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2021.07.18 01:11 Barefeetlovr FootFetishStorytime

Tell others your foot fetish experiences or even make up exciting foot fetish stories. Ensure to state whether it is a true story or entirely made up.

2020.06.14 01:49 lonerbear The Foot Fetish Podcast

Here is the official reddit home of the BEST podcast about Foot Fetish!

2022.07.04 11:09 RazvanRaw FootFetishRomania

Un grup pentru iubitorii de foot fetish din Romania. (Amateur pics only - no celebs)

2023.05.28 08:16 Defective-man Day #12 looking good

I don't think about porn but when I'm bored my brain wants to watch porn but I'm trying to stop the urge to masturbate/watching porn I'm watching ylyl videos or something like that.I'm trying to not to touch my penis except pissing.But since I have foot fetish when I see foot it gets rock hard. Having foot fetish is the worst for this thing and summer is coming so there will be people wearing flip-flops and playing with their foot/shoe (shoeplay) even while I writing it got hard . I feel good.
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2023.05.28 02:39 SwimmersGirl Playboy Advisor February 1976 illustration by Patrick Nagel

Playboy Advisor February 1976 illustration by Patrick Nagel
February 1976, the Playboy Advisor Patrick Nagel magazine illustration. Foot fetish anyone? Patrick Nagel is probably best remembered for his Playboy illustration art. He contributed works to the popular men’s magazine spanning well over a decade. I’ll be sharing them! I love his male illustrations too. 🔥 Included here is also the February Playboy cover and Miss February Laura Lyons.
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2023.05.28 01:40 paintingcatlady He's got a foot fetish

He's got a foot fetish
He really loves my husband's feet, idk why, but he's happy and that's what matters.
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2023.05.28 00:09 Ill-Professional-597 am I asexual?

I'm a 21 yo male. I feel some sort of attraction to women and have kissed some women but when I kiss them I get bored quickly. Even if I find her beautiful it's not really doing anything for me. I'm not interested in penetration, vagina, boobs or ass. I've tried having penetrational sex 3 times with 2 different women both kinda attractive but it didn't turn me on at all. I thought I should give it a couple of attempts but since I didn't get turned on any of the 3 times I haven't tried to get laid because I probably never will find sex appealing. There is just one weird thing - I have a foot fetish and I can masturbate to foot porn and cum. But I've tried foot fetish porn with a friend and a prostitute but quickly lost interest when dfoing that too. So I am only able to get turned on by sexual fantasies involving feet but not in reality. No woman has ever turned me on in reality, only through sexual fantasies and porn. Since that is the only way for me to get turned on, does that qualify me as asexual?
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2023.05.28 00:07 reissninefive Dominant Desires Unleashed: Experience the Ecstasy of Total Surrender

Dominant Desires Unleashed: Experience the Ecstasy of Total Surrender
Living between London and Scotland central belt. 6’5” (195cm) / Size 12 UK shoe
Prepare to delve into the realm of dominant desires, where ecstasy awaits those who surrender completely. With a decade of experience, I am a master of pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of kink.
Financial Domination is my expertise, offering swift drains and forging enduring contracts that will leave you yearning for more. As a true Dominant, I revel in humiliating, controlling, and draining you. Text exchanges, video calls, or face-to-face encounters—your journey to submission begins now.
Indulge in my favorite fetishes, including body worship, socks, underwear, and lingerie, intimate one-on-one cam sessions, thrilling drain sessions, humiliation sessions, foot and armpit worship, contract control and punishment, and the exhilaration of blackmail and control.
Whether you seek a quick, intense encounter or a long-term connection, rest assured, I approach both with equal enthusiasm. Finsubs, pay pigs, and human ATMs, my DMs eagerly await your approach.
Embrace your deepest desires and join me on this thrilling journey. Follow me on my free platform for exclusive content:
For all other links, explore my linktree: CashApp: £user14jbiw099n
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2023.05.27 23:45 imuglyassin I might be weird

But atleast I don’t have a fucking foot fetish
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2023.05.27 22:43 Sharkfeet19 IWTYO when I learned these exist.

I’m happy for the Foot fetish people out there. Cheers!
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2023.05.27 21:30 _petite__princess_ petite brunette

petite brunette
looking for a fun SD to spoil me with little day to day things. if you have a foot fetish, even better. dm me if you have any interest
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2023.05.27 18:01 TiredGM My kink list~

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2023.05.27 17:27 Fine_Raise_8951 Mexican Girl Danger - Chapter Six

My world was crashing down around me. My fetish and Maria were ruining my life. I finally saw a psychologist who begged me to dump the very toxic and very dangerous Maria but I was afraid to.
Conventional sex wasn’t interesting to me and it wasn’t something I felt I could even perform anymore. I needed dirty, I needed raunch, I needed pain and humiliation. What woman besides Maria would offer anything like that?
She was a sadist and I was a masochist, to me the perfect match. Maria even encouraged me to watch the hardest, most sadistic Femdom content on the internet. She promised to do whatever it was that I saw and wanted. Whippings, brandings, you name it. She said she would make it happen, all I had to do was ask. How could I simply walk away from that?
One afternoon, she approached me with Carlos in tow and asked me to watch a rather unsettling video. A mistress was using a razor to slash up a slave’s back. There was blood everywhere.
“Carlos thinks we should try this on you.” Maria said as I watched the video and saw the slave beg the beautiful blonde amazon to stop torturing him.
The Mistress responded to his pleas by slicing up his front side instead including his dick. It was as evil as anything I had ever seen including my years in the U.S. Marines.
I knew that type of torture wasn’t for me and I’m still not sure Maria was even being serious but I did see another video that caught my attention.
Four women were dressed nicely enough sitting on a couch. One of the girls lifted a small lid that covered a hole in the floor, underneath a man’s face could be seen. The women then take turns shitting on the slave. Once each girl was finished, they would take a wooden spoon and shovel the excess scat into his mouth. They were speaking spanish but there were subtitles that included the girls calling him “piggy”and “toilet.”
Maria asked me what I thought and I told her it was sadistic. She pointed to one of the girls, a real beauty in a yellow dress who really seemed to be loving the scene.
“Recognize her?” She asked smiling.
I was shocked, it was Maria!
Of course I had seen her receiving foot worship before but this was a whole new crazy! She was shitting on another human being. I wanted to look away but couldn’t.
Finally, I asked,
“What happened to the guy afterwards?”
She admitted he wound up blind after his eye got infected with feces.
“That’s why I had to escape Mexico. That’s why Carlos did too. He was the camera person.”
This was all too stunning for me.
“If you want this, Joe, I will do it but then I will leave you. It will be our last encounter. You do understand, I hope.”
With that, I threw Maria and her deadbeat boyfriend out.
Once a Marine, always a Marine.
I totally fucked that one up.
The End.
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2023.05.27 15:15 nicholeaanderson Hot Blonde GILF Jamie Foster Gratifies a Guy with a Foot Fetish Slutty British Buxom Yuffie Yulan Gets Fingered and Rammed

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2023.05.27 15:13 willivanilli87 My game, 18+ or not?

I have a small side project that is nearing a stage where I want to create a Steam page, make a trailer, and start promoting the game. However, there's one catch: it's a game focused on a popular fetish - foot fetish. Currently, the game doesn't contain any sexual content. Players can play mini-games to unlock cool animations, various high-heeled shoes, accessories, and tattoos. Graphically, it looks very good as it's developed on the Unity HDRP pipeline with subsurface scattering materials, giving it a realistic appearance.
I'm unsure whether I should proceed with marketing it as a fun game with mini-games for foot enthusiasts or add sexual content and target people who are looking for adult games. Alternatively, I wonder if Steam could handle this by categorizing it as 18+. I haven't released the game yet. Thank you for your advice.
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2023.05.27 09:46 Acceptable-Syrup-195 cnv poze cu foot fetish o laba cu niste picioare de m1n0r3?

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2023.05.27 09:45 ResponsibleLie2846 What they're not telling you.

Good morning fellow Redditers! I am here to get out the truth about the history of humanity however I can and social media is the best for that these days. Can you imagine what life must have been like back in the time of Christ? There was no indoor plumbing... cars, buses...trains or planes. No Walmart, Grocery Stores etc. They had to walk everywhere. So it was a huge sign of respect to wash someone's feet. I know it's a thing today. Some have foot fetishes, while the others can't stand feet
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2023.05.27 08:59 Haunting_Working17 FOOT FETISHES WANTED 💋

New to only fans and taking requests 😈🦶🏽💋 DM me for info 😘
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2023.05.27 08:30 barefoot_but_bashful One Year of Going Barefoot!

View my previous posts here.
Hello, everyone. This will likely be my final post on barefoot. I have a few things to say, so let's get into it.
First off, it has been over a year since I first started going barefoot, and it has been great! I still have to wear shoes in certain situations, but the overwhelming majority of the time I go barefoot now. It's crazy how much more comfortable I am going unshod compared to how I was in the beginning. I was barefoot during my final year of college, and I go barefoot in almost every public place, with very little confrontation by any employees in the establishments I go to. A lot of my friends still don't get it, but who knows? Maybe one day they will. :)
I like to think that going barefoot actually helped me in my physical recovery from my car accident. Maybe it did or maybe it didn't, but my leg is really close to normal now! I have a new car now as well so my post-college years are really looking up for me. Doubt I'll be able to be barefoot at work, but I honestly don't think I'll wear shoes often outside of that. Over time, I've been able to handle outside temperatures down to about 36°F and up to about 90°F (and maybe a little bit higher?) so I don't worry too much about whether it is overly hot or cold.
I've become really comfortable going barefoot, even though I'm the only person around me who does it. But over time, I haven't thought about it all too hard. I hope one day people become more educated about the benefits of going unshod and recognize footwear more as a tool or at least a personal choice. I really don't want to go back to wearing shoes because even though I don't hate them I much prefer remaining bare.
Why won't I continue posting to this subreddit? There are a few reasons. The biggest reason why is because I feel that I don't really need to be on it anymore. My time on barefoot was great for when I was first starting because people gave great encouragement and advice. However, I think I've been through enough now where I don't need that encouragement, and while I can always use more advice I think I'd rather just check in every now and then and see what people are asking on the sub, because more often than not they are asking the same questions I would ask anyway. And while I could offer some insight myself, I think there are many users here who have way more experience than I do. I don't even think there's much new I can add that I haven't said in the past; I end up repeating myself unconsciously, but then when I look back at earlier posts I often see that I already kinda said similar stuff before.
Another reason is that I just don't think Reddit is good for my mental health. Connecting with other barefooters has been cool, but some people are clearly using this subreddit for other purposes. I've talked with a few users who turn things into sexual conversations when that's not really what I want. I've admitted in my first post here that I have a foot fetish and I'm not going to pretend I don't, but for me going barefoot doesn't have anything to do with that and these sexually-charged conversations have sunk me down a hole that I really don't want to explore further. I'm glad this subreddit has a rule against fetish-styled posts, but that really doesn't stop other users from contacting me about that stuff. If nothing else, I need a long break from this, especially since I'm trying to figure out my next step in life and I don't want to spend too much time on Reddit. Even disregarding barefoot, I find myself spending way too much time on the site just browsing through miscellaneous subs and not getting much accomplished. So for now, I think I'm just gonna lay low with Reddit. I'll probably stay around for awhile to respond to any comments people might make on this post, but that'll be about it.
So for everyone who has responded to my posts, thank you. I really appreciate everybody's support, and I'm ready to take on the world (mostly) shoe-free! I hope anyone who is hesitant to go barefoot will see the journey I've taken in the past year and realize they CAN do it if they consciously take those first "steps" outside their comfort zone. :)
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2023.05.27 05:16 Superb-Crew-7096 is this a subtle nod to Walt having foot fetish? Bravo Vince!

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2023.05.27 03:45 FewEstablishment236 23 M with a foot fetish looking for a female who would be interested in chatting and letting me buy feet content

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2023.05.27 01:30 OttawaGirlsFeet OttawaGirlsFeet

I am a Professional Published Photographer with an affinity for beautiful female feet. I used to run Ottawa's largest Foot Fetish website between 2011 and 2017. I then moved onto Boudoir and Lifestyle photography and have since had my work published several times with online magazines.
The photos you will see here are from that time of when I ran OttawaGirlsFeet. I have re-edited them to make them look better than they originally did so they stand out more. For those that remember me and my OttawaGirlsFeet website and supported me, thank you.
\#footfetish \#feet \#soles \#lesbianfeet \#lesbianfootworship \#footworship \#footartstudio \#ottawagirlsfeet
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2023.05.27 00:22 Terpdswgz 30/31 [Mf4m] [chicago] LETS TRY THIS AGAIN READ THE ACTUAL POST NOT JUST THIS TITLE we are looking for a bbc or bwc length doesn’t matter we are looking for girth you must be into clean ass and feet I want you to suck kiss and fuck her asshole and toes and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Read everything before you reply it’s not hard just take a few mins out your time and actually read the whole post
Must be hung or thick! no little Cocks please or old fat guys must be well trimmed or shaved ++++
(HER) 5’0 Latina caramel complexion 145 pounds 33c tits decent ass brunette with blonde highlights brown eyes size 5 feet
This is the most important thing I can say when replying tell us why you want to be chosen to be in our film and let us know why you like feet I will only reply to the best answers!!
Looking to do this tomorrow night Thursday May 27th after 2am. We host.
It’s sad I have to say this but hygiene is a must!!!!!
I want you to make my wife your own personal foot fetish whore I want you to fuck her like a whore and really stretch her holes and mouth out….
I’m looking for a hung male THAT CAN KEEP IT UP between the ages 30-35 to costar with my wife in my own personal homemade ass and foot fetish porno.
  1. To RECEIVE a reply you must put ass & feet in the title so I know your paying attention also provide a clear body pic stats and where you are located (what neighborhood your from)in the city.
It doesn’t matter not here to judge just don’t like playing with neighbors that’s why we ask.
2.You must have both a ass and foot fetish no exceptions.
3.You must be ok with me recording
4.Our show our rules.
  1. For Chicagoland locals only please don’t reply if you don’t live in Chicago.
  2. Hygiene is a must also must be ddf.
  3. No one liners you will be ignored catch our attention it will help you get a response.
8.No fat old guys
  1. Again pic stats location OR NO REPLY. No heys!! Catch our attention tell us what you would do if given the opportunity to play with us.
  2. Yes you will suck toes so don’t ask if it’s a must! Because it is!!!
Show me you read this by starting off the conversation with a thumbs up emoji 👍
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2023.05.26 23:22 Thingie_Official Kenny reveals his fetish

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2023.05.26 21:20 PaintTop5755 Ugh...

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