I believe Hera is the favorite right now. While Viper IMO still has slightly better game sense/map awareness/overall "feel" for the game and what to do, Hera has the edge in a few other categories: His mechanics/apm/multitasking are (slightly) better I think. But his biggest edge is that he plays "safer", more meta strategies that leave less room for error. Viper plays a bit more greedy, open, sometimes risky I think.
So if Hera pulls off his super clean meta builds with top tier macro and micro, I feel he might just be slightly ahead all game, up faster and ultimately win. Whereas Viper might lose at least 1-2 games due to choosing worse civs or playing too risky/greedy (this is not me being an armchair general, Viper obv knows better, it's just my noob perspective on how I experience Viper's performance throughout the years). A clear prediction is super hard IMO. I'll go with:
Hera 5-3 Viper
But honestly, if Viper has an off day, it could end up 5-1. Thoughts?
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2023.05.28 09:26 Putrid-Occasion1881 Experience with USDA guaranteed loan?

Has anyone used the USDA Guaranteed Loan? From looking at the basic requirements my partner and I would qualify and pretty much our entire state counts as rural. The only thing that gives me pause is that both our employment history has been rocky with many short gaps and the longest job held for only 7 months. With all other qualifications met, do you think this would prevent us from getting approved? I'm not sure if it matters but we both have documented disabilities that were directly related to the gaps in employment. Our most recent jobs were 7 months which was the duration of the contract and we've since both acquired permanent positions elsewhere. Thanks for any advice you might have.
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2023.05.28 09:26 biggirl1976 Stick with fwb or someone who wants to date

Hi, I'm 46F and in a place where I need some advice from those who aren't family. Backstory - I was married for almost 25 years when my marriage broke up 16 months ago. Husband refused all forms of intimacy, including kissing, blaming ED, and saying any kissing, etc. wasn't I'd only want more and he didn't. Did wonders for my self-esteem. I've tried OLD. It's been an eye opener, to say the least. I tried actually going out and met someone, but each man wanted no relationship and just sex. Due to childhood SA, I'm afraid with men and take a lot of time to trust them, so ONS aren't really an option. I started chatting to someone we'll call Tom back in September, he's 8 yrs younger and the chatting.flowed well. After about 3 months, I eventually met him, and we became FWB but always on his terms and when he wanted. I stupidly fell for him, even though he's always been honest that it's just FWB. I told him 6 weeks ago I wanted more, his reply.. he's not in a good place for a relationship, apparently. It broke my heart, but I understood. He said we could still be friends but no or contact at all. I went quiet, didn't really chat to him to respect the decision. I met Jerry, chatted, and had a date, but kept comparing him to Tom, so I called it off. Family told me I was too hasty, this was a good man who wanted to date, paid compliments, etc, so I've given him a 2nd chance, and it's been going well. I feel safe with him, and he adores me. But Tom has started with the innuendo filled texts, wanting me to come to his, and this has happened maybe 6 times in 3 weeks. I'll chat back but have declined a meeting. Here lies the problem.. I want to meet him, and it's hard refusing him. Why do I want someone who just wants to get his needs met and always when he wants? Why am I constantly struggling to say no. If he wanted a relationship, I would be wrong, but I'd consider it. My head and heart feel very fucked up Coming from my marriage and childhood SA, I feel I don't deserve Jerry and am maybe destined to be with spmeone like Tom. Its also fucking with my mental health.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated x
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2023.05.28 09:26 Stormlark83 Just started thinking about this as an option

I'm sure you get posts like this constantly. Please don't feel obligated to respond. I'm mostly getting my thoughts on paper so to speak. If you do read this and have advice though, that's great. I'd love to hear it.
So I've struggled with panic attacks and agoraphobia for many years. My doctor is well aware of these issues and I don't see there being any difficulties getting paperwork from her to back me up on that. I only leave my house once a month to pick up a prescription that can't be mailed. It's a rough way to live and my husband recently left me which is making everything worse.
Yesterday I had to drive to the pharmacy and decided to bring along a cat I've been babysitting for my stepdad. She's a very outgoing and confident cat but she wasn't particularly thrilled with the unexpected car ride. Thankfully it's only about two blocks from my house and I always use the drive thru. It got me thinking though... having her on the seat next to me made things easier. I'm sure I would qualify for a service dog, so I just started looking into it a few hours ago.
First of all, I've never had a dog of my own before, so that's something to keep in mind. I've been around plenty of animals, but due to my soon to be ex husband's allergies, we didn't have cats or dogs. I would say I'm very good with most pets as my anxiety kind of leads to an extreme focus on body language. I know a lot of people say that though and then you'll watch them go up and yank on a dog's tail. It's okay if you're skeptical when someone says they're good with animals. It makes me skeptical, too.
Secondly, I'm currently going through a lot of changes. There's a divorce, we'll be selling the house, and I'll be moving to a different state. Finances right now are abysmal, but we might have a lot of equity to work with soon. Nothing close to being able to afford an already trained $20,000 dog though. My plan would be to have a professional trainer work with me.
Since I'm still very much in the preliminary stages of considering a service dog, the only action I've taken so far is to email a highly rated dog training company in my area and ask if they offer assistance in choosing and training dogs for service work.
I'm concerned about whether or not I will feel more self conscious in public if people confront me about having an animal. That's why it's important to me that I have paperwork and a very well behaved dog. I don't think an ESA is right for me. Tasks I would like the dog to learn would be things that help stop a panic attack before it gets worse and possibly help distract me or act as a barrier to protect my personal space. I also tend to stare at my feet when walking in public and can bump into people or things. As for breed, I'm not overly picky, but I'd prefer a medium to large sized dog. Maybe a lab/retrieveshepherd mix? I'm not sure.
And that's all I have for now. I'm sure there are things I'm missing or haven't considered yet.
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2023.05.28 09:24 differentbreed22H I’m fighting for my life

I don’t even have bipolar but I might. I have a medical condition where i feel demented. This medical condition is making me feel crazy. Not being able to socialize, not being able to relax, feeling alone and literally being alone all day. Not eating, I do nothing, I try to find peace but I can’t. Im stuck in my own body and unable to escape this misery. Please pray for me I need friends 😞 this is torture
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2023.05.28 09:23 filipinapearl I was bullied in High School by some of my Teachers

I might update with 2 more parts after this post.
I was bullied by my teachers in high school and still years later, I find it hard to have will power. If any of my friends see this, they will probably know that it’s me who wrote this. Even though this is from my side, I will still admit any faults I had made in the past.
I don’t blame them for my failures in life but my hate for them is eating me up even if more than a decade had passed. Hate is a strong word, I know, but after so much things that had happened, I never felt so humiliated and harassed in life like what they did to me — and to my friends. I never wanted to have hate in me any,ore and I want to be free.
This all happened in High School. My small group of friends who I am still in contact with know this story and how hateful I am to the characters to be mentioned.
I transferred school in my sophomore year. For the next two years, I thrived for academic excellence by devoting most of my after school hours to academic clubs that prepares us for contests, etc.
Everything was totally fine and drama free until we got to our senior year. With a new set of teachers, we were feeling how things would go. We had another drama/issue that happened that year. It’s related but not significant in this story.
You see, ROTC was about to be brought back into the curriculum again in those year and because of that, our High School implemented the start of the CAT program.
I joined the CAT and it was another activity that I can pursue after school. I see the good in joining the program to instill discipline and of-course rather than doing anything else, I find it as a way to also exercise because of the training.
At first, most of my friends in the inner circle was in the program. They (CAT seniors) know that I participate in academic trainings and they were very lenient to let me still join those and just catch up with them after math club.
Side note: some people think negatively of CAT/ROTC trainings as a threat to youth (in general) because of the h*zing stories. I understand them and for me also, I wouldn’t support any kind of abuse. Anyway, none of those happened during our CAT.
Unbeknownst to us chill and YOLO seniors, a group of faculty staff were against the return of the CAT program. They would express their distaste for such programs to us students and even to me, since I also interact with some of my teachers because of Math Club.
So the drama involving me started when we had our first general assembly after we became officers.
A few of us finished the whole program and graduated as officers, which meant we would lead the entire senior year students to drills and exercises.
I was assigned to a lower platoon and we didn’t have to do a lot. I had no issue with it.
All was fine until a guy from another class came in late for the GA.
He had an athletic build so I supposed he would fit in the higher class platoon but he was a little snobbish at that time to a lot of my co-officers. Since he was minutes late, which was intentional on his part, (our directions back then was to have a short break after the last class of the day to eat and then proceed to the gym for the GA). He was about 10-15 minutes late if I remember so it would suffice to have the same number for him to do pumpings. (Like squats then stand up). In my mind, it wouldn’t be an issue since he was an athlete, right? No. He would try to annoy the hell out of me. Like who is this guy? He slouched and was not doing it right. Yes, I felt disrespected and also he was disrespecting his platoon mates who arrived on time and was kind and respectful to one another as we did exercises. You would know they were trying their best. We’re talking about guys who were less athletic compared to him but was doing their best in their 5-10 reps of exercise. But this guy was on a whole other level. I cut him when he was slouching or loudly complaining and asked him to repeat the exercise so he could do at-least a few times correct.
I was a bit of an AHole for telling him that he might do it nonstop but I was just waiting for him to do a proper five or less since he had been slouching. He came through after so much tantrums and after that since we were in the lower ranks, we spent time in our platoon getting to know some of the seniors from other classes and share a bit of what we learned in the program as officers. Chill platoon.
I guess it was the next day or the other day that another thing happened.
We had our last class for the morning and were about to go have our lunch when our in a science Physics teacher slammed our home room door open and screamed “SINO NAGPAHIRAP SA ESTUDYANTE KO?!” Ha ha. The “athletic” guy who came late in the GA pointed at me (this was in front of my whole homeroom class in our room plus a whole lot of seniors in the hallway). “YUNG MATABA NA YUN, MAAM” (Yes, I was and still am overweight).
It might have been a funny story but I was singled out and a little bit harassed by that faculty staff who was the homeroom teacher of that guy. I kind of forgot how it was let go and resolved at that time but I wasn’t fully able to have it across that teacher that he was late and disrespectful.
From my understanding, there were other seniors from her homeroom class. (Those kids I referred to as less athletic who were giving their best in doing reps) And when they were asked, they didn’t say anything bad about the drills in our platoon. So I wasn’t reprimanded or anything but was just given a fair warning. I just asked if the guy can be removed from my platoon because it would be awkward plus I don’t want to deal with him again.
I didn’t know what it was before but compared to today, it can be called out as fat shaming and humiliation from what they did.
I guess he was moved to the higher class where they had to do a lot of exercises since he was quite athletic. I never crossed paths with the guy even though our home rooms are two doors from each other. In my mind, he caused a huge part in this. (To be continued…)
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2023.05.28 09:23 soanxismykink 18m gay guy here looking for gay/bi friends

Currently drunk and feeling emotions that might get me banned cause s*x thoughts are bad apparently. If you wanna hmu then be my guest, I’d love nothing more. 18+ only, kids.
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2023.05.28 09:23 Snoo_34229 Cat is vomiting ??

Hi all, so basically I have a 3 year old female Persian cat who has non stop been vomiting past 3-4 months. We have been to two vets for her vomiting, though she still happens to keep vomiting.
The first vet said to change her food, which we did though still no sign of her stopping. So we transferred to the second vet, which placed a flee treatment also changing the food, tho still she kept on vomiting.
Her vomit seems to be her food, her cat pellets mixed with water- so its a cider orange colour.
However, the amount of times she has vomited has decreased from every day multiple times, to every second day. Thankfully, shes perfectly fine behaviour wise and mood wise, having no signs of pain. The veterinarian even saying shes put on weight rather than lost it.
Has anyone experienced this with their cat?? And ideas for why she might be vomiting??
I have another cat who is a Scottish fold, one year old, he eats the same and even more than my two ye tho is perfectly fine??
A friend of mine, told me she might me doing out of jealousy though that seems far fetched??
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2023.05.28 09:22 lukappaa Why I think a "no banlist" event could actually be kinda smart

Before you all start flooding the comments, I know, this game without a banlist is just a huge uncompetitive mess. But I actually think this could be interesting as a temporary experiment due to the way MD handles resources.
Since this is not a simulator like YGO Omega where you can just get unlimited cards for free, you have to actually use coupons and gems to acquire cards, and the first ones specifically are not likely to recycle themselves that fast (as you need to shard 3 cards per rarity to get another one of the same rarity). Even with some careful management the average F2P player isn't likely to have more than around 3-4 competitive decks at a time without completely draining their UR coupon supply.
The point is, do you really want to waste 30 UR coupons to get a banned card just for this event, just for the very same card to be unusable after that? I guess you could if you have a lot of money to waste, but the average F2P player is likely to not waste any resource for a limited time game mode and probably just play with whatever deck they might end up having, thus lowering the odds of finding a toxic and unplayable matchup (also, the shorter the event is, the better).
The only thing that Konami mustn't screw up are the rental decks, which must not allow OTKs or oppressive boards like VFD or S0, but maybe just be former strong decks with consistency hits removed (like Branded) or have strong cards without a way to abuse them to their full potential (for example, Level Eater with no Links). Other than that, I think this could be a very cool idea.
Any thoughts? Do you agree?
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2023.05.28 09:21 Yufinechee Brand new to v-tuber world

Hello , names Yufine and I am currently trying to create a v-tuber. But I have no idea we’re to begging . I been scouting around the web to try and better understand how to go about commissioning a v-tuber. I been using Twitter to check around for artist but one thing I’m confused on is if you go to one person for the art, and another for the rigging what is it exactly that you would need done by each. This question might have been asked before but it’s just confusing to me . It’s been daunting trying to find an artist and rigger already and even more so wondering what I would need to request them to do or what’s all needed. Side note I also have been trying to check some videos out on YouTube but they are slightly confusing . Anyways thank you all for any advice or help in advance ❤️. P.s this is also my first time using Reddit haha apologies in advance for any blunders .
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2023.05.28 09:21 cquilt How to protect myself with orders over $250?

I just got an order for over $400 for a custom item that is listed as no returns and exchanges. However I'm leery of large orders now with all the issues I've seen others have. What is the best way to protect against losing this money if an issue arises?
So far, I've sent an email requesting more specific information to detail what they would like (it's a custom quilt. I've also told them that I will insure it and make it signature required to protect them against porch thieves. Not sure if that was a good idea or not, but it was my way of sayings, hey if you are legit I'll try to protect you and if not, I'm trying to protect me....???
Is it best to use Etsy labels or go direct through USPS for the label due to insurance?
Is there somewhere to check buyers to see if they have been issues/Karens that Karen check is no more?
Anything else I can do that might protect me before this order mails (I have til August)?
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2023.05.28 09:21 CheezyChicken1 I know Jiffy has been mentioned here before but I want to be sure

It's a slightly different situation than mentioned before but someone contacted me and said my account was doing illegal activities or smth. They said speak to Jiffy(Official)#3869 and I got all the way until he told me to give him the code to change credentials. Is it really a scam, i think it might be because of poor grammar and weird discord. I already gave the code to him.
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2023.05.28 09:21 Shortbloomers 🙄🙄🙄ok, Emily...ok🙄🙄🙄

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